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schizoaffective tired morning

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Alright friends carlos here today where are we going to talk about well what my major is going to be first of all either spanish or accounting well the downside about spanish is you make less money but it’s easier easier to get the degree i don’t know i think it’s a they pay like 14 or 16 an hour and you just translate for hospitals government stuff like that

Sometimes you work at the airport this stuff like that you can get paid or more like 28 an hour i don’t know it depends so anyways all right now i gotta run to my therapist again i’ve seen to therapies right now deciding what to do in a few days monday i got to see my doctor i’m going to ask him for latuda to see if it’s going to give me that udah if he doesn’t

Then i’m gonna switch doctors which is the best thing i could do right now um the good thing for going to college what the government is doing is that they pay you money to go to college like they pay 500 bucks for each class so they pay like up to two thousand dollars for each semester so that’s a lot of money for college you know after the gas and pokes you still

Have a lot of money left over for anything else so yeah with that kind of money you could spend it on you know food and clothes and you know shoes and an air conditioner and video games and magazines and stuff like that anyway so my progress on on the atkins low-carb diet is going well yesterday i had a little bit of a boosted appetite and but i but i still stuck

To it i went through it and i had a little bit of peanut butter so i was able to deal with it i’m on 1500 calories every day or so maybe fifteen fifty but yeah so i don’t know i gotta live free soon i’m gonna ask my doctor for qsymia at medication qsymia vm i should be about 20 the beam i should be about 27 yeah so vmi 27 27 point something and i feel tired right

Now i had a good night’s sleep anyways this video’s i’ll be short i hope you guys have a good one i’ll see you soon and make you some credits on my other turn or modern computer to order to play later if i remember going to play that game again i’m getting tired of computer games now i play so many computer games that i’m really getting tired i need a mother hobby

And stuff like that maybe my next hobby it’s just college and going to college and trying to have some challenges and find some challenges and have some fun with it yeah college is my next topic it’s kind of like a hobby at the same time because i get i get it i get a reward which is the college money it was just a lot of money so that’s the motivation and i get

To go to class and study and i guess have had a little bit of fun so that’s not a thing so those those two things and third i get to have the challenge of getting up waking up every day and getting better and getting ready back for society from recoveries kids affective disorder recovery i went to weight watchers yesterday and something shocking they told me they

Said that i’m 25 pounds overweight so i’m still basically a fat guy so you know i mean i didn’t know i thought i was only 15 but they had another 10 pounds now they’re trying to add another 10 pounds so that they can get more money out of me you know the only just sit there for three years five years seven years you know they want to keep you there for as long as

They can because they make it a lot of money if you stay there man they make a lot of money they make ten bucks for each visit each time i go there they make ten bucks right there so if i go there four times a month that’s 40 bucks so 10 p plus 400 bucks they make easy money that’s how beautiful life is about making money if you know to make money and be successful

You have a good you kick ass you keep butt so if you make money man hats off to you that’s tough to you i say to you making money is one of the greatest pleasures in life if you know how to use it if you know how to use the money and everybody does so if you don’t know how to use money then let me teach you right i can teach him how to make money do i have to use

Money anyways my cognitive abilities are okay i guess i’m a function like a sixth grader or like a fourth grader due to my ski so effective but deep inside i want to act like a 8th grader i will be satisfied if i act like an 8th grade just kidding managed to just act like like an 18 year old because 18 year old has a capability that well developed brain stuff like

That and i want to cut my hair here this part sorry right here i want to cut it they gave me a bad haircut again but last time they gave me a good one the one before to give me a bad one though so $12 haircuts are not working very well no they’re not anyways um they they’re gonna put me on i’m not feeling something tired right now i need to get like my energy back

Up i need to get a rake or something the on the bag on my on my room right there the papers of the back right there pointing at it says do what’s best for you and do it because what if you don’t so that means that you pay for the consequences if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do so for me for the past 10 years what’s uh i have no choice though i had it really

No choice but to see around and at home and do nothing but the reason for that was because i was stressed out that was you know depressed i have no hope and stuff like that but now that i’m getting better and better i have more hope for college now i’m graduating soon if i still keep getting better and better i’ll be able to get a job find a job now with the spanish

Degree spanish degrees up hey like 14 in our men that’s not a job it just all seems like graduating for mcdonald’s or something like mcdonald’s almost paid as good as that sometimes i think if you work as a manager measures as mcdonald’s you get that as much but it doesn’t mean a college is not worth it you have more opportunities later on to kind of like me career

Starting salary yeah is 14 an hour but me can meet celery and mid-career salary jumps to like 25 to 30 i’m just from why i read so anyways rodney ray knows that guy’s a computer genius

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