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Hey guys it’s jenna welcome back to my channel welcome to my retin-a nine-month update slash before and after all right so before i get into the typical disclosures about my age and my skin what i’ve had done what i haven’t had done um this video just like all of my other updates will include up close photography of my skin in different areas as well as video

Footage in different lighting conditions so you guys can really get a good idea of what my skin is looking like skin and how it appears completely changes based on the light that you’re in some lighting shows pigment and blemishes a lot easier wrinkles a lot easier and some lighting is just very flattering and kind of tends to wash everything out so in all of

My retin-a videos or updates that i do i do include video footage in different lighting and then as i mentioned up close photography now in my six month update slash before and after video i did basically like a week by week progression of all of that photography as well as the video footage of my skin i will include a link in the description box below if you’re

Interested to see my skin from i think kind of like right around week four is when i started taking photos and videos all the way through the six month mark i think for today’s video i’m just going to insert kind of my earliest photography or video footage of my skin um the middle section which is like when i purged and then now i think that that will just be a

Lot faster progression of kind of like the before and after scene let me know if you like it that way um and again if you want to see kind of like the week by week situation i will include a link in the description box below um disclosures about myself and my skin what i’ve had done what i haven’t had done so i am age 33 i will be 34 in january i’ve never had

Any botox or filler in my face um and i’ve been challenged a little bit on that so i just want to come close and go like this okay so i basically have full movement of my face and again no filler i’ve never had micro needling um pdo threads really the only thing that i’ve had done to my face is two halo lasers um both of them were aggressive halo lasers and i

Had one after each of my pregnancies additionally for the last three weeks every single day in my morning routine i have introduced the foreo bear this is their micro current device um there will be a video here coming up on this this is the full size and then foreo actually sent me the bear mini i did buy this one with my own money this is 299 us dollars and

The bare mini i believe is like 100 less so i think it’s like 199 us dollars but anyway i use that every single morning i’ve already used it today and i will say that there is definitely an instant lift in your skin or sculpt kind of effect right after you use that so that is now something that i do to my face on a regular basis that you know is obviously going

To contribute to better results um so just keep that in mind i’m just trying to think here i am was on the 0.025 strength from weeks 1 to 13 and then i switched right up to the 0.1 strength which is the highest strength you can be on i am on the cream variation as compared to the gel variation and i initially started retin-a or tretinoin for hormonal acne

That would pop up on my chin area and jawline facial rejuvenation from you know my years of sun damage and also preventative aging um i’ve put it on my face literally every single night from day one uh or night one i should say most people cannot do that um i just kind of did it and i decided that if i had too much irritation i would pull back and luckily there

Have only been a you know a scattered handful of nights where i’ve not put it on my face um in the last i think month and a half i did do an updated am and pm skincare routine in one of my regular retin-a updates i believe it’s the week 34 update but i’ll have to double check i will go ahead and include a link in the description box below to that um and since

That time i’ve of course already had more updates to my skincare when you use an active like tretinoin a retin-a which is you know a very strong active ingredient and also as you have seasonal changes as you age as your skin just changes you are going to be needing to constantly make adjustments to your routine i shouldn’t say constantly honestly i really love

A simple skincare routine but for example when i switched from summer to the now fall season i noticed some increased dryness in my face some increased irritation some flaking and quite frankly i had to adjust many things in my routine to combat and mitigate um the effects of that dryness etc so i will do an updated am and pm routine here coming up but again if

You want to check out my uh previous am pm skincare routine which is still very much in play at this point i just have introduced a few different things i will again include a link in the description box below to that um as always questions comments concerns be sure to put them in the description box below um my purge phase for me personally lasted from month

Three all the way through month six so my purge phase lasted an entire three months um i feel like oftentimes people will talk about hearing that you’re supposed to be totally done purging by month three that was just the beginning i did not purge until that point so for all of you using tretinoin i just want to say everyone’s skin is so unique and different it

Really depends on how often you’re putting the tretinoin on the strength of tretinoin that you’re using your skin in general whether it’s you know oily dry combo normal whether you have a history of acne you know whether you’re using the gel or cream really all of those different things so i know that oftentimes i’ll get in the comments people will talk about just

Feeling really discouraged whether they’re in the purge phase or they’re having a secondary purge which i did have kind of around my mouth area around the eight month mark um that is part of the process of tretinoin i really encourage everyone to give tretinoin a full year of use before you really judge or try and stop again just kind of adjusting along the way

To what your skin needs in terms of moisture stepping back on how much you’re using etc so um that is kind of my nine month spiel right there let’s go ahead and get in now to the video footage and also up close photography of my face again i’m gonna start um as early as i can i believe it’s around the week four mark then i’m going to show kind of my purge phase

And then i’m going to show what i took today right after i got out of the shower in terms of video footage and up close photography of my skin so here you go all right so here we are toward the beginning of my tretinoin journey this is always my number one lighting condition this is downstairs in my basement under can lighting which is the most flattering of all

The lighting conditions notice some of the redness in my lids i do have one or two spots of acne but generally i’ve been on tretinoin for a few weeks at this point and my skin is looking decent now heading into that same lighting condition at this point i have been on tretinoin for about four months and i am amidst my purge phase now i have several spots of acne

On my face but as you can see the rest of my skin definitely has increased radiance and is for the most part looking pretty smooth i do have lots of little bumps under my skin because after this point i still continue to purge for another two months and here we are at month nine as you can see my skin is totally smooth i would say next to flawless this is again

The same lighting conditions that we just saw i do have a couple of acne spots but they are far less swollen and my skin personally i think looks great okay switching lighting conditions to my downstairs bathroom this has no window and the lighting in here is a slightly more blue tint this is again around my one month mark of being on tretinoin same bathroom

Lighting again here i am around that four month mark where i am amidst my purge and here i am in that same lighting condition at the current nine month mark today all right now i don’t have one month uh footage from this lighting condition which is shaded natural light this is my four-month mark this is the least flattering of all my lighting conditions and

I want you guys to mainly pay attention to the pigmentation on my skin and obviously you know again i am amidst the purge you can see bumps a lot easier this is the least flattering of all the lighting conditions and now comparatively here i am in that same lighting condition at the nine month mark look at how improved my pigmentation is and obviously blemish

Situation as well all right and now i’m just gonna show some up close photography of my skin at solely the nine month mark alright guys so that is all for my retin-a nine-month update i hope you enjoyed again questions comments concerns list them in the comments section below if you are not subscribed please do subscribe to my channel and also don’t forget to

Turn on that notification bell so you can be notified every time i upload um a new video until next time i hope everyone’s doing well happy halloween and i will talk to you all soon bye you

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