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Sauce stability with Benecel HPMC

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These products offer food formulators a unique functional property — reversible thermal gelation, or the ability to gel with water upon heating, then return to the original viscosity upon cooling. This improves cling in sauces.

Welcome to today’s on-demand webinar on the use of mehness l h pmc in sauces rose and meals are an important and growing market giving the busy lifestyles of many people today sauces are an important part of products appeal for frozen meals as well as in food service application our presentation begins with an overview of ashland as over the years the company

Has changed significantly with the sale of the ashland distribution business and the acquisition of international specialty products for isp next we will make a brief overview of the current ashland specialty ingredients portfolio of food ingredients finally we will focus on the specific benefits that can be brought two sauces with the use of mehness l hp nc

And its unique thermal generation properties we will discuss how pedicel hp nc reduces sauce patterning improves product appeal and decreases center esis through the examples of tomato sauce gravy style sauce and barbecue sauce today all of our ashram businesses hold leadership positions within the markets they serve ashland is currently made up of four strategic

Businesses we have three specialty chemical businesses specialty ingredients water technologies and performance materials specialty ingredients is another one global producer of cyclist leaders and a global leader in positives water technology is the number one global producer of specialty paper making chemicals and performance materials is the number one global

Leader and unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins the fourth consumer markets business is most known for its valvoline brand which holds the number 3 spot in passenger car motor oil in the united states our regulated businesses including food and beverage now fall under ashland specialty ingredients the combination of ashland equilon functional ingredients

With isp strengthens their position in food and beverage applications as well as in pharmaceutical excipient and personal care the addition of isp significantly expands our r&d footprint it quadruples our patent portfolio triples our team of rd scientists and further increases our ability to deliver industry-leading innovation and solution this is a great

For food and beverage the isp integration expands on laboratories in europe north america and latin america ashland is a world leader in tailor sick food ingredients our premium additives and stabilizers enable healthier tastier and more convenient foods our solutions provide an array of functional properties including sickening and rheology control stabilization

Water binding film promotion thermal relation structure enhancement and improved mouthfeel since the 1950s our ingredients and expertise have enabled formulators to break new ground in food and beverage performance in a wide variety of applications using our broad portfolio of products including air whip and cassell hpc nfl mc and hp mc aqualen leno’s bond well

Aqua zorb and aqua cellulose come poly clear stabilizers and super cold worgen aqua so aqualen aqua zorb bond well and glen knows our cellulose gun products ashland cellulose gums are very versatile and come in many grades viscosity levels and particle sizes examples of cellulose some applications are enhanced texture and mouthfeel such as in beverages improved

Protein stabilization is found in low ph or fruit flavored dairy beverages and longer shelf life via water control and water retention in bakery applications and dessert dennis l mc and hp mc offer unique properties including thermal gelling and binding thermal gelling is useful in meat alternatives such as veggie burgers in meat such as sausages and as well as in

Gluten-free baking thermal gelling is the primary driver in why been fln mc reduces oil pickup in batters and coatings as well as other fried foods venice l mc is used to stabilize fillings such as an filled baked dessert and savory applications it also provides thickening and texture and sauces airless and crew cell hydroxypropyl cellulose are unique hydrocolloid

Products that have the exceptional ability to clone and stabilize phones such as in dairy and non-dairy whipped topping in addition crew cell hydroxypropyl cellulose is a terrific film forma and is used in specialty candy coating it’s called guar gum is processed for high purity low odor and minimal flavor guar gum is a natural hydrocolloid that is broadly used and

Has very efficient thickening and stabilizing properties it can be found in many stabilizer blends including those used in ice cream and dairy dessert ashland’s poly clear stabilizers are the leading brand in clarification and stabilization of beer and wine these stabilizers are also finding use in fruit juices and concentrates polical in table eyes errs prevent

Core delay is caused by poly phenyl now we will the benefits that can be realized when formulating sauces with beneful hp envy venice l hp mc is a unique ingredient that reversibly gels at elevated temperatures the thermal insulation and water binding properties enable this ingredient to add texture and viscosity to sauces through a wide range of temperatures the

