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Good day my name is and today we will be presenting to you the saliva substitute drugs and the pancreatics hi i am saliva substitute and my brand names are aquaroll entertainer secret moist ear moisture swab sticks mouthput pneumoyne and salivart my chemical name is like this my therapeutic drug classification is artificial saliva and my pharmacological

Classification is used to treat digestive enzyme dysfunction and i belong to the pregnancy category a my mechanism of action goes like this the glycerin component serves both as a lubricant and as a delivery vehicle for water from the composition to moisten the mouth the gum component provides further lubrication and serves a water retention function mixture

Consisting of protein or electrolyte that lubricate moisten and provide coating on oral mucosa used in absence of saliva my formal kinetics is that there is no general systemic absorption electrolytes may be absorbed and built within normal electrolyte pathways and now let us proceed for my indications i am indicated to manage off dry mouth and throat in

Serostomia and hypocelevation caused by stroke medication including those that cause dysfunction of the salivary glands projection therapy chemotherapy bell’s pulse hiv or aids lupus aging emotional factors horse voice scratchy throat salivary glands disorder and other illness and now let us talk about my contraindications i am contraindicated with patient who

Has hypersensitivity to carboxyl methyl cellulose parabens components of the preparation i must use cautiously to patients with renal failure hypertension and pregnancy and lastly i am contraindicated to patients who are fructose intolerance or pneumois in lozenges and now let us talk about my side effects and adverse effects in every systems of the body first

In the integumentary system i create brush hives itching red swollen blistered or filling skin with or without fever second in the respiratory system i developed wheezing tightness in the chest or throat and trouble breathing third in the gastrointestinal system i develop minor digestive problems difficulty in swallowing unusual hoarseness or swelling of the

Mouth face lips tongue or throat and lastly in other systems of the body i altered speech and i developed abnormal taste for the nursing responsibilities of the saliva substitute drugs you must first assess the history of the patient if he or she is allergic to carboxymethyl cellulose parabens or has a history of heart failure hypertension or renal failure for

The physical assessment take the patient’s blood pressure pulse auscultation edema also conduct adrenal function test and mucosa evaluation during the administration of the drugs give it to patients who has dry mouth and throat second half patient try to swish saliva substitute around mouth following application third monitor patient while eating swallowing

May be impaired and additional therapy required after administration educate patients in how to apply the drug as instructed instruct patients to use this drug as needed for dry mouth and throat third instructing patients to take good care and eating because swallowing may be difficult additional therapy may be needed hi i’m panky lipay and also known as crayon

Pancreas frankie lipase birdseye viocase and zenpop as for my chemical name this as for my drug classification as for therapeutic i am classified as digestant as for pharmacologic i am classified as pancreatic enzyme as for my pregnancy category i belong to pregnancy category c as for my mechanism of action i am used to replace deficiency of pancreatic enzymes

I am formed by a mixture of lipase protease and amylase which are able to break down fat protein and starches respectively in the small intestine as for my pharmacokinetics as for my absorption distribution and metabolism i act locally in aegea track and i am not absorbed in any significant amount as for excretion i am entirely eliminated as for my indication

I am part of the pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy this therapy is indicated for the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency attributed to cystic fibrosis chronic pancreatitis or any other medically defined pancreatic disease that may require it pancreatic diseases are associated with the deterioration of pancreatic parenchyma the dual physiological functions

Of the pancreas once established bronchitic insufficiency results in malnutrition weight loss and styatoria as per my contraindication i am contraindicated in patients with severe hypersensitivity to pork and in those with acute pancreatitis or acute exacerbations of chronic practical diseases used cautiously to pregnant or breastfeeding women for the site

And adverse effects for the gi i cause nausea cramping and diarrhea and for others i cause allergic reaction for the nursing responsibilities of faculty’s children before administering the drug assess and ask patients if he or she is allergic to bacterial lipids any other medications or products or any of the ingredients in the pancreatitis tablets or delayed

Release capsules second ask patients about test or her prescription and non-prescription medications vitamins nutritional supplements and herbal products they are taking or plan to take third ask patient if they have ever had surgery of their intestine or a blockage sickening or scarring an intestine and if they have or have ever had diabetes problems with

Blood sugar now high levels of uric acid in your blood cancer or kidney disease fourth for female patient ask patient if she is pregnant plan to become pregnant or are breastfeeding during the administration prepare proper dosage and administration of the drug to the patient second is assess patients reaction to the drug and if any side or adverse effect is

Present after administration of the drug take this drug exactly as prescribed second is the nurse should take note of the client as he or she may experience these side effects nausea loss of appetite difficulty sleeping depression emotional liability third is let the patient report nausea vomiting and gi pain that will be all thank you in that class

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SALIVA SUBSTITUTE & PANCRELIPASE – Abapo, Sano & Villa By Batch Kunzite