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Hey guys it’s jenna and welcome back to my channel today i’m gonna be talking about my retin-a eleven week update as always i will include video footage of my skin and four different lighting conditions as well as up-close photography of my skin both of these will be without makeup so that you guys can really see what my skin looks like so without further ado let’s

Go ahead and get started all right so it’s week 11 of my threatenin or retin-a update i’m gonna go ahead and start off with the important pieces of information i think everyone should know regarding my retin-a journey and my skin so i am age 33 i am i’ve never had any botox or filler of my face i’ve never had microneedle een done i’ve never had you know the pdo

Threads or whatever they’re called done the only thing i’ve had done to my skin is i’ve had to halo laser treatments in my life primarily for pigmentation issues after each of my pregnancies and the most recent one that i had done was about four or five months ago so fairly recent but not you know super recent i am using threatenin which is the generic form of retina

I am on the cream variation as opposed to the gel variation and the strength that i am on is 0.025 percent i am using it for hormonal acne that typically pops up on my chin and jawline area a skin rejuvenation from photo damage that’s been done from my years of sun exposure and also a preventative aging all right so let’s go ahead and just get into some updates

For this week of things that i have done differently regarding my retina journey so someone had commented in my comment section on one of my previous videos that you’re supposed to leave retin-a sitting just on your bare skin through at least 20 minutes before you put any moisturizer on top of it now if you’ve watched any of my other retina updates i basically

Have applied my retina and then immediately followed it with sarab a monster riser and yes that is going to dilute the retin-a to some extent primarily i was doing it because i didn’t want to have any irritation or flaking with my skin and really you know even if you put moisturizer over the top of it it still as the retina is still the efficacious in terms of

Doing what it’s supposed to do now because i am on such a low dose as 0.025 percent and also because i am past the phase of having any irritation on my skin i did decide this week to go ahead and give it a try to let it sit on my skin for twenty to thirty minutes before i put a moisturizer on top um and i can’t say for sure that i have noticed a difference as of

Yet but you know i haven’t had any irritation from doing it that way and so i figured because in the last few weeks i had been in the purge phase and i’m wanting to get out of that purge face as quickly as possible i figured hey i maybe you just let it sit on my skin for a while longer before i apply my moisturizer maybe i can get some of these pimples to comment

To the surface a little bit quicker so that is a difference for this week another difference is that i have been putting it directly on my chest every single night and have had absolutely no irritation similar to my face i’ve been letting it sit on my chest for twenty to thirty minutes before i applied moisturizer over it so if you’ve watched my videos in the past

You know that really the main area of irritation that i’ve experienced when it comes to retina it’s gonna be on my neck i still am doing my carryover residue method with my neck in other words i only put the treadmill and directly on my face and on my chest let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and then when i apply my serum a moisturizer i rub it all in and rub it down

Onto my neck that way and getting some carryover residue of the retina or tretton oh and down onto my neck but it’s not being directly applied in that area i’ve been able to do that every night now without any irritation i don’t know if i would be able to build it up and eventually put the retin-a directly on my neck but you know time will tell so i’m just gonna

Keep doing that method for now so i’m just trying to think i really believe that those are the only two major updates in terms of the purge the last two weeks i have been purging and this week and again you’ll be able to my skin up close in some of the video footage and photos i do have this little pimple on my forehead and then there still are just some other

Little bumps up there again my forehead is an area that historically i’ve never broken out in and i talked to my last video or maybe the video before about one way you know you’re purging with retin-a is that you have a lot more pimples than normal on your face or you’re breaking out in places where you normally never break out so i still do have and again you’ll

Be able to see it better when i put up the video footage but i do still have some little bumps that have come up on my skin that have yet to come to the surface so i would still say that in my retina journey i have quite a bit of the purged left to go at the end of april i do plan on increasing my strength to 0.05% from my current is 0.025 percent and i’m hoping

That when i do that it will sort of really make all those little bumps that have been under my skin now for weeks finally purged so we’ll see if a perch before then again some of those bumps may never come to the surface and they may just dissipate within my skin my skin just might absorb it we’ll have to see how that works out but i have to say i’m so happy so far

Was my retina journey i have noticed a big difference in just the overall texture of my skin within the first few weeks i saw some increased brightness to my skin and now that sort of kind of been stagnated i don’t know if that’s the right word but it’s essentially flat child and i still have some pigment on my skin and i would like to get rid of so i’m hoping that

With you know prolonged use of the retina i’ll be able to get rid of some of that pigment pigment in my skin and if not you know maybe i’ll have to experiment with some other forms of a topical solution in the future such as hydroquinone so anyway without further ado let’s go ahead and get into the four different lighting conditions so that you guys can really see

What my skin is looking like up close and personal without me and in different lighting and then i’ll go ahead and insert the up-close photography of my skin as well so here we go as always my first lighting condition is going to be in my basement under can lighting you my second lighting condition is going to be downstairs in my basement but this time i’m in

My bathroom which contains no window and the lighting in here is a slightly more blue tint you my third lighting condition is going to be shaded natural light this is going to be the light where you will be able to see every little bit of pigments on my skin and any acne or inflammation will be very obvious you and my last lighting condition is going to be direct

Sunlight you and here is some up-close photography of my skin so you guys can see what the texture is really looking like alright guys so that is it for my retin-a week 11 update but my next week my week 12 is supposed to be really like a milestone and retin-a or try to know when it’s the 12 week in other words i would say three months update a lot of people will

Say that by the three month update you know they’ve really noticed significant clearing of their acne or significant differences in their skin i feel like i have already noticed many significant differences in my skin but we will have to see where i’m at regarding the whole retin-a purge phase i’m going to continue to weave the retin-a directly on my bare skin for

20 to 30 minutes every night before applying my moisturizer on top of it and again i am still planning on increasing to the 0.05 percent at the end of april i am gonna ask my dermatologist because there has been some commentary regarding whether or not it really makes a difference after the one year mark in terms of the strength that you are on so we’ll have to

Go ahead and see what he says about that but unless you guys know my husband’s upstairs and it’s like you maybe just drop the back in there so i’m gonna head up there but anyway thanks for watching guys please don’t forget to like this video if you liked it and also subscribe to my channel until next week i hope you all are doing well and i will talk to you guys soon you

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