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Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment Stop Symptoms Causes

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Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Restless Leg Syndrome. Treatment. How To Stop Restless Legs Immediately. Symptoms, Causes, What Is It and Lots More.

Hey guys you’re probably here because you want  to know all about restless leg syndrome well   you found the right video because in this week’s  video we’re going to look at restless leg syndrome   we’re going to look at the causes the signs and  symptoms lifestyle advice and tips on treatment   and when to seek medical attention

For restless  leg syndrome so what we’re waiting for let’s   begin okay so let’s begin with the basics what is  restless leg syndrome in case you don’t know it’s   quite a common condition that affects our nervous  system it’s also quite common in the population   affecting about two percent of the population and  it typically

Causes an overwhelming urge to move   your legs and a really uncomfortable sensation  in your legs but this uncomfortable sensation   can also be affected in the arms in the chest  and even in the face now the thing about   to describe the feeling and the symptoms that   it affects everyone slightly differently so  

See if these things match yourself so probably the  most common sensation people discuss is a tingling   but the other things that people mention when   you speak to them about restlessness syndrome  is a creepy crawly type feeling or even like   a fizzy water type of feeling in the legs and  sometimes people describe it as a

Cramping type   of feeling within the legs so these unpleasant  sensations can really range from patient to   patient some people might find them mild some  people might find them unbearable however usually   towards the later part of the day so towards the  night time towards the evening the sensations do   get worse

Now like i said it really does depend  on the individual some people get these symptoms   all the time some people get them occasionally  so it’s a it’s a really tricky one restless leg   syndrome because like i said everyone experiences  it slightly differently now some people with   restless leg syndrome may find it difficult

To  sit for long periods of time for example on a   train journey now more than 80 percent of people  with restless leg syndrome also have periodic limb   movements in sleep we call this plms for short now  if you do have plms your legs will jerk or twitch   sleep now these movements are short and repetitive   usually

Happening every 20 to 40 seconds and it  can be so severe that they actually wake you up   at night time you can also get these movements  during the day and whilst you’re resting as well   now before we look at treatments and lifestyle  advice for restless leg syndrome let’s quickly   look at the causes as well because this is

Really  important that we have a full understanding and   it’s really going to help us when we get to that  section as well so the two main causes of restless   leg syndrome what we call primary and secondary  causes now primary restless leg syndrome is where   there is no identifiable cause it usually happens  in younger

Individuals it starts at a younger age   really and usually most of these patients have a  family member someone who also has restless leg   syndrome two-thirds of the cases usually have  a family member with restless leg syndrome and   secondary restless leg syndrome is where there  is an identifiable cause which is causing

The   restless leg syndrome so there’s an underlying  condition which is causing it which is why the   treatment is aimed at treating the underlying  condition which is then going to help with the   restless leg syndrome now with secondary restless  leg syndrome there are many different causes   that could be potentially

Causing the restless  leg syndrome this is why it’s super important   if you’ve googled about restless leg syndrome   and it matches you or if you’re having any of  these symptoms that we spoke about today you need   to speak to your healthcare professional first so  they can examine you so they can investigate they  

Can do all the tests to find out exactly what  is going on that is the most important thing   so if you spoke to your doctor if you spoke to a  healthcare professional and you’ve been diagnosed   okay there’s no underlying cause there any   other problems then that’s fine we can now move  on to the tips but if you haven’t spoke to

Them   please speak to them first and then by all means  if everything’s okay please then continue with   these lifestyle tips that we’re gonna go through  with now okay so let’s begin with tip number one   do one of the easiest things that you can do   is avoiding stimulants especially in the evening  this includes things

Like tea coffee energy   drinks anything that contains caffeine really  that’s going to stimulate your nervous system   it’s going to stimulate the brain it’s going to  stimulate them neurons which is going to increase   the activity and increase the movement especially  at night time when you’re sleeping which is then  

Going to make your restless leg syndrome worse so  you need to avoid these especially in the evening   but if you can try and avoid them entirely or  just try and reduce your consumption of them   as well i will leave a link in the description  below which is a caffeine calculator and you   can pop how many drinks of tea you have

How many  drinks of coffee you have and it will tell you the   recommended amount so you can always check as well  if you are within that range as well let’s move on   to the next tip okay so moving on to tip number  two this is another easy one and it’s all about   exercise look if you have restless leg syndrome  we know

Research has shown that exercise helps it   so you need to try and exercise regularly three  times a week if you can normal intensity exercise   that’s probably gonna make things a little worse   just normal intensity exercise if you want some  of these exercises i’m gonna leave all of them in   the description below for you

As well so you can  read up about them and see which one suits you   one of the more important things though to mention  about exercise is one make sure you’re not doing   it just before bedtime because that can actually  have an opposite effect for restless leg syndrome   and also make sure you stretch stretching is super 

Duper important again if you’re not stretching   before and after you exercise it might actually  have the opposite effect that we want so one   week make sure it’s just normal moderate   intensity exercise and also make sure that you’re  stretching this is super duper important and it   has been shown to be super effective for

Restless  leg syndrome moving on to tip number three it’s   all about sleep and getting the right amount of  sleep you need to be sleeping at a regular time   sleep per night this is super important   because if you’re not getting enough sleep it’s  going to make your restless leg syndrome worse   if you’re someone who

