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Salena Williams AKA Mrs.Black Peach review on Linzess

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Linzess review

Hey this is selena williams aka miss white peach and i am coming on here to do a review for the product the lenses yep every idea that right there so i was such subscribed this medicine about three years ago because i suffer what ibs and i’d seen a lot of reviews that people get on here and they take this and it’s not really subscribed to them and they kept playing

About how fast it works if you really don’t have a you know have issues with being backed up or anything like that then the pill is gonna work super fast now in my experience and have worked super fast when i’m eating the right things other times it works slow or don’t work at all and i have to take another one for the next day and what it depends on how blocked

Up you can get when you have ibs i suffer so bad with ibs to where i have okay so i suffer what ibs so bad to i have severe pain so i take this pill within 15 minutes the pain is relieved the constipation is relieved its subside the pain and then began to work so then i can go to the bathroom it is still type of diarrhea type when it does come out or sometime it’s

It’s flushing i don’t know but i guess because it has to break down the particles that make me go to the bathroom which i’m fine with because whatever it needs to do get it did you know do it because i need the relief i would say don’t don’t take this pill if you don’t have issues with ibs don’t take this pill if you’re just basically trying to get a cleanse out

Of your system that’s not for you use something else like you know expects or something else or magnesium if you trying to basically clean your this is not appeal to just be like oh i’m gonna take it is very expensive it’s like $300 and i had to get a pre-authorization to use to get this pill with these pills and you listen this pill is like crack because my

Friends because maybe like hey can i get a couple of those pills because i really need to believe in when you’re taking pain medication that can cause severe constipation as well in in issues so you know sometime i didn’t wanted to you know may god be the glory but really you need to if you feel like you have ibs or crohn’s or anything like that are you backed

Up then you needed you know consult the doctor and have him prescribe something but on the other hand go you know get something out of the store like eggs eggs correct all that stuff like that magnesium works great when you can just drink it in and if the counter makes you run the same way but sometime i caused a little bit of cramping and discomfort but so this

Is my review for when glenn says i love it because i actually suffer from ibs and for those who do not i wouldn’t i wouldn’t suggest take it unless otherwise you you prepare yourself to be at home all day to clean yourself out and you’ll be working yourself out for a couple of hours it depends on how backup you are but it’s i supposed to take it every day i don’t

Take it every day i take it when i know that i haven’t used the bathroom like i supposed to i take it maybe every other day or twice a day sometime i just dab my finger and just you know just to make you know just a regular going for me so i don’t use it consistently but i do use it when i do use it at least two to three times a week just to make sure that i go

Because you in in all supposed to go in and you supposed to go every day and i don’t so i try to make sure that i lisa go a couple of times a week just to make sure that i don’t build up to where i thought if i don’t take it for a week by the next week i am in in all pain because i didn’t go to the bathroom or i didn’t go enough to relieve what’s going on within

My system so in and i will try not to eat meat and different things just to not to have to take it consistently because i don’t i want my body to try to work on its own instead of using the medication to take something so again i will say if is if you don’t have a really issue with it just kind of eat right you know do what you need to do to make your system go

On its own if you don’t suffer anything don’t take it mmm use the regular stuff there’s over-the-counter to make you go and that’s my review so thank you guys

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Salena Williams AKA Mrs.Black Peach review on Linzess By Mrs.Blackpeach