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Saw Palmetto! Weaker Dutasteride!? Watch prior to using for hair loss!

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Saw Palmetto is a dual 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor and natural DHT blocker. Dutasteride is a much more potent dual 5 R inhibitor. How strong is Saw Palmetto and what are its most important active ingredients?

This video is brought to you by go fiber hair building fibers pick up your free sample and get instant hair confidence start your transformation today hey what is up guys matt here and in this video i’m gonna be talking about using saw palmetto or so called sarah in our repents in hair loss prevention as it has been shown to successfully inhibit the type 1 and

Type 2 5 alpha reductase isoenzymes and does reduce the dht levels in your body which could lead to as and less hair loss but is that really so let’s take a look at the current research that we have we’re gonna be talking about its efficacy taking a look at the side effect profile of supplemental and the optimal dosage of supplemental in successful hair loss and

Management let’s start alright guys before i start only just briefly sum up what we already know about saw palmetto and managing hair loss number one sample matter has been shown to inhibit the type 1 and type 2 5 alpha reductase iso enzymes which could make it a potent agent for treating androgenic alopecia free fatty acids with sterols are the most important active

Ingredients of saw palmetto here’s why why no lake and oleic acids have been both shown to inhibit the type 1 5 alpha reductase enzyme all ullrich acids have been shown to inhibit the type 1 and type 2 5 alpha reductase isoenzymes and my ristic acid have been shown to inhibit the type 2 5 alpha reductase enzyme there is almost no existence of properly conducted

Randomized controlled trials on supplement or in conjunction with treating androgenic alopecia because of the lack of reliable data so palmetto hasn’t been fda approved for treating hair loss nor there is a standardized dose of saw palmetto declared by the fda which would be marked as safe and efficacious for treating hair loss number 3 saw palmetto supplements are

Being branded and marketed and sold as natural side-effect free herbal extracts which may not be necessarily true since saw palmetto has been already shown to have anti-angiogenic effects in your body like suppressing dht about 32% so it clearly can come with sexually related side effects as well especially if there is no standardized clinically approved those

For the use of supplemental containing supplements and number for potency of different saw palmetto extracts can vastly differing each other based on whether they’re coming in a liquid form powder as a dried berry or infused as a tincture for this reason i decided to do a second video on saw palmetto where i’m going to be talking about how to choose the right saw

Palmetto supplement if you want to use it for hair loss prevention with best possible efficacy when it comes down to a fixie we don’t know much how effective saw palmetto really is for hair loss the best study which would probably summarize the efficacy of saba metal in terms of hair loss prevention would be the two-year study where they compared the efficacy of saw

Palmetto to the efficacy of finasteride in treating hair loss now they measured the overall results with so called hair growth score and the hair growth score was of course better in the finasteride group since finasteride is able to inhibit 5 alpha reductase more effectively up to 70% saw palmetto has been shown to inhibit it like around 32% saw palmetto only seem

To be effective for the vertex thinning and not for the frontal hairline or frontal area thinning unlike finasteride finasteride was able to target the frontal thinning as well as the vertex thinning and that’s why the score was higher by the finasteride group unfortunately we don’t have any dose-dependent studies or trials like one group would be on 300 milligram

Another group five six or even nine hundred milligram of saw palmetto just to see if the hair regrowth would be much better comparable to openness rights now let’s talk about the side effect profile of saw palmetto 18 randomized controlled trials including 3,000 men overall when it comes down to the side effects of all of these 18 randomized controlled trials very

Low side effect profile or wearing mild side effect profile and if there were any side effects observed by saw palmetto users they were not very frequent they were also comparing them to fitness right side effects from finasteride by finasteride the side effects we’re about four times higher as opposed to saw palmetto another study includes 225 men one year study

And these men were using 320 milligram of saw palmetto per day compared to the placebo group there were just the few significant differences in sexual functioning between placebo and the treatment group so nothing really something that should be concerned about always guys it’s important to look into studies which are like randomized control trials because these

Studies have the placebo group and treatment group and you can kind of observe them and sometimes you really find out and it’s been like that in many finasteride studies by the way where the the controlled group has like higher side effect occurrence as opposed to the treatment group okay the last study i’d like to present you was especially focused on safety and

Toxicity profile of supplemental it was a randomized controlled trial of 369 men it was a dose-dependent trial that means that various sample groups were taking 320 640 as much as 960 milligrams of saw palmetto for a total of 18 months so palmetto extract used in this study showed no evidence of toxicity at doses up to three times the usual clinical dose during

An 18-month period so that’s quite interesting as well now what i would do if i would be interested in using saw palmetto for treating hair loss i would probably start with 160 milligram and 160 milligram which would make it 320 milligram per day i would split it in two dosages so if you’re interested in take taking supplemental for hair loss you should watch my

Second video next time i’m going to link it here this video is gonna be about how to choose the right saw palmetto supplement there are gonna be powders they’re gonna the tablets they’re gonna be liquids they’re gonna be like infused saw palmetto like herbs with these supplemental active ingredients this is going to have any big impact on how strong or how potent

The south or matter is going to be the consistency of what should be the idea of the composition of the active ingredients of saw palmetto because saw palmetto is only sap on metal and it has some active ingredients which are kind of creating the supplement in the first place these active ingredients are again free fatty acids sitosterol or sterols and eyes of

Flavonoids so these are the three things that are actually responsible for the potency of for the ability of five of saw palmetto to inhibit the 5 alpha reductase in the first place so these are going to be the things i’m gonna be just discussing in the next video so you should not miss it and to make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell right here

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Saw Palmetto! Weaker Dutasteride!? Watch prior to using for hair loss! By MATTDOMINANCE