Water binding property at beneful hp mc works to reduce sauce spattering and product loss in addition to texture and viscosity venice l hp mc enables a formulator to create sauces that remain attractive after freezing and reheating when reheating in a microwave venice l hp mc results in reduced batters due to thermal reality control and reduced weeding or center

Esa’s this leads to improved cling and less sauce running off the finished product in some cases oil separates out of the sauce and venice l hp mc can stabilize this oil giving the finished product and improved appearance most foods have a tendency to spatter during microwave reheating spattering is caused by the rapid evaporation of water which makes bubbles of

Steam that burst on the surface of the food adding venice lk 200m hp mc to a sauce reduces spattering via thermal dilation and water binding tomato sauce is particularly prone to spattering due to the cohesive nature of the solids that resists deformation flowing steam escape this means that the steam has to work hard to rise to the surface and that some sauce

Sticks to the bubbles of the process when the bubbles reached the surface and pop the excess sauce explodes making a real mess a tomato sauce was prepared to demonstrate the effects of venice lk 200 m hp nc on the performance of sauces for recipes containing different stabilizers were evaluated against a control recipe the stabilizers that were evaluated with venice

Lk 200mm h bmc dance and gum and modified starch the basic formulation for the tomato sauces is the same with water amounts and stabilizer amounts slightly vary to achieve the desired viscosity slices of eggplant which is also called aubergine were covered with tomato sauce and frozen and then heated for one minute on high and a 1200 watt microwave the left side

Of each image shows chattering from the sauce and the goal in which the eggplant was microwaved the right side shows the plate that covered the eggplant during cooking further demonstrating spattering and loss of product as you can see the sauce stabilized with benefit a 200 mm hp mc showed the least spattering on both the plate covering the eggplant and the bowl

Itself leaping or senna rhesus also can be a problem with tomato sauce which tends to separate and become watery even when unfrozen venice lk 200 m hp mc reduces this runoff because of its water binding property and tendency to become more viscous at higher temperatures small amounts of each of the tomato sauces were placed on filter paper and left for one hour

The percent spread was calculated by measuring how far water runoff had spread beyond the edges of the sauce the lower the percent spread the less center recess and the better stabilize the sauce for improved mouthfeel a product appealed dennis lk 200 m hp mc is an excellent stabilizer and discuss a fire this graph shows the viscosity of tomato sauce is made with

Various stabilizers the stabilizers are dosed at 0.4% for xanthan gum and benes tell k200 m hp nc while starch is dosed at 2 percent by weight the venice lk 200 m hp mc provides the highest of casa t making a tomato sauce with a thick and rich appearance the tomato sauce example shows how venice lk 200 m hp mc can be used to create a sauce that reduces spattering

Due to thermal rheology control during reheating in a microwave and improves cling and product appearance due to reduced weeping recent research during the freezing process large ice crystals may form the damaged food structure and pull away from solids upon melting leading to sin teresa’s flash-freezing has got a long way to reducing ice crystal size on freezing

But separation is still possible in the thawing and reheating process venice lk 200 m hb mc reduces generators in the thawing process through its water retention property making it particularly well-suited for stabilizing sauces that undergo freeze thaw cycles and cooking look at a greedy style sauce recipe three formulations containing different levels with

Modified starch were evaluated one had modified starch only one had xanthan gum added to the formulation and the third had been flk 200mm h pmc added to supplement the modified starch gravies were frozen and thawed and then applied to fresh chicken breasts and dates in a conventional oven at 350 degrees fahrenheit or valid under an 80 centigrade for 20 minutes the

Gravy stabilized with modified starch alone or with xanthan gum and modified starch clung well cold but did not claim during baking the gravy made with benes lk 200 m h pm c and modified starch that only made an attractive sauce at ambient conditions but also clung well during baking and had an appetizing appearance when finished grady’s are traditionally starch

Based sauces with relatively high concentrations of modified starch in order to achieve the needed viscosity these amounts of modified starch can mask flavors and adversely affect taste and texture in addition the discuss of these modified starch drops as temperature increases during cooking causing gravy to run off food and be wasted venice l h pmc can be combined

