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Rosacea is a skin condition where the skin gets red. Presents in those aged 30–50y with papules and pustules, red thread like lines as well as facial flushing. Treatment: metronidazole gel, azelaic acid, oral antibiotics, ivermectin cream, brimonidine.

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel i’m pinkie today i’m going to discuss about ross’s sea what is ross’s sea roster c is a skin condition which occurs in people usually in between the age 30 to 50 years and the symptoms are quite common there can be pass filled pimples which are known as pasteurs there can be small red bumps which are known as papules

There can be red thread like lines in the skin redness of the skin so these are the symptoms of rosacea it differs from acne because in acne you don’t see the skin redness you don’t see the red thread like lines in the skin now let’s talk about the treatment so for treatment of processing the first line which we always prescribe is metronidazole topical gel then

The second line can be used like acelic acid which is less tolerated if you have a sensitive skin but it also works in rosacea in severe cases of processing we tend to prescribe antibiotics such as oxytetracycline and tetracycline if somebody is pregnant and has got roses c then erythromycin is the choice and in very very severe cases we tend to refer the patient

To a dermatologist the antibiotics the oral antibiotics needs to be continued at least for 6 to 12 weeks and then it needs to be stopped and antibiotics can be restarted if processee comes back another choice which is the second line is the ever making one person cream ever making one person cream is an excellent cream to reduce the inflammation in the skin and it

Is there is evidence like it is much more superior than metronidazole gel and acelic acid however it does come with contraindications that is it can’t be used in patients with liver dysfunction and in pregnancy and the side effects can be it causes like itchiness of the skin skin irritation and burning sensation bremonidine it’s another treatment for rosacea it

Has got the license recently it is very effective to reduce the red thread like lines in the skin and it also reduces the redness of the skin however it comes with side effects that is itchiness of the skin dryness and burning sensation bremonidine its effect starts within 30 minutes and lasts for 12 hours it cannot be used in open wounds and it cannot be used

With certain antidepressants although brimonidine is effective however it can cause low blood pressure as well as slow heart rate so these are the limitations of bremonitine and it has to be used only when other treatments fail so to summarize the first line for ross’s c is metronidazole gel or acelic acid and if the metronidazole gel or azaleic acid doesn’t

Work then in severe cases oral antibiotics can be used oxytetrocytin is the cheapest and if oxytocin or metronidazole gel or azalea as it doesn’t work then the third line will be ever make in one person cream and whenever making one person cream will not work then riemann eating might be an option thanks for watching please do like and subscribe my channel and

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Rosacea | Symptoms | Management | রোজাসিয়া | মুখ লাল । ব্রণ । ফ্লাশিং । নির্ণয় এবং চিকিৎসা By Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner Pinky