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Reverse Heart Problems From Lifting | Leo and Longevity

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Lifting strains the heart, so do many body building compounds.

Adrenaline kills what actually works so that we do the most important things to protect our heart these two drugs can help its remodel there’s a lot of evidence of that to reverse left ventricle hypertrophic ventricle hypertrophy the enlargement and remodeling of the heart and why it’s happening in bodybuilding and how we can prevent it we’ve got leo longevity here

Who’s going to tell me what he thinks about the protocol that we use during the mass blast and if it works and why it works or what should be changed so during the mass blast we’re taking large amounts of growth hormone insulin steroids we’ve got high water retention we’ve got high calories and we’re putting on a huge amount of muscle up to 30 pounds of muscle in

30 days which is a tremendous strain on the heart it’s even more of strain on the heart to gain muscle this fast than it is to just hold more muscle right because the heart’s not used to it so to prevent that during the mass blast we use telmosartin to lower blood pressure and improve the elasticity of heart we use nabivilol a beta blocker to relax the heart so

It’s not beating so hard because during the mass blast especially the heart rate increases way up the heart has to work very hard to hand handle all these metabolic functions and the new weight gain and one other thing is i stopped using cabergoline and instead i started using pramipexal and bromantane because the cabergoline can cause remodeling of the heart and

Left ventricle hypertrophy and i did have that problem i had a heart problem myself and i attacked it from every angle to try to solve it and i did solve it and i had an mri and i made a full recovery of my heart and i was using these and amongst other things during my protocol so are these the most important okay because there’s so many heart supplements on the

Market okay we could list like a hundred things but the problem is people go off and they get the things that don’t work and distracts from the things that do work it’s important to focus on what actually works so that we do the most important things to protect our heart so what are the most important things leah well first of all i wanted to know who told you

That cableing was harmful to the heart was it you yeah i’m the person who will spread this nobody talked about it before i’d like my credit sometimes i don’t get credit for anything i find out but anyway first time behind the scenes like leo and i have been talking a lot and we first met i don’t know a year ago or whatever in person and been talking ever since

But yeah like a lot of the chemistry that i’m bringing to you guys is like verified and and and uh i was just kidding brought by leo also yeah but i wanted to comment first of all let’s talk about what left ventricle hypertrophy is sorry guys uh tony’s daughter was just here lovely daughter and she was making a bit of noise so we thought we’d get her to another

Room so we could continue um so i was just going to say that some people say there is a pathologic non-pathologic kind of remodeling of the heart so if you exercise a lot like if you’re a bicyclist for example you don’t need we heard yesterday somebody was saying that bicyclists frequently get left ventricular hypertrophy because of epo erythropoietin not true they

Get it because of cycling also simply cycling is probably the hardest cardiovascular exercise on your heart causes the heart to get enlarged as the heart gets enlarged it develops it doesn’t maintain its structural integrity one of the things it loses is or what develops is this thing called left ventricle hypertrophy so what i wanted to mention is all this comes

From not just exercise it’s the the force that the heart has to pump out the blood with all right so this force is determined both by the well the fourth is the force is mainly determined by the vasoconstriction how titled blood vessels are but also how much water there is in your blood vessels in your body you guys remember you guys were taking tamasartan for the

For the bulk you had your guys taking thomas loosens the blood vessels so there’s less hypertension there’s less force that the heart has to beat with now also the number of times the heartbeats also causes it to grow it’s like exercising your muscles it’s doing more sets than you need to so nebivolol which we’re taking is a 24-hour beta blocker which lowers the

Heart rate and also increases nitric oxide synthase further the dilating blood vessels it’s the only beta blocker that does that that’s a good idea the only thing that i would consider adding in addition to it is a diuretic maybe but that sort of defeats part of the purpose of this mass blast so it’s a bit more difficult to decide for those that don’t know if you

See a cardiologist and have hypertension if you look bloated they will sometimes give you a drug that is a mixture of a vasodilator like an arb like valsartan and a diuretic like hydrochlorothiazide one of the drugs like that is called codiva what i really wanted to talk about briefly is not just that that’s it’s a good selection of drugs i think but that these

Two drugs don’t messarten and libivolo and the class of drugs arbs and beta blockers can actually reverse this remodeling of the left ventricle so it’s not just that taking them can prevent you from developing as enlarged the heart as you would and it can protect you and to be honest these drugs should have been used by bodybuilders for the last 15 years or so they

Should have known about them these drugs were out it’s shocking that they didn’t but i mean they knew about blood pressure but nobody was taking beta blockers these two drugs are very protective but they can also after you develop the left ventricle even if you’re not working out you quit and you’re trying to get your heart to get back to normal these two drugs can

Help it remodel there’s a lot of evidence of that to reverse left ventricle hypertrophone wow so all the bodybuilders that think that they’ve permanently damaged their heart and there’s no possible way to fix it actually could use the same protocol to possibly reverse it true really great news for bodybuilders that’s very true and i think a lot of people genuinely

They don’t even realize that that’s possible some people are scared to go to the doctor they think they have to give up on themselves you know i know some bodybuilders like that that have low ejection fractions due to left ventricle hypertrophy and sort of resist going to the doctor so it’s not about the doctors about these life-saving medications so the dosage

Of nebivolal standard is five milligrams i’ve gone from i’ve taken think up to 20 milligrams before and i can definitely say the more that i take the more effective it is but i feel like fines start staying at five milligrams for almost all purposes and then with the talmist arden uh we always just start with 40 milligrams but i understand that you can go up to 80

