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schizoaffective disorder motivation up feeling normal

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All right guys schizoaffective disorder okay so about two weeks ago i had no motivation sometimes i didn’t want to take a shower well sometimes that happened before wait before but i didn’t want to do anything and then all of a sudden i talked to my therapist and no strangely it’s kind of strange because i got motivated again i want to just saw i feel like a border

Collie i want to get things done i want to go to college write essays to do things one thing i for sure i don’t want to do is go to classrooms i want to take them online because i can just wake up any time and i have more a lot more flexibility but i went to my therapist and he said that i shouldn’t just waste money on a cognitive tests because it’s waste of money

So he says that i have i have no problem i should have no problem with college i don’t know maybe a couple of points below from what i was before it be plus you so i know i know i can’t do it now for sure if i don’t get this out mood swings and stuff and if i don’t get this no demotivating symptoms and stuff like that so hopefully it’ll work out now i’m just waiting

To see medication matter go to my doctor in a few days on monday i’m gonna go and see if he’s willing to let me try the other medication maybe hopefully it’ll make me even even better i don’t know i don’t know why this change is coming up i don’t know what was going on maybe my skis effect is getting better i know maybe not maybe but i don’t feel many gotta feel

Bipolar and i feel sad or anything i feel like almost like normal and i don’t know what i don’t know what contribution is kind of thing i don’t know what’s going on why i feel better i don’t even know no i’m just doing the same thing taking my mess on time and low stress playing my guitar daily and things like that so listening to good music talking to my friends

Online and things like that and as far as taking showers and taking care of myself i’m doing that just fine i just keep losing weight i think i’m not trying to go back to 145 to where i was when i was in the back back pain in bootcamp bootcamp that’s the military army so i was on 145 and that’s a great way that that would be like 65 kilograms in korean other you

Know international units so i want to get back to 145 i think i believe i’m not now at one 6969 pounds so i’m working on it and every day so it’s not it’s not difficult as that difficult is doable very doable i’m on 1500 calories today eating us such things as broccoli peanut butter in our almonds and eggs and stuff like that good stuff you know i don’t create any

Of the other other bad foods and stuff like that so i’m really really happy really glad about this um i don’t know i’m thinking it is boosting my self-esteem definitely right now losing weight and all this stuff is definitely improving my self-esteem a lot i mean it is definitely so i can i get filler already but as far as my schizoaffective i don’t know i don’t

Really know why it’s improving or if it’s just another coincidence thing maybe not i don’t know many ways i really want to try latina the news medication the cost it costs eight hundred dollars a month for one bottle of latuda is a medication that i’m taking right now it costs about i think like 140 or something so anyways it’s uh it’s doable from my insurance i

Think they’ll approve it i just checked online and stuff like that they say they do approve it as far as sleep i’m having a good sleep every day um you know nine hours now nine to nine hours or so um you know yeah i’m learning new things every day i guess some some days i i felt better some days i feel okay but i still better than just feeling depressed or sad i

Don’t have any any of those thoughts are feeling like suicidal or depressed or really like you know like you know more nature like any at all and stuff like that like i did before anything like that i feel that way anymore you know so change a lot of time is a healing time can be healing for people people forget and time really does change this and i’m not talking

About 1 year or six months i’m talking about 10 years 10 years passed by that’s a long time right so the time really does change things you forget you forgive and stuff like that so anyway that’s my video for today now i don’t know i think i might have to get a haircut soon maybe not i don’t know i six on the sides and stuff like that on the top oh no the top i

Don’t know what i would have to do a top but anyways ah i’ll play my guitar and gave me some confidence to and stuff like that and so yeah that’s my video for today and my skis are effective journey i haven’t been able to do anything pretty much for the past 10 years really i really except like practicing guitar for three years you know stuff like that that’s the

Only thing very much accomplishment that i didn’t going to make it on my appointments to the clinic and you know and going to socialize with people with my people and made with this or people it’s called the amazing place where people hang around they have people with depression bipolar ocd and stuff like that and we just go there drink coffee they have coffee

Machine your computer the other pool table you know this is the place where people socialize i have i took my cousin there one time and i know what she thought about it but uh it was kind of funny oh man dude then what it was funny alright so that’s it for today um date some stuff later if added talk about anything else as far as my classes i’m trying to take three

Classes a semester i really want to take great reason well if i only take two only get a thousand dollars for pell grant if i take three out your 1500 so i really want to get that fifteen hundred dollars in my pocket and stuff like that that is really motivated me to take that chance and stuff like that and i know i know i can do this there are just general classes

Easy classes well not easy i just studying sup with that do homework and you know take tests and stuff like that though anyways you guys excuse later

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