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Restasis by Allergan: For Invividuals Suffering with Dry Eyes

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Restasis by Allegan: For individuals suffering with dry eyes.

Prosthesis ophthalmic emulsion for increased tear production reduce your artificial tears increase your own tears if you have dry eye disease you are not alone the fact is millions of americans have the same condition you do nearly 3.2 million women have it including one in 12 women over the age of 50 you’re more likely to suffer from it as you get older and

Her menopause or have certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes dry eye disease is the second most common reason why patients visit their eye doctor so it might be why the patient sitting next to you is here today too when you have dry eye disease it could mean you need to make more of your own tears but this is one condition for which you have

Treatment options dry eye as a chronic can do which if left untreated can lead to decreased vision and increased risk of infection so it’s important to see your eye doctor for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment what causes dry eye disease one reason is that your body stops making enough of your own tears fewer tears less of the moisture and protection your

Eye needs and as you may know dry eye disease doesn’t just go away on its own if you don’t treat it it can get worse over time not better now if you’re like most people with dry eye disease you’ve been taking artificial tears over-the-counter eyedrops like these for your dry eye but as you may also know they may not be enough these drops provide only temporary

Relief and they are artificial tears they do not get to the core of the problem the reason why you may not be producing your own tears to begin with so you find yourself using more and more of them as your condition gets worse and worse but there is one only one eye drop that does help you produce more of your own tears wrists asis cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion

0.05% if they’re willing to put something in four times a day or more that’s someone who may benefit a lot from her stasis wrist aces ophthalmic emulsion available by prescription only simply place one drop of her stasis in each eye twice a day every day simple as that now you won’t feel the full effects of wrist asis of phallic emulsion right away it may take a

Few weeks or even a few months but wrist asis will help you begin producing more of your own tears before you know it please note that you should not use wrist asis ophthalmic emulsion if you currently have an eye infection in addition wrist asis has not been studied in patients with a history of herpes viral infections of the eye a burning sensation is the most

Common side effect occurring 17% of the time following the use of wrist aces ophthalmic emulsion just be patient and stick with it other side effects include i reckless discharge watery eyes i pain foreign body sensation itching stinging and blurred vision you may sometimes need those artificial tears to keep your eyes moist that’s okay if you do use artificial

Tears like refresh brand tears as often as needed in time you may find yourself using fewer and fewer artificial tears when you begin producing more of your own tears with rest asis in the past all i’ve been able to do is treat my patients with artificial tears rather than treating the treating the cause of the problem a few moments ago you heard that there’s a

Good chance other patients in this room have the same condition you do well there’s an equally good chance that they’re already using rest asis ophthalmic emulsion it’s been prescribed over 1 million times so if you think it’s time to start replacing artificial tears with more of your own you’ve come to the right place here in the doctor’s office when you’re called

Ask the doctor if her stasis is right for you raaah stasis ophthalmic emulsion for increased tear production reduce your artificial tears increase your own tears rest’ asus cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion 0.05% is available only by prescription please see the full prescribing information that has been provided to your doctor you

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Restasis by Allergan: For Invividuals Suffering with Dry Eyes By tfladen Fladen