Milligrams safely yeah yeah so tell me satan’s max dose is 80 milligrams but let’s start with the beta blocker the beta blocker you want to do it so that the average resting heart rate is acceptable so that’s how you dose it it’s not just saying we usually go with five if you find that the person’s heart rate is still the resting heart rate is 90 and you’re taking

Only five the resting heart rate should not be 90. now people have different electric rhythms in their hearts some people always have a slightly faster heart rate and some people always have a slightly lower one it doesn’t mean that you need to get the axle absolute minimal heart rate in fact some people to do this they go exercise enlarge their heart to get a much

Lower heart rate like 40 beats or 50 beats thinking they’re healthy but in reality you’ve just deformed your hard work so you don’t need to go that far with the nabivola i would choose a dose that gets the heart rate that resting heart rate to be acceptable that’s below 80 beats per minute as for the blood pressure medication so i’ll interrupt you the max dose is

80. what you want to do is even if somebody doesn’t have any blood pressure issues they’re not hypertensive as long as they’re not hypotensive they’re not low blood pressure i would take even a small amount of thumb as i’ve told you before like a 10 milligram or 20 around those because even that those lowers inflammation the vascular structure in the blood vessels

And that lowering of inflammation can cause less plaque buildup over time and so on it’s protective so during a mass blast we need to take possibly more of these things because we’re putting the heart under a tremendous amount of pressure for a very short period of time but so what do you think is a high talmasartan dosage to be as protective as possible during a

Blast well the the dose has to be such that you don’t get hypotensis so you don’t want to get below like 110 over 80 75 70 something like that so that’s what you want to do you want to be at that level if you can’t get there with 80 milligrams of tamasata the next stage should be valsartan valsartan is the most clean arb chemically it’s the most targeted it’s the

Least messy and it’s stronger than tamasata the max dose is 160 milligrams then if that doesn’t work you move to azul sartan azul sartan is the most powerful arb in the class and at its max dose is the most powerful erb if that didn’t work then you would want to either switch to an ace inhibitor or potentially combine an ace inhibitor we won’t get into the details

Of what that is with an arb and potentially with a diuretic that’s how it works do you have a feeling whether thomas arden something that should be cycled off or something that could be taken year round no it should it should be taken you i would take it year round even if i was unless i was hypotensive i would even take just 10 milligrams every day for the rest

Of my life so in the mass blast i’ve never seen low blood pressure be a problem no matter what types of things we take to lower blood pressure so there’s no such thing as taking too much much telma certain during a blast because the blood pressure is the risk of that is low blood pressure which has never happened during a mass blast you just don’t want to take

Above the milligram dose at which you start getting massively diminishing marginal returns like if you take 200 milligrams of thomas artan you’re doing this because you don’t have asylum there’s nonsensical you know that it starts to get less effective as you go so it’s basically go up to 80 milligrams of times if 80 milligrams of thomas isn’t working then you can

Switch to them basically i would go literally the thumb go up to from 10 or 20 to 80 thomas then switch to 80 valsartan then go up to 160 valves and then switch to azle start and minimal dose then go to the maximum that’s the path i would go okay and then with nebivolol that’s to mainly lower the heart rate and protect the heart for the other benefits of a beta

Blocker i use propanolol so i might use nabivilol during the daytime and i might also take a propanolol at night time which also will slow heart rate a little bit more but it also reduces the adrenaline the brain so i can sleep easier especially during a mass blast you might like some of the other adrenaline receptor antagonists like clonidine for example i think

Okay let’s try those i’m remembering the name correctly there’s a drug i think tony should try a lot of people take it for uh sort of anxiety around sleep time the reason that propranol may be more effective for them than nabivolol for although interestingly beta blockers cause a lot of people to get nightmares but the reason the buffalo may be more effective i

Mean maybe is nabivola is the most selective beta blocker on the individual beta receptor so it’s not affecting the alpha receptors it’s not affecting other beta receptors than the one it’s targeting whereas propanol is totally non-selective it just blocks all of adrenaline receptors in the brain but weekly so i started using nebivolol a really long time ago and uh

The industry was was very against me and using it because they said oh you’re blocking the beta receptors you’re going to have all these side effects of blocking beta receptors and i said well it’s worth it it’s worth trying plus the science says that it is pretty selective and now i can say after using nabivilol for a very long period of time i am not aware of any

Side effects that i’m having from it so the only side effect that people really get is weight gain they usually get it from propanol more less selective ones definitely not having that side effect i mean i’ve had it but it’s very minor i don’t really it’s and to be honest if you think of it this way in terms of your health that small amount of weight gain compared

To lowering adrenaline keep in mind adrenaline is not just governing your heart rhythm and increasing your heart size adrenaline kills adrenaline is a major driver of cancers for example like pancreatic cancer the cancer that steve jobs died from you know so adrenaline is not something you really want to be high all the time and so there’s a lot of protective

Effects to it minor fat gain and when people were really thinking about this see dan duchene introduced clenbuterol to bodybuilding clenbuterol is an adrenaline receptor agonist it acts like adrenaline it is extremely enough now you might do it before a show or whatever it’s almost as unhealthy as taking high amounts of t3 that is just ramping your heart up and

Also destroying the cells of your body over time and i tried to introduce the opposite which are beta blockers people were very against initially because they say we’re taking clombuterol why would we take this at a different time well maybe but you it’s better than not taking anything obviously nothing of them at the same time but you say you did a show after

The show do you just not take a beta blocker because you took clenbuterol before no you might want to give your heart a break

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