Struggles to get to sleep  if you’re someone who wants more information   on good quality sleep i have made videos on these  topics before looking at different options that   are going to help you go to sleep and get better  quality sleep so you’re rested and fully full of   energy when you wake up sleep is super important 

Not just for that restless leg syndrome but for a   variety of other things as well and it can also  reduce your risk of having anxiety depression   obesity sleep is something that’s so underrated  and unfortunately a lot of people aren’t giving   sleep enough time anymore they’re not getting that  adequate amount of eight hours

Of good quality   sleep per night so if you want more information on  it please do check out my other videos on it but   if someone already gets eight hours of sleep then  fantastic let’s move on to the next tip okay so   let’s move on to tip number four let’s say that  you’re having an episode of breast leg syndrome  

It’s very painful the area what should you do  what are the best things to do well the first   gentle massage okay or if you can’t do that   ask your significant other or your partner or  your friend or someone to just give it a light   quick massage another thing that you can then move  on to doing is either a hot or a cold

Compress   we’ll start off with a cold compress very simple  you don’t need to buy anything just go to your   freezer get a pack of frozen vegetables wrap it  in a tea towel and place it on the area where the   paintings don’t what any of the sensations are for  a warm compress you can get a wheat bag heat it up  

And place it on the area so whichever one you  feel works better for you now another question   that you’re probably gonna ask as well for how  long should i do it how often should i do it   both of them can be left on the area for about  10 minutes and then i would advise you to do it a   few times a day if it’s needed there’s

No harm in  doing it more than a few times a day but just make   sure you’re wrapping that cold compress in a tea  towel you don’t want to be pointed directly on the   skin as it can cause damage to the skin another  useful tip is doing activities that help distract   your mind such as reading or watching television  or

Relaxation exercises such as yoga walking   stretching and in the evening having a nice hot  shower or bath to help relax those muscles moving   who smokes at the moment you really need to   quit if you have restless leg syndrome smoking  has been shown to make things worse smoking   is gonna affect the sleep it’s gonna make

The  restless leg syndrome worse and it’s gonna make   all those painful sensations worse so you really  need to try and quit i know it’s easier said than   done but in the past i have a video on how to quit  smoking it’s got some really really useful advice   on it if you want more information i am going to  leave a link to

It up here and in the description   that smoking makes restless leg syndrome worse   and we know that smoking has many many different  problems that are associated with it such as heart   disease such as cancers it can even make you older  you know it can make you look older so by quitting   you will hopefully stay nice and

Young as well  so there’s so many benefits in quitting smoking   anyone can do in their lives to do smoke   so if you want more information please feel free  to watch that video as well and moving on to tip   number six this tip is all about medication look  there are certain medicines that can actually make   doesn’t

Mean if you are prescribed medication   stop taking your medication and it’s going to  make things better i am not saying that one bit   do speak to your pharmacist or your doctor or your  nurse about them and discussed that could any of   these medicines potentially be making my restless  leg syndrome worse there are quite a few

Medicines   that can be doing this so please just take the  time to speak to your healthcare professional to   find out so they can actually check it for you you  know they might actually do not be aware that you   have restless leg syndrome and they’re not aware  that obviously these medicines would be making it   worse

So let them know that you have restless leg  syndrome and ask them to just quickly check your   medicines list to make sure that and if any of  them are making the symptoms worse and if they are   then they can discuss and look into treatment  options of potentially switching it or trying   an alternative medicine or anything like

That but  please please please do not stop your medicines   before speaking to any healthcare professional  and most likely they won’t be making things   worse but still just double check it with them  so that’s our lifestyle tips done please remember   if any of these tips don’t help you or if you’re  concerned at all about

The frequency and severity   of the episodes of restless leg syndrome that  you’re having please speak to your healthcare   professional please don’t leave it speak to them  and let them review you to see what’s going on and   please do not for one second think that restless  leg syndrome is not taken seriously by your  

Healthcare professional look i speak to patients  all the time of restless life syndrome we really   do prioritize them because restless leg syndrome  can cause so many other symptoms and problems that   can be associated with it for example it can make  you feel drowsy it can affect your sleep it can   even cause depression and

Anxiety look so you  need to speak to a healthcare professional if   these symptoms are causing you a lot of problems  if they’re affecting your sleep if they’re making   you drowsy if it’s affecting your mood if you  just feel like you need to speak to someone   just pick up the phone ring your doctor surgery  and make an

Appointment to speak to someone   nobody is not going to take you seriously everyone  will take you seriously and they want to look out   for your health because that is the most important  thing there are also quite a few charities now set   up for restless leg syndrome if you want more  information on them i will leave a link

To them   in the description below on a few that i find  they’re really really helpful especially for   giving that support to patients with restless leg  syndrome they have a good forum as well and it can   put you in touch in groups with other patients who  have restless leg syndrome so you can learn from   each other

As well i think it’s super helpful to  have that there as well so if you are interested   in finding out more please just check out that  description so that’s the end of this week’s   video you now know all about restless leg syndrome  you know about the causes the signs and symptoms   you know about what other people experience

You  know about the tips and treatments you’re now   a bit of a restless leg syndrome pro so tell your  friends tell your family tell your loved ones tell   everyone and if you have any of your own tips as  well please do leave a comment down there as well   because i’d love to read it and i’m sure everyone  else watching

This video would love to read it too   remember that you’re awesome and i will see you   that like follow or subscribe button now  to stay up to date with new weekly videos

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