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Road Vlogs #19 Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – The difference is clear. Brintellix

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In this video I talk about the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist and what you need to know about seeing them.

Hey there all you find internet folks youtube voyeurs how’s it going sinister minister the one and only coming at you again another roadblock you know i hope everybody had a nice thanksgiving you know i thought well i was on my way to my psychiatrist appointment i thought i’d briefly talk about the difference between a psychiatrist and the psychologist some of

You out there might not know or understand the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist i see a psychologist once a week i see my psychiatrist once every couple months i’ve only been seeing my psychiatrist for half a year six months or so i’ve seen my psychologist for a think i might be going on a year and a half or so but the difference really is the

Psychologist or therapist however you want to call it they do not prescribe any medicine their visits are usually roughly 45 minutes to an hour and you know then you sit down and you talk to him they talked to him about your problems is how you’re feeling and then they talk back and you guys have a nice conversation you know depending on how often you want to go

Some soon you know a lot of blood of psychologists you know once or twice a month you know maybe once a month you know it just depends i go once a week and honestly if i could truly afford it i probably go twice a week at least but i truly enjoy going to the my psychologist she’s been very helpful and you know sometimes you know she’s very helpful in a lot of ways

Sometimes it’s you know kind of a session for me but she’s you know fairly diplomatic and a non-judgmental of course and very beneficial and i really like going there and i’ll probably go there for many many years to come you know i don’t know if you truly ever get cured from your mental issues but nonetheless you know she’s helped me out a lot and i usually feel

A lot better after her visits and so yes i’ll just continue to go because uh because it makes me feel good and so a psychiatrist is different again i only see my psychiatrist once every two to three months and basically a psychiatrist does prescribe medicine they will prescribe some type of antidepressant ssri something along those lines their visits are usually a

Lot shorter maybe 20 25 minutes and basically there to follow up on how the medicines working if they need to adjust a dose you know of course they ask how you’re feeling out things are going but it’s not as involved it’s more like i said it’s more of a short-term type senate snow situation where you’re just seeing like i said you always seen him once every couple

Months and you know they said your first initial visit with the psychiatrist is what is like an hour where they get your whole background and understand things and take a lot of notes and then they decide at that point you know what you know what if any medicine is required i started out when i went to my psychiatrist i started out taking she put me on prozac

And prozac worked for a very short period of time and then it stopped working and then she’s put me on bryn selects and i made a separate video on my channel about brintellix and that has been working wonderful ever since then i i still only take a 10 milligram pill and it just it works great but yeah so i go there you said once every few months and it’s just a

Follow-up and to see how things are going and it’s a fairly quick visit i usually spend more time waiting in the waiting room than i do in her office but yeah so i mean that’s really the difference you know some people get at michigan’s misconstrued or confused by it and i believe me at the beginning i was too because i thought that my psychologist would be able to

Prescribe me medicine and she said no she doesn’t do that so right so that’s the difference so psychiatrist prescribes medicine longer time between visits you know it doesn’t you know it’s just a follow-up visits on the medicine psychologist is more involved they they talk to you like i sent for about an hour and they provide you with tools and you know in ways

To help cope with your mental issues and you know they’re checking up on you obviously as well depending on when you’re going like i said i go once a week and you know and it’s a little more involved i like it i i actually prefer going to my psychologist because you know again it’s a time to relax a little and just talk about what’s been going on and you know i

Have non-stop struggles and challenges and stress and anxiety and frustration and depression and stuff and this circles all the time and you know it’s just a good good place to be and i enjoy it i’ve actually been through a couple psychologists and i found that i really enjoy the one i have now she’s a female she’s around she’s old than me but she’s you know in my

In my age range i’ve seen my first one i saw as an adult was very old the guy was like 70 and i just felt like he couldn’t relate to me personally so i wanted to find somebody a little closer to my age and i just happen to find it easier to talk to women i can talk to guys of course but i just find someone easier to talk to women that’s just my personal preference

And you know everybody’s different but yeah so that’s basically that’s your basic difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist i know this isn’t groundbreaking information but you know some people are just confused and maybe some people are wanting to know where to begin chances are you’re going to want to start with a psychologist and and see if you need

Medicine you know one thing i will say is you don’t want to have i truly believe you don’t want to have your general practitioner or your general doctor or the one you go to see if you’re sick and i’m feeling good you got the sniffles you got a your arm hurts whatever but hurts you know my original gp tried to prescribe me zoloft and just because i mean i told him

What my problems were i need to set output john zoloft but you know he really didn’t dive deep and i like my issues and what i was how i was feeling and stuff so i want to really advise people not to take that medicine from your general practitioner your general doctor or whatever they call them because again they’re just they’re just throwing the medicine out at

You and you know it might not be you know based on how you’re feeling and your issues that might not be what you need you might need something different and of course a psychiatrist is going to be a lot more well-versed and medicines like that whereas you know your general doctor he’s just going to say zola prozac thought uh and then review and i won’t you know

Know that there’s other medicines out there like parental x and i’m sure there’s other ones that do similar have similar effects but yeah so i just wanted to throw that little caveat in there that you know if you go to your general doctor and he’s gonna and he says you need tell him i have been feeling depressed i’ve been feeling this you know i’m feeling crabby

Suicide or whatever he’s probably just going to tell you you know here try some zoloft try some prozac and you know that might not be what you need i tried zoloft initially through my general practitioner and it made me feel horrible i felt like a zombie and i was in i was way feeling worse than i was before so it didn’t help me so yeah you know i’d say start with

A psychologist and talk to them and see they might recommend you see a psychiatrist to maybe some medicine will help maybe a combination i’m doing a combination of treatments if you will to try to keep me stable and not going completely psychotic so anyways that’s all hopefully this is very helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below i’ll

Do my best to answer them and you know like i always say and always will you know take it easy keep it sleazy and we’ll see you in the next video and hey let me tell you if you have a really good psychiatrist like i do who understand your freakin insurance dilemma which is i have obamacare and obama is just me in the ass with his up insurance and the fact that

My prescription rates are like just keep going up you get samples let’s see you didn’t get a sample a week sample of dental x so don’t be don’t let this be a lesson you don’t be afraid to ask for samples she gave me a month or two months am i saying two months till my next visit so yeah this is good stuff and you know if you can’t afford it don’t be afraid to ask

For samples because there’s no reason you shouldn’t have access to your medicine not obama not obamacare not anybody for that matter so anyways signing off again just thought i’d just do a little ps with that thanks guys we’ll see the next one

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Road Vlogs #19 Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – The difference is clear. Brintellix By SinisterMinister