With modified starch and prepared foods to reduce starch levels for improved taste texture and product appeal fresh chicken breasts were coated with gravy and frozen the frozen pieces of chicken and gravy we’ll wait and microwave 810 to 1200 watt oven for 4 minutes and a 50% power after baking the breasts and gravy will wait again and the percent of weight loss was

Determined for each the term modulation property at venice lk 200 m hp mc increases gravy viscosity upon heating enhancing its cling during cooking and reducing product loss previously frozen samples of each gravy were left on filter paper for 1 hour and the percent spreads were calculated the gravy made with bennis lk 200 m hp mc has the least center esis and also

Maintains a creamy appearance unlike the other two gravies which spread and had a tendency to weep or separate and have a coagulated parent the greatest sauce example shows how venice lk 200 m hp mc can be used to create the sauce with excellent cling during baking and less product loss venice mk 200 m hp nc also facilitates oil stabilization for a creamy smooth

Appearance sauces are applied to meats or vegetables to protect the product and improve its appeal especially on steam tables or in catering operations as the food awaits serving many sauces become less viscous during heating leading to a watery appearance in the following formulation cellulose gum was used to thicken a barbecue sauce however the sauce became thin

When heated venice lk 100 lb h pm c was added to enhanced thermal viscosity and stability and improved appearance a barbecue sauce was formulated with and without benefit a 100 lv h pmc this is a lower viscosity grade than the benefit a 200 m hg annecy used in previous examples in this example sailors gun provides viscosity at cold and ambient temperatures while

The benefield k 100 lv h pmc provides the thermal thickening and stability formula leaders may choose to use the higher viscosity grade venice lk 200 m hg m ste for both viscosity and thermal thickening in their formulation needs barbecue sauce placed on meatballs was warmed in a warming pot and held for serving as can be seen from the photos this austin included

Silas come only was thin and watery and appearance at at the elevated temperatures barbecue sauce that included venice lk 100 lv h pm c as well clung well had a smooth thick and appearance and was much more appealing this experiment correlates well to applications where sauces are used on foods held in steam tables or chafing dishes as a means of providing thermal

Stability this type of sauce would also work well when applied to foods that are held warm for serving such as in catering and restaurant operations in this graph the viscosity of the sauce made with cellulose come only is compared to that made with both cellulose gum and venice lk 100 lv h pmc an ambient temperature the two sauces have similar viscosities however

As temperature increases the sauce made the cellulose gum only falls of viscosity where’s the sauce made with both cellulose gum and ben fl h bmc has a much more stable viscosity over the temperature range adding venice lk 100 lv h bmc allows sauces to remain thicker as they are heated what this example shows us dessert sauces with beneful h pmc that are applied

To foods for both flavor and protection during reheating and holding before serving we’ll also provide viscosity stability so that the sauce romantic and visually appealing sauces for use in frozen meal applications or in foodservice are important to protect food and improve products appearance as well as that flavor in the tomato sauce example we showed you how the

Addition of venice hp mc reduces battering provides thermal rheology control and reduces sena resis the grady style sauce example demonstrated excellent freestyle stability improved claim during making in oil stabilization which leads to a creamier appearance improved cling during heating was also shown through the barbecue sauce example using a lower viscosity

Grade of venezuela hknc the addition of venice l hp mc unable to formulate our to create sauces with improved stability and product appeal ashlin specialty ingredients is a world leader in cellulose of food ingredients our products meet our food formulation customers health convenience quality and processing needs in major food applications we create value through

Applications knowledge market insight a powerful product portfolio that includes aqua on windows bond well aqua zorb and aqua cell cellulose gum venice l mc & hp mc crew cell and air with hpc pool on ec poly clear stabilizers and super call guar gum to learn more about ashland food products please visit our website at ashland comm will contact with my phone at

One eight seven seven five four six two seven eight – thank you

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Sauce stability with Benecelâ„¢ HPMC By Ashland