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Hi this is dr vivek many people have asked me about the tretinoid cream or the retinoid cream so these are my views what i think about this first of all it should be used only under doctor’s prescription these are very strong creams second thing it should be used very less like a dot it should not be used a lot third thing it should not be used by the pregnant

Women by the lactating mothers because these creams can cause the deformities in the body parts of your child these are so strong that’s why i say they should be used only under doctor’s prescription if you have started using it start with the lowest potency that’s 0.025 and apply it for 45 minutes or 30 minutes on a small area and just remove this cream

With the wet tissue paper or a wet cloth and then every alternative day try to use it and as you see that your body is getting adapted to it and you are not having any kinds of side effects then you can use it every day and you can increase the time duration also means you applied it at night and washed it in the morning but you have to see how your skin reacts

To it yes it makes the skin tighter and it makes the skin lighter and thicker how because it reduces the cohesiveness of the skin cells means the combining of the skin cell will be not so much over there so you will not have the pigmentation this is how it works but it has to be used for one to two year continuously you can’t do this that you are using it for

Three months and then you stopped using it so if you want to see the results it has to be used for one to two year but the most important thing is if you are applying this cream don’t forget to apply the sunscreen because it will dry your skin and if you go in the sun with the dry skin this is going to create a big damage to your skin so every two hour you have

To apply sunscreen another thing that you should do is reading the instructions carefully that comes with these tubes or these screens it’s very important you will come to know many things that you should do or what you should avoid another thing is just do a patch test just take the cream apply it on your skin and see how your skin reacts to these chemicals

Because these are harsh bad chemicals what i think personally is you see that this cream is so damaging that it can penetrate inside your skin and will give the bad effect to the fetus means the baby inside the belly the deformity in the joints in the bones second thing you have to be very careful you will be applying whole day sunscreen every two hours you have

To apply this it’s a headache don’t you think so then it has many of the side effects these all are hard creams you have to be so careful while using it and they can give reaction and for results you have to anyways apply it for one to two years so why to do this i can’t understand for one to two years if you will do any of the home remedy i have lots of home

Remedies in my channel that you can try these all things will give you the results if you will apply them for one to two year and plus they will not give any side effects but they will give you the positive effects so why don’t you go for that stuff that will give you positive effect if you have to do it for an ear i hope these things make a sense and then it’s

Your own choice smile more stay safe stay healthy

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RETINO-A / TRETINOIN CREAM MY REVIEW | Dr.Vivek Joshi By Dr. Vivek Joshi