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Save lives with Naloxone (Swansea Drugs Project)

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A documentary looking at drug use and how Naloxone can be used to save the lives of opiate users in overdose situations. Naloxone has the potential to save lives and is increasingly being accepted as a valuable intervention in efforts to reduce overdoses and drug related deaths.

I was at work feeling a bit off i had a back left over from last night and i knew the gear was good so i was looking forward to it all right boss is there any way that i can go for nearly lunch first i had to get the fan off the boss can you use the valleys well i won’t be long for 10 minutes yeah oh so oh nice one boss yeah yeah maybe wait yeah i had a flaming

Spot when i like to go so i can enjoy my gear and i could relax afterwards i got the gear ready like i normally do put a bit extra you know or to make sure it did the job i knew straight away that i’d overdone it the rush was overwhelming my body just collapsed inside me just didn’t know what to do i was isolated there was no one to help me there was no one

Around no one to phone an ambulance i just felt so powerless i knew it was over for me then during 2009 there were 132 drug-related deaths in wales well um i’ve actually been over once and it’s very scary when you when you hit it up you you don’t know what’s going on and you just wake up and if you’re lucky the paramedics are there and they give you adrenaline

You wake up and you just don’t know where you are and you just need another hit and it’s horrible well i was i was with a couple of friends so-called friends you know um we were in the house we were all smoking taking head of internet you know um i went into the toilet got my injection pulled up 20 mil that’s all it took and then oh deed in the bathroom you know

And they didn’t realize they just thought i was couching there for a while and then i started having convulsions and then somebody heard my head banging on the door they came in and checked on me and realized that i went over that’s when they panicked and found the ambulance on that i just come back from the club i was totally off my rocker i needed something

To come down on my heart was going 10 to the dozen seth had his last joint but you weren’t going to share it with me it did offer me something stronger though something i’d never taken before heroin i was scared i didn’t know the feeling and then it hit me i felt motionless i felt as i was in a bubble i wish i’d listened to matt he told me not to touch it i

Could hear panicking seth was arguing with math and whether to call the ambulance or not seth was scared the police would come and he’d get caught with his gear in the house in the end they dragged me out left me on the street and did a runner i didn’t know what had happened i went out for a good night with my so-called mates i didn’t expect it to end like this

Perspective i’ve been over a couple of times i’m uh um the first time i’d just come out of jail i intended to have speed but in the end i had ended up having headwind with me mate and i went over like all i knew about it was when i woke up in hospital you are at increased risk of overdose when released from prison or leaving detox didn’t want to start to see

Me and so he like pushed me out of the his bedroom and down the stairs and into his garden like and it was cool it was like dark nights so i must have had the cold and next thing from what i’ve been told is that some kids were knocking his door and said there’s somebody lying in your garden dead like you’re so and like i said i woke up in hospital my friend went

Over in my house what happened he actually was he actually been drinking that day and he came over to my house you are at increased risk of overdose if you use alcohol with opiates i told him to be careful on that because i knew he had the future drink and that and he actually put 60 ml in the pen of headwind and water and that and he hit it up and each went

Over on my bed and he fell on the floor shouted my sister downstairs and i i told her to phone the ambulance because my meat went over and it was scary when he went to the ambulance i went with him and you just keep on hugging me and stuff like that saying thank you thank you i’m gonna go off it now and blah blah and next day he was back in mind wanted another

One all i remember was getting injection pushing it in standing up and that was it and it all went black from there my name is uh ocean roberts i’m a paramedic clinical team leader for the welsh ambulance service and i have been for 21 years signs to look for whilst dealing with a heroin overdose are if the patient becomes pale they become blue around the lips

They become quiet breathing might become labored or noisy and it might might even stop so keep an eye on the respirations also they become unconscious and the pupils quite often become really pinpoint so if you open their eyes check the pupils and they’re really really small it’s a vital importance that if you suspect somebody in heroin overdose that the only

Thing that’s going to bring them around is naloxone so you need to be calling that ambulance everything else that you’ve heard is a myth yeah someone told me about throwing them in a cold bath but i i didn’t think that would work like yeah from uh chucking cold water on them from to slapping them in the face to get trying to get them walking about and that

Putting them in a cold bath there’s many things i’ve heard all the time like i’ve heard put them in a cold bath salt water what’s the salt water one give them an injection with salt water the only thing that’s going to save this person is naloxone you need to phone that ambulance as soon as possible the police will not be called unless there is violence or anything

Else going on so please call the ambulance as soon whatever happened to dave well last time seen dave i was in my mates flat yeah and i was on the spliff anyway paul was there gouching as usual joe’s i’m and i reassured him he’d be all right you know because he hadn’t had it for a while and anyway he’s gone over so i’ve gone up to him i’ve shook him and slapped

Him you know as you do but there was no response so i asked an ambulance to be called but billy was having none of it he said because he was scared that the police were gonna get involved i have to literally grab paul drag him from the chair take him you know get out there so we’ve done one so i haven’t seen him since so no one knows what happened today for now

You need to get your casualty in the recovery position and what this does is maintains the airway now to do that quickly the casualty’s lying on his back you put one arm up towards you lift the casualty’s knee because you’re going to be using that as a lever take the casualty’s hand to the side of the face protect the head and using the knee roll them over i’ll

Make sure the airway is open cover him with a blanket and keep him nice and warm then you can go and phone for the ambulance in wales naloxone is made available to opiate users for use in overdose situations this is how it’s used so what you might find in a typical kit is a sterile syringe a sterile hypodermic needle the drug itself and maybe an alco wipe to

Clean the skin it’s really easy to prepare this drug all you need to do is break open the syringe break open the needle what you need to make sure of is that the little dot on the ampule is pointing away from you before you actually snap the top off insert the needle carefully withdraw the drug make sure all the air is out of it and that is now ready to inject

Into the thigh or into the upper arm if you can get down to skin but in an emergency it’s fine to go through clothes making sure there’s no wallets or keys or anything in the way what you must remember is that this is a fraction of the dose that we can give just because you’ve given this doesn’t mean they’re going to be all right you still need to fill in the

Ambulance i have had people tell me not to give me give them the injection or cpr so that’s a bit of a dilemma for me if they ever go over but i would give me i couldn’t sit there and let someone die in front of me and i would phone the ambulance when police came or not as long as that person’s not going to die on me i’m not bothered me bobby and sue were only

In town to get something to eat see went to the toilet we didn’t think nothing of it at the time we started to get a bit worried though because of the length of time that had passed yeah soon soon when i couldn’t get no response at the side of the door i started to panic oh it’s fallen handling the billy hell something’s up come on sue hello when i found suit

On the floor it was really scary because i could see she’d overdosed i put it on his side because there was no room to put her in the recovery position at the time with being the next user myself i was carrying the locks on um uh yeah how long the said in the ambulance now won’t be long i wouldn’t like to think what would have happened if i wasn’t cutting any

Locks on i knew this was only going to buy us a bit of time but at least i had it it was just a matter of waiting for the ambulance then still believing right if i wasn’t carrying the lock so i’m sure you might not be here now so can you hear me in an overdose situation think cara call an ambulance airway head tilt chin lift recovery position if breathing if

Not begin basic life support administer naloxone if you are an opiate user contact your local drug agency about getting take home naloxone you

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Save lives with Naloxone (Swansea Drugs Project) By NaloxoneSavesLives