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Romosozumab or Alendronate for Fracture Prevention in Women with Osteoporosis

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Hello my name is manuel loja my topic is chromosome bump or alendronate for fracture prevention in women in osteoporosis definition osteoporosis is a clinical condition characteristic by decreasing the bone mass and the trivial thing of the microsoft nerd architecture or the bone but circumstance increases bone fragility and consequently the region fractures hello

How is your wrist today mrs wilson it’s more comfortable now that i have a plaster cast on that’s good how did you break your wrist i just knocked my arm on the edge of the table i was very surprised when i broke my wrist do you usually have problems with your bones the doctor said i have osteoporosis but i don’t know what it is some people call osteoporosis

Having thinning bones it happens when your bones lose calcium and become filled with small holes oh i see is that why i broke my wrist that’s right if you have osteoporosis your bones are not strong and can break very easily what can i do to make my bones strong again you’ll have to take a tablet to slow bone loss okay is that all you should also make some

Changes to your diet what sort of changes try to eat food which contains lots of calcium and vitamin d what sort of food should i eat dairy foods like milk yogurt and cheese have a lot of calcium fatty fish and egg yolks have a lot of vitamin d so i have to take tablets and change my diet is that right that’s right you also need to do some exercise every day i

Like swimming is that okay no they must be weight bearing exercises like walking or keep fit classes i see then i’ll ask my friend to come walking with me that’s a good idea application medicine the new draft room is marketed under the name awning it has been continuously developed by the american biotechnology company amjad shuffle applied molecular genetic and

In the belgian company ucb according foreign osteoblastic activity without simulation of the plastic activity has happened with a para parity void hormone and the pharmacohe from a cold cup look alike that has been shown in clinka trials sclerostone is an osteocyte secreted glycoprotein that inhibits the wind and bone morphogenetic protein signaling pathways

Which stimulate osteoblast proliferation patients with inactivating mutations in sauced the gene that encodes sclerostone have high bone mass and resistance to fractures in a previous trial in postmenopausal women roma sozomab a humanized monoclonal antibody that inhibits glausten reduced the risk of fractures as compared with placebo however romisozumab has

Not been compared head-to-head with bisphosphonates in the arch trial an international double-blind study investigators randomized 4093 post-menopausal women with osteoporosis and a previous fragility fracture to monthly subcutaneous injections aromasozumab or weekly oral alendronate for 12 months followed by open label weekly oral alendronate in both groups

The primary outcomes were the incidence of new vertebral fractures and the incidence of clinical fractures which included symptomatic vertebral fractures and non-vertebral fractures at 24 months 6.2 percent of those in the rom-sozumab group had had a new vertebral fracture as compared to 11.9 percent of those in the alendronate group after a median follow-up of

2.7 years the incidence of clinical fractures in the roma suzumab group was 9.7 percent versus 13 percent in the alendronate group patients in the roma sozumab group also had fewer non-vertebral fractures patients in the roma so zuma group had an increased incidence of serious cardiovascular adverse events during the double-blind period 2.5 percent versus 1.9

Percent osteonecrosis of the jaw occurred in one patient in each group two atypical femoral fractures occurred in the rhomosuzumab group versus four in the alendronate group the results of this study of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and high fracture risk indicated that starting with romosozumab treatment for 12 months before alendronate significantly

Reduced fracture risk as compared with treatment with alendronate alone full trial results are available at number one dual acting osteoporosis drug suffering from the bone weakening disease people with osteoporosis are at risk of a broken bone with the simplest task daily activities like walking or lifting a grandchild can become a concern for injury

Unfortunately for millions loss of bone occurs silently and progressively often without symptoms until the first devastating fracture since 1995 drug therapy for the condition was limited to anti-resorptive agents medications to slow down bone loss in 2002 anabolic medications became popular acting to increase bone formation by stimulating the cells that build

Bone the stimulation seen with these anabolic medications however increased bone resorption as well mitigating some of their reinforcement effect but a new drug is remedying this sketch 22. fda approved in april patients receive two injections of rhomazosumab every month for a year the treatment works by blocking the proteins chlorostan which inhibits bone

