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Risedronate (Actonel) : Meds Made Easy (MME)

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Welcome a commencement easy my name is tarun today when we talk about resonate also known as actonel it is used for osteoporosis of all different various kinds of having to aging i’m going to do with ali glucose glucose steroid osteoporosis and it’s simply the way it works is that as you get older unfortunately it’s a kind of a natural process of aging your body

Starts to disintegrate in bones in order to flush your body of calcium which is why when you’re reading a lot older especially women in adoptable or john calcium supplements because that’s sort of the first step of preventing osteoporosis but at some point you know not everyone’s able to kind of prevent it by you know milk or calcium supplements or what have you

You have to start taking this medication what that does is it blocks your body from breaking out your bones that’s why whenever you get older everyone starts to look more frail to the bones or not as thick as they used to be which is life and i also let it get brutal which is why you have a lot of older people that will break a hip or something that they fall

It’s because the bones are getting weaker and weaker because life breaking it down for calcium seems like a really weird process for your body to do because your body’s a self-healing thing a mechanism but in terms of aging the things gonna go out the door so that’s kind of how it works you do have to take it a specific way you do have to take it 30 minutes before

Breakfast or before you eat anything with a glass of water no no carbonated sodas or anything like that just plain glass of water and you know to stay upright for thirty minutes and there’s you know it’s just that’s just kind of the best way to do it if you’re laying down and it messes up the whole mechanism of how it’s absorbed it gets into your bottle blood

Stream so watch out for things like that it generally peaks in wha – one two three hours but this thing stays in your system for a very long time – like taking this you know very very infrequently or not does not want to date thing right and so that that’s kind of the thing to watch out for is you’re only really taking it way to doctor direction you take it i’ve

Seen this thing i’ve seen this taken once a month and i’ve taken it and i’ve seen that people take it once a week another depends on your indication so you have to watch the doctor now in addition to everything you should be on calcium and vitamin d supplements while on this now unless your doctor says otherwise but generally that’s what we see like eighty ninety

Percent of population are on this medication so we’re talking about thousand milligrams for men between 50 and 70 years old for women it’s always a little bit higher so 1200 milligrams for women over 51 for men over 71 so those are the things which i prefer vitamin d it’s anywhere from 800 units to 1,000 units daily for men and women regardless of age and the reason

For that is is calcium is it’s not easily absorbed by your body so you need to find an indeed that that vitamin helps your body process the counselors that can get absorbed the other big thing is whenever you do take calcium you cannot take the thousand milligrams or the 1200 milligrams in one dose can’t do it your body won’t process at your body healing process

And digest up to 600 milligrams per serving or purse dose so that’s why when i tell my patient that tell him to take the calcium supplement in the morning and in the evening i’m trying to think of the meal kind of helps a little bit because i might get some vitamin d that you’re eating your food and that kind of helps absorb it all and then the vitamin d you only

Really take that once a day unless you want to take 400 milligrams in the morning evening or clock in the morning evening with the calcium supplement that helps really digest so those are the little tricks of the trade that i’ve kind of found i tell my patients um if you do have real issues you do have to watch the dosing of this medication and does it interact

With other medications your doctor should know hepatic not really you don’t really see an adjustment on this one i’m gonna put up a list of side effects here the big things you want to watch out for things like it can cause a spike in your blood pressure hypertension may cause headaches skin rashes any sort of gi upset constipation diarrhea cramping and then at

The same time if you’re starting to feel fatigued kind of one out then that’s a sign you need to call your doctor let them know so they switch on something else like this stuff doesn’t guys like i said i like to keep you should be very very short it’s eugene hit subscribe lunchtime i’m doing and we’ll see you next time on men’s magazine bye

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