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Review: Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment 0.5% (ilotycin)

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So aretha myosin pacifically the ophthalmic ointment is 0.5% that’s called illya tyson so this medication we’re talking about pacific type when we talk about our medication list cuz there are many different ways it could be iv i am so yeah we’re just gonna keep it very simple for what i think would be on the test it’s a macro lid i don’t know what that means i

Just know that’s the class it’s a broad spectrum so it could it helps tell many different kinds factories it’s indicated for superficial ocular infections the illo tyson type the one that’s the ointment involving the conduct eva so think this thing is new melon will suck yeah that all right so involving conduct eva or the cornea that i caused by the organisms that

Are susceptible to read more than ison which all antibiotics work that way so it’s actually also used not necessarily if they have an infection but also if it’s we can use a for prophylaxis prevention of all that dirty stuff that happens down there when your baby is going through your vagina there’s a lot of a bacterial down there but pacifically we’re gonna focus

On gonorrhea so they’re saying just in case that you may have an std i guess you don’t know per se so it’s prevention and prophylaxis of allthough mia you torian i repeat that all the saamiya neo toria me which is caused by newborns of mothers with gonorrhea alright but here’s the thing if mothers actually had gonorrhea you would actually it still i read somewhere

That it still requires it’s this is not in the textbook it still requires an iv in and i am injection by the mother if they have an active gonorrhea we’re just trying to it can also though i read in the other article that i just sent is that this arethe myosin and the eyes can also prevent from other infections that are down below so what are the adverse reactions

Of this medication we’re gonna get that chemical conduct vitus which adverse reaction which could just have if this happens it would last like 24 and 48 hours it’s like transient and the vision can be blurred temporarily so the baby is not gonna be so affected like blurred vision but if the mother prefers to be delaying that they want to breastfeed in that bonding

With the vision but it doesn’t affect your hearing or that sense of touch your feelings or any other things so it’s not that big of a deal but if it makes the mother happy but they want to bond initially in the beginning it’s okay because the medication can be delayed 1 to 2 hours and i’ll say that again 1 to 2 hours all right so what is the nurses job for this

Medication very thorough myosin so things to be considered is this is a class b it’s considered safer is what i’ve seen in the internet it’s not really in the textbook because in the textbook read for medicine is more talking about the oral route and the iv rats it doesn’t really talk about the hundred tivo route so much which is a little bit different you’ve gotta

Wear gloves as a nurse you have to wear gloves if you’re gonna touch this appointment and it’s also going in a area where it’s your eyes and you don’t wanna get infected with other bacteria gotta cleanse each eye prior administration remember how i vet said those babies are popping out and they’re dirty you got to clean them up so administration within one to two

Hours of birth we talked about it so that’s why you can delay and let the mothers breastfeed bond and then apply that clean them up wear gloves clean them clean you can wear gloves put the gloves on clean your eye going clean i once i clean i other side except you don’t touch my face literally with no gloves and you’re gonna apply that 1 to 2 centimeters but if

It’s an open form which we were really trying to focus on with the ointment of the 0.5% it’s gonna be that 1 to 2 centimeter ribbon to lower country table sack of each one so administration is cool acquired by all all states as of now according to the powerpoint but the mother does have a right to decline if they don’t feel they need it like a website show that’s

Wrapping up for erythromycin that is all we really need to know

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Review: Erythromycin Opthalmic Ointment 0.5% (ilotycin) By Tree of Life