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Risks of Truvada and the Prep Treatment

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Truvada can Dramaticly Improve Humanity however, if the infected partner is already taking Truvada, Viread, TDF, Atripla or Stribild there is a risk that the Partner can be Infected. Please refer to the video or Read up on Viral Resistance.

Hello and welcome uh this is a gaming channel but i also am quite interested in virology and other matters of life and i was talking to a friend recently who called me and said oh hello a friend of mine is considering the prep treatment and considering two valentines what is that and she explained uh explained it to me and then i i had a few concerns about this

Um i checked the websites and other sources but i i couldn’t really find any of my concerns on the either on the fda or any other website i really wet the product page of the company who made tovada also didn’t really mention the risk i’m gonna tell you very soon so here we go um in case you don’t know what the prep is or to vada is and what it does i have um

Yeah i have a little something for you well this is jane and john and uh jane doe uh i draw this and yeah i’m sorry for the quality but i’m not a good artist i am just not john is hiv positive jane is not if john and jane have sex well you can see john could give jane hiv even if they make safe sex you know accidents happen it it just happens so um there is a it

You would call jane a high risk in a high risk group and so she lives with john and yeah that’s obviously uh she is in a high risk of getting hiv higher risks than other people of course okay so they heard about huvara with safe sex they can now have much safer sex or you know daily interactions it’s not only about sex right um you know she she has to take this

Medicine every day and the mechanism i will explain later but you have to take this medicine every day you cannot skip a dose um that’s uh that already is on the website and i think that’s what your doctor will tell you if you’re considering going on this prep treatment the pre uh ex pre exposure prophylaxis as far as i know um anyway so let’s see how does

The hiv virus in fact okay just a very quick rundown okay this is a hiv viral virion that’s a term for it and i will not go into very big detail here um fact of the matter is it is in the virion form as a virus form so to say it is rna and then a certain protein it’s a very important protein that’s why it’s called retrovirus the reverse transcriptase makes

It into dna and this dna gets then inserted into the chromosome so into the dna of the host which would be john for example okay and there’s a very loud car outside i’m not sure if you can hear that anyway this is how tuvada prevents exactly that uh tuvada has two compounds that block hiv reverse transcriptase this means the rna is still there but it cannot do

Anything and without it being transcribed into dna um and then made into uh into the chromosomes nothing will happen the the virus cannot infect these cells so john is uh jane is pretty safe if she takes the truvada every day and yeah so as i said it blocks the reverse transcriptase and yeah this is just for some giggles but what if john’s doctor also gives

Him the tuvara or something that is actually essentially the same um well truvada is not is also being used to treat people with hiv and if this is uh obviously this is not the only thing uh the i’m pretty sure there are other medicines john has to take as well however um they this medicine truvada and also on different names the same compounds are sold on

A different name so you should make your you should do your research on this to make sure that uh to know what medicine is that john taking if you are the john you could check that out if you are jane ask you john what medicine is he taking and as i said tavara is a combination of two different hiv medicines those different names but are essentially the same

Okay and that means that viruses get resistant a viral resistance happens um it happens much more frequently if you skip if john skips doses if somebody’s hiv infected and he skips a dose of the medicine then it is the likelihood rises that hiv get will get resistant against the medicine they are taking and in this case let’s say john is taking truvada or the

Separate compounds but essentially he takes tuvara the medicine and then there is a chance that the virus can get resistant to this and this is a problem this is what i didn’t see anywhere truvada resistant hiv gets continuously produced by the cells cd4 t cells and other cells uh is resistant to truvada this means it doesn’t matter if john takes the medicine or

Not the virus is being produced again he doesn’t really know this at first it’s it’s really insidious but jain can now be infected so if they both take tuvara if the person with hiv if the john takes truvada then there is a likelihood that in a real life scenario um the virus will get resistant eventually this happens with other medicines and it’s not unheard

Of it’s absolutely not unheard of viruses mutate and rna viruses especially but this uh as i say it’s a lot slow it’s uh it’s it’s it can happen and if that’s happened then that is obviously the horror uh because jane can now be infected as well and they still would feel safe jane wouldn’t know anything she wouldn’t um in case you as a jain right you wouldn’t

Know you you wouldn’t know at first obviously you are infected uh you you could make a test of course but we we all know it’s too late by then if you’re hiv positive then that is most definitely a very negative thing um yeah so this is my recommendation to any healthcare professional or if you are considering doing the prep treatment john the john must take

A medicine that is different it can have the same function but it must be different that means if the virus mutates right it will not get resist it will it will maybe get resistant to this medicines and john can take a new one there are plenty currently there are plenty and they are being more produced because it’s big business so um john can take a different

Medicine then if he if the virus gets resistant to what he takes however jane um can still take safely to vada and it would still be extreme it would be then extremely unlikely that um jane would get infected it’s this obviously a shock there but the likelihood is low if he is taking a different medicine that works differently okay there may be um the things

A bit more complicated than what i say but this video is not meant to really go into that much detail okay so before you prep ask your doctor okay before prep or if you are on the prep um if uh show this video to a doctor and if you’re a doctor um please make your research okay um you can check out everything i said it’s very dumbed down you can comment you can

Write a message to me i will reply uh if it doesn’t uh get out of hand of course if i’ll get like thousands of emails or something i’m not going to reply i’m just going to make a new video on that to answer the question but um you you should ask people who know this stuff well i think you know some immonologists and virologists and i think you can also read a few

Papers on your own so please do that okay and please don’t ignore what i said just now okay if you do then that’s a very bad thing uh ask john if you aren’t truvada or something similar ask your knowledgeable doctor if he is knowledgeable now if it is a good idea to change maths spoiler alert it usually isn’t anyway if you are on tuvara um then maybe if you

Are john and you are on a truvada or to whatever similar name or similar chemist to chemical on a different brand of trovard on a different brand of the medicine then maybe consider that the current prep with truvada is not for you okay in future however i’m pretty sure that other medicines will come out because it is a giant market and there is a lot of money in

It so obviously there will be new medicines produced okay thanks for watching and post questions in the comments and i will of course answer them uh try to share this video if you think it’s important right if you don’t think it’s important then do as you like um if you think what i said is absolute you can very you as i said welcome to post it in the comments

But um yeah you please don’t um post anything about face healing or your posse or other stuff i i don’t like this it’s um it makes people feel it exploits people i really don’t like it okay also i’m not paid by anybody currently i have a job but it has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals and as you can see with the production values of this video i am not a very

Rich person however if you are a pharmaceutical company well and you like what i did just now i i if you like i would like to get paid i mean it would be great um okay lastly fda what were you thinking seriously this is i’m not an expert here okay maybe you were sleeping or maybe you got corruption money i don’t know what happened but you should really really

Whoever is responsible for this should really really really um have caught on to this it’s not a very uh big it’s not a it’s it’s not a uh it’s not rocket science seriously it’s not rocket science okay so fda i i i’m lost for words okay thank you everybody and good bye

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Risks of Truvada and the Prep Treatment By Cursed HS