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Saved by the Bell | I’m So Excited: Jessie’s Caffeine Pill Addiction

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Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) becomes addicted to caffeine pills as she strives to be a perfect student.

Jesse the recording company loves our video you want to see us perform live yeah it’s all set the producer is coming to the max tomorrow night to see you guys sing hey that’s great yeah we rehearsed tonight oh i can’t tonight i have to study tomorrow’s the midterm jesse hey i’ll sit next to you and you can copy off of me i may as well take poison now come on

It won’t take that long are you ready for that test jess okay oh all right rehearse and then i’ll study afterwards all right hey jesse there’s this quiz i have to take in english you got a pin i could borrow yeah there’s one in my book bag help yourself all right what are these doing here i believe you were looking for this jesse those pills are dangerous yeah

Well so is geometry you told me you were gonna stop taking them i need them to stay awake and study okay no it’s not okay jesse i’m worried about you give me the pills mind your business great earrings lisa ask me anything about geometry i’m ready i’m ready jesse are you all right great wonderful terrific check this out the square of the hypotenuse of a right

Triangle is equal to the sums of the square of the other two sides baby uh you sure you don’t want to check this over no mr dewey i aced it i know it i really studied get number six right even i couldn’t figure it out the square root of a b over two thanks jesse ladies you guys are awesome do that tonight we’re on our way yeah yeah all right screech when the

Producer gets here make sure he sits right in front of the stage got it all right lisa you’ll bring the costumes i’ll pick you up okay good good everyone be here by seven jesse will come together okay hands in a circle there we go one two three hot sand day one will be great we’ll be awesome we’ll lock them down right right yeah jesse jesse hey wake up come on

We got to go to max come on jesse come on zach what time is it i had to take my diy test why you already took the test i did yeah yeah at 6 30. come on we got to go let’s go where are we going where are we going you’re singing tonight singing yeah tonight can wait what am i gonna wear jesse remember lisa’s bringing your costume right i got to wash my hair no

There’s no time no time there’s never any time i don’t have time to study i’ll never get into stanford i’ll let everyone down i’m so confused jesse hey hey just calm down it’s okay you’re right it’s okay everything will be okay yeah i just need one of these pills you mean you really are taking drugs i need them jesse give me those i have to sing seat you can’t

Sing tonight i’m so excited i’m so excited i’m so scared jesse just jesse hey don’t be scared listen we’ll get through this hey come on remember that time when we when we snuck out to cet riding home on our bikes it was so dark and we were scared come on you

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Saved by the Bell | "I'm So Excited": Jessie's Caffeine Pill Addiction By Saved by the Bell