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Results of letrozole/femara round 1

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Hey guys sorry i haven’t made an update in so long i know it’s supposed to update you like three weeks ago but things have been crazy life’s been crazy we’ve had the holidays we had family in from out of town we’ve hardly had a minute just to sit at home and relax so today’s a day i loved at you um i let’s see this last cycle i did my first friend of letrozole at

Five milligrams i think it was five milligrams for five days um and then we did a trigger shot in our first iui so i was supposed to test two weeks after a trigger shot but i decided to test ten days after i ui so a couple days early um i tested and that was on a saturday with a drunk with a dollar sore test and when i looked at at first i thought it was negative

And um i looked at it a little bit closer and there was definitely a faint line well i shouldn’t say definitely i was thinking my mind is playing tricks on me um so i showed my husband and he said you saw it too but i just thought that maybe it was the trigger shot still in my system and so i didn’t get too excited um sunday i tested again with another dollar

Store test and it was definitely darker so i started to get excited and then monday i took another test and it was way dugger so i called my fertility clinic and they got me right in for a blood test and we found out i’m pregnant so we’re really excited about that um that week i had three blood tests done the first was on that monday the six you know the monday

The 8th and my levels came back at 55 that day then on wednesday they came back at 127 and then friday they came back at 260 something so we’re going up like they should which is good and so you’re we’re really excited about that um we did tell my parents that week before we’ve been finished having the blood test done just because i needed to tell somebody and i

Made little onesies for them i’ll try to add a picture in here to show you how we told them umm and then let’s see i don’t think we told really any we told a couple friends but not too many people um i guess i’ll talk about my symptoms now the week before i found out so like the first week in december i had really a key legs and it felt like i was going through a

Growth spurt which was really weird um i had cramps like i was going to get my period which was not normal for me because usually i only have cramps the day i get my period so that was a little bit weird i just figured maybe the medicine how its reacting with my system figure that was just all part of it so um and then i was really tired that week and we had a lot

Going on so i just figure that’s why i was tired so pretty much i just brushed off all my symptoms and didn’t really think about it much but then the following week after we found out i was pregnant that was when i turned four weeks i’d turned four weeks that wednesday so trying to even think i don’t even know what date that was but my weeks turnover on wednesdays

Um that week i had slight cramping and i was really tired again um but other than that i don’t think i had any other symptoms that week um week five i had light pink spotting which really really made me nervous so i called my fertility clinic and told them about it and they didn’t seem worried they said as long as i wasn’t having extreme cramping or a lot of blood

With clots and stuff don’t worry about it and so that really did settle my mind but i’ve had it i’ve had the spotting off and on for the last couple weeks and it drives me crazy every time i get it but it hasn’t gotten any worse so um i’m not too worried about it um week six which would have been this past week i still had the light spotty like i said i was tired

And my boobs got really sore other than that i had a little bit of like i couldn’t even calm morning sickness i guess i just i was a little bit nauseous but it wasn’t anything that bothered me too much i did get those c bands to wear on your wrist it’s like a acupressure thing that is supposed to help with nauseousness and then i also got ginger ginger gum so i’ve

Been chewing that if i feel like i’m starting to get notches and it seems to help but i haven’t really been extremely notches up anyhow um this week on one thing i turn around seven weeks um we had our first ultrasound today and we got to see the baby’s heartbeat and he was our little baby it’s measuring at six weeks in one day he said and they think i’m six weeks

And five days so he says they’d like to see it within five days seven said that’s good so everything looks great um he also said that the heart you was at 120 and he said that was really good also so everything looks good and were excited we did tell jake’s parents on christmas eve and they were super excited um i don’t know if i took a picture of that but if i

Did all insert it here um and then other than that i don’t think i really have anything to update you on i’m going to try to start doing my bob dates on wednesdays when my weeks turn over so hopefully i can get those up on time and not make you wait like crazy long time like i did this last time i’m still praying for everyone else to get their bf peas and i’m

Praying for your girls that have and i will just tart you later bye

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Results of letrozole/femara round 1 By Alyssa M