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Review METOPROLOL High Blood Pressure Medicine BETA Blocker Side Effects Symtoms Lopressor Toprol XL

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This is my personal review of the generic high blood pressure medication medicine Metoprolol. Metoprolol also is used to treat chest pain (angina), high blood pressure, and used after a heart attack. Is it dangerous safe to take? You may get some symptoms side effects of a rash, diarrhea breathing problems, slow heart rate (bradycardia), reduced libido, cold hands and feet, depression, and extreme fatigue.

Alright guys i am doing a review on the medication called metoprolol did you hear that it’s very hard for an ounce metoprolol meta pro meant to prolong metroprolol i still can’t pronounce it correct anyways i’m all 50 milligrams of it i’ve been on 50 milligrams for two years and i’ll give you the pros and the cons of metoprolol my cardiologist put me on it because

My blood pressure was through the roof originally before i went to the cardiologist my blood pressure was averaging it’s like 180 190 over like a hundred and twenty something ridiculous and so this is the one i’m on i’m fifty milligrams of metropole all and what they look like and so i was originally having really bad like phlegm in my chest and my feet were

Swelling like big like baseball gloves originally he put me but general practitioner put me on for us a mic from on furosemide it’s like lasix that takes liquid out of your body and i just wasn’t happy with what my body was doing so much of cardiologists and did the echo graham did the ekg all that stress tests all that i didn’t have any like damage to my heart

Or any swelling or anything like that fractional rate was good but he said i did have a bicuspid aortic valve which is a little it’s like two little leaflets instead of three which is inefficient and later on i might have to have surgery like my car washed maker did get like a pig valve or mechanical so he originally put me on listener frail that’s listen up real

Lis ino pri right and back cut it down to they got it down to like 150 over 80 so got it right work close to closer to what it but he went happy so then he put me on on metoprolol and metropole whatever and then that got it down literally like 110 120 over 80 or 70 when it’s supposed to be side effects pros and cons as far as effectiveness i’ll give it a ten out

Of ten and for short-term i think it’s great you know it’s for the medication is for like heart failure after you’ve had a heart of connected we’re going to second one it’s for high blood pressure it’s for crazy heart arrhythmia and it’s a beta blocker so what it does is it prevents adrenaline from really responding in your body that’s in your heart and you know

You’re it’s basically your cardio cardio gist your cardiac system in your body so it doesn’t go crazy right that’s a good thing for the most part sometimes it’s not a good thing if you need that if you need that adrenaline and it prevents you from having it which is a drawback so the pros and the cons it got me from the blood pressure i needed to have been like

I said i’ve been on for two years cons for me it makes me just feel very lethargic and i think my weight is actually increased because of it i was staying there at 270 and now i’m at 300 and i think my appetite is a bad thing but this just makes me lazy to a certain degree the side effects of it you know you can it can’t give you depression and it’s not giving

Me an impression it can cause heart low heart rate you got you just got to check your blood pressure make sure it doesn’t get too low it can cause dizziness and it can it can hurt your libido it didn’t hurt my libido but it it hurt my performance and in the bed let’s just put it to you that way and so literally i don’t take it some days so that just that’s the

Information that you need to know on that and that’s the biggest one of the biggest drawbacks of it and so and others are rash it does cost rash if you’re allergic to it and i’ve nordic noticed i started getting a rash underneath my stomach that won’t go away literally there for a half a year then you specially go to the doctor when you start getting a rash and so

I think i may be allergic to it and the rash just doesn’t go away just stays there partly because i’m stomach that’s but i never did that before so i’m thinking about maybe you know when i go to the doctor maybe he’ll increase my listen aprill or put me on something else but so i give it an a for short term effectiveness long term as a beta blocker i don’t think

It’s for any i don’t think it’s for everybody you know it’s definitely serves that purpose but long term know so that’s my review that i was taken by vance which is a drug suppressant a food suppressant for a while and what that would do is curb my appetite it’s for binge eating and actually anxiety as well before my health changed or they wouldn’t let

Me have it anymore you know i was getting down i got down to 250 and so took me off of it said all you need to try something else they put me on em feta mean which did not help my appetite and just made me feel like a like a drug addict and so no no not only any kind of medications for food suppressant alright guys thank you for watching if you have

Any questions but this you know in the description below the description and subscribe if you can thanks for watching

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