Formation this allows an increase in new bone while also decreasing bone resorption or bone breakdown these developments present a new agent that builds more bone than any previous osteoporosis drug in an active comparative study of women with post-menopausal osteoporosis receiving the new drug or its anti-resorptive predecessor risk of spine and hip fracture in

The new drug cohort was reduced by 50 and 38 respectively patients are getting back to daily activities without risk the treatment is providing strength not only in bones but in spirit pros and cons the technical information indicates that the normal source map is only recommended for both menopausal warming and high risk of vasopressin fractures with a warning

Of a small but significantly increased risk of heart attack or stroke according to expert it is an important round of science it is a fierce one that seems to directly stimulate the inflammation of the bone tissue risk factors for osteoporosis include being female being older postmenopausal of caucasian or asian background having a low dietary calcium and

Vitamin d intake treatment options for osteoporosis include calcium and vitamin d and those are of course the mainstay of all treatment but additional choices that we have avail available include bisphosphonates pteroparatine and denosumab there’s a new drug in the pipeline it’s a monoclonal antibody known as rhomazosimath which is a very exciting treatment

Option it’s an anti-sclerostone antibody that increases bone formation the bromizosumab study was published earlier in 2014 in the new england journal of medicine this was a dose finding study after one year period of time the roma zosomab increased bone density to a greater extent than the best treatments that we currently have including terraperatide and

Alendronate well i think it’s important for physicians to think about the diagnosis of osteoporosis especially in elderly patients and also in those who’ve had a fracture it’s important to think about the diagnosis and order a bone density to measure above mass and then initiate treatment it’s important for physicians to be aware of current treatments for

Osteoporosis but also to realize that new treatments are on the horizon which likely will be even better than the ones we currently have arthur lau reporting from uh uh from acr 2019 from atlanta i want to uh give an update on a very interesting oral presentation uh that i heard today on osteoporosis which is a subgroup analysis from the frame

Study uh just to remind everyone the frame study was a phase three randomized control trial in postmenopausal women where patients were randomized in the first year to placebo or romosuzumab and everyone crossed over to denosumab in the second year so this was a subgroup analysis looking at degrees of chronic renal disease in patients of the study so they broke

Down the the the renal disease based on mild with an egfr 60 to 89 moderate 30 to 59 and a severe 15 to 29. of note the vast majority of patients were in the mild to moderate group there are very few patients in the severe chronic kidney disease group overall what they showed is based despite the varying degrees of renal dysfunction the improvement in bone

Density at lumber spine femoral neck and total hip were quite similar between the groups and the percent reduction in new vertebral fractures at one year were similar between the mild and moderate groups of renal dysfunction as well because there were so few patients in the severe renal renal disease group they were unable to have any analysis from that group but

Overall and in terms of safety signals there was one case of severe hypocalcemia in the placebo group and one moderate case of hypocalcemia in the romosuzumab group at 12 months so it didn’t seem like there was any significant safety concerns with hypocalcemia like we do worry about with the nosomab and in terms of worsening renal function there was no significant

Worsting renal function between the romosuzu map and placebo at the one year mark so for me the take-home message is we know the efficacy of this drug from that’s been reported from previous conferences but now we can see that there’s a in terms of breakdown based on varying degrees of renal dysfunction there seems to be maintained efficacy uh even up to patients

With moderate renal disease the only limitation for the study is there’s very few patients with a severe renal dysfunction with the gfr less than 30 so it’s hard to extrapolate how to uh how to treat those patients going forward otherwise uh you know thanks for tuning in and for further coverage of acr2019 tune into thank you injections is used to

Tread osteoporosis a condition is weighted bones become things weak and big easily imposing menopausal women women who have experience are changing in real lives and in conclusion and conclusion is the technical information indicates that roma zumba is only recommended for both menopausal warming and a heavy variety of lossy prostate fractures with warning of

The smile but significantly increasing rich of hair attack or stroke thank you very much

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Romosozumab or Alendronate for Fracture Prevention in Women with Osteoporosis By Manuel Loja