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Roaccutane/Isotretinoin- A series of unfortunate events

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I’ve got make up on during this video that I put in the video

Talking about roaccutane isotretinoin 20mg once a day that was my course and or five unfortunate events actually. so i was given azelaic acid cream i think that’s the name for a month and i did my sister was already on roaccutane before so there was a to use it and i was like listen man this the same stuff given to me and also that the doctor okay she she wasn’t helping

There’s like this amazing drug in the market it’s roaccutane it’s it’s all good and i’m like what are you doing? you don’t gotta tell me about scars and then tell me to use this cream like..what’s going on in your brain?just give me the drug man. twice she did that and then the third time i was like see doctor you mentioned this but the indications like grade 4 nodular cystic

Acne and you don’t have just how about we start and let’s see from there yeah so the first thing that chelitis and all those things and i was like what are you talking about man nothing absolutely i’m fine i’m doing fine and basically two weeks after the drug was started there was like peeling and man i’m telling you man that the amount of peeling that has happened over the

Past six months lip peeling that happened and it is still happening it’s something that just keeps happening as you are on roaccutane yeah that’s the first thing then the this is like minuscule like just the tiniest tiniest rashes but imagine that because it was just on one hand and i was like what’s going on this is weird i it sort of reduced but didn’t totally disappear

But yeah third thing that skin was sensitive and then i went ahead and used veet i am not blaming veet i’m supposed to do all this in the doctor obviously mentioned it to me and so i went ahead and it was a terrible terrible terrible experience i’m not even kidding it burned it burned like there was no tomorrow guys it’s just like there but also the melanin because there’s

Like many dots of hypopigmentation using all these products and the fourth thing that happened to me was like it traveling to india i asked my sister to make a video of abu dhabi if you’ve not so i went out in the sun my skin got damaged and then i was the time plus i got really lazy to wash the brushes and so i used the same brushes over and over again and bam! impetigo-

Honey crusted lesions all like the oozing and crusting it was not pretty yeah so then i was in the airport with that man and i just like this with my hijab and i hid it fusidic acid cream along with betamethasone i applied that and it burned. killed and but the next morning it was like man it reduced for like 60 70 everything had gone down it was so much better and within

The to three days it me was recently like a month back i started having nosebleeds which i’ve its not like a tap like on my face no no no it’s just like when i blow my nose there are the five unfortunate events that happened to me with roaccutane and mention that what happened? what were the results of using roaccutane i think 50- 60 percent yeah so it was actually better

Than the cream sure but screw that i’m going to rock these scars that’s literally what i’m because six months is long enough with this drug it’s going on for too long and use spf/ sunscreen when you go out avoid the sun completely if possible face do that because your skin needs that protection right now and it does not everyone knows is the rule but don’t get lazy like

Me so that’s that’s the side note that i frenemy with whom i plan to end a relationship with very soon

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Roaccutane/Isotretinoin- A series of unfortunate events By R.U.M