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Running Back to NEW YORK CITY

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So wait a minute i thought you i thought i lived in los angeles i’m back hey guys okay i’m not really back but i’m back right now i’m here in this city so like three days ago i got on a plane for the first time this is my first this is my first flight in 14 months and i actually wasn’t even coming back here to new york city i was going back to like

Connecticut my hometown this has gotta be the longest i’ve in my whole life ever gone without coming back to my my hometown and i was going to see um as you want to see my dad my dad was having a a pretty serious surgery and i hadn’t seen him in over a year and i i i wanted to see him before that surgery but it went well he’s out of the hospital and he’s doing

Great just leaving the old man’s house home from the hospital he’s doing great it makes me very happy so i came into the city because i was close like when i was coming over that hill and i saw the new york city skyline for the first time i like i’m looking at the city the love of my life i know my dad’s doing great because he’s like he’s out of the hospital i

I i literally started crying i was so happy but i’m only here in the city for like a day i gotta go back to la i gotta go back to california back to candace and the babies but but before i go back to los angeles i’m going like 40 minutes outside the city to new jersey to see one of my favorite people who recently did something incredible rental car did

You not know that i was coming excuse me you think i was you run into new york city without me that’s not real how are you doing man oh my god how are you feeling i’m feeling amazing how are the legs the legs are a little okay you started running in los angeles how long ago march first so exactly today 84 days ago and you’ve run 3 000 miles over 2 000 we’re

Gonna be like 3100 and just every day hitting it go go every single day through everything yeah okay you started here in los angeles all the states and you’re right i’m right almost there almost there almost there why i wanted to do something that was bigger than myself so i’m running for a prophet the the nonprofit called souls for souls they take i want to

Choose user new and turn into opportunity and also kind of break the cycle of poverty and i grew up in west africa mali where i would have a pair of shoes if i don’t take care of it for three to five years i don’t know where the next one’s coming from and sometimes i grow out of it and people don’t make a dollar in a day what a good pair of shoes could change

How i can change a life and it has definitely changed my life because of that all i need is a pair of shoes to go running and i realized this point in this world even in the united states we have kids around that have no shoes to wear we should throw some love to jim shark who kind of shout out to jim shark honestly there’s no way i could have afford this or

Get it done because because of them i had a mobile home check this out what am i hearing what’s happening right now we are sliding out the side of the of this thing and it makes it humongous i just want to say that your definition of humongous hella is very generous so it’s a little bit messy how many how long have you been sleeping in here 83 days and i get

Less than five hours of sleep every day since i started whenever you end your run you gotta pull us on the side of the road and sleep and get up and repeat so thank you gymshark what do you want people to take from this from this um i want people to take that we’re much stronger than we think and not be scared to go tackle something that’s huge and i’m actually

Proud to say i am the first black person to run across the country later in new york city and i think that’s a good thing to say to let anybody know it doesn’t matter who you’re what you do get up and chase your dreams and goals don’t let anything label you you can just make it happen so that’s what i want people to get out of this much love to jim shark for

Sponsoring and making this whole thing possible i mean really what an inspiration that guy is running across the country let’s run so hello this is the beginning of the beginning around 20 miles we got coming going into new york city what is it what is it about running there’s something about it that makes you feel invincible in the moment when you’re

Enduring pain and you just feel like you can go through it and then when you finish that’s the best feeling so no matter what it is you find a way to finish because the feeling after there’s nothing like it you’ve run for 84 straight days 40 miles a day yes what are you gonna do tomorrow morning when you wake up when you’re done with all this i’m gonna go run

With casey neistat we’re gonna go run some more it’s not ready it’s not gonna be 40 miles but we’re gonna go for it i’m gonna go for a couple miles you’re gonna do more but you get up and get after it again that’s what you gotta do this is it you’re entering new york ellie you’re like four miles away from crossing the entire country any thoughts this feels

This was the easiest day because having this amazing crowd having you here having like no i didn’t know that i’d be running all 20 miles with you today i didn’t know that was the plan i feel great i feel great so now you got to let people know after all the stuff you went through you just crushed 20 miles no problem 20 miles no problem no problem even if i buy

You a cadillac put you on a pedestal louie and gucci bags anything i swear i give you everything that i have hello out of everyone here you still have the biggest smile i just what is life i oh this is the big surprise me what a day and what a city oh

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Running Back to NEW YORK CITY By CaseyNeistat