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Dealing with Schizophrenia

Hello this is ron lord soon as you may well know i miss schizophrenic i’ve been out of the hospital the psychiatric ward for over 10 years you can’t be paranoid without reason because the psychiatrist could raise your medication or put you in a hospital and i surely don’t want that you have to maintain a cell a sense of who you are and that you’re under self-control

When you communicate to the psychiatrist so that you will gain his respect for her respect i take risperidone seroquel and luvox and i think i’ve been taking that for for about 10 years now it’s been good for me i suffer with anxiety attacks they are very fearful they can last up to five hours and i get them several times a week they wouldn’t let me walk with the

Anzio lyrics prn and that’s why i don’t take it because i think if you take the anzio lyrics continuously daily it wouldn’t help with the anxiety attacks i did try anxiolytics in the past continuously daily and they were of little or no help such medications as lorazepam or benztropine i also took symmetrel when you have the anxiety attack let’s see what are you

Faced with your self conscious i become forgetful memories aren’t there to access to associate with reality and it’s difficult to organize your thoughts let’s say you arrange cards in a certain way it would be very difficult to disarrange them and rearrange them as they were under an anxiety attack where the fear is the dominant emotion that i undergo i’ve been

Trying to understand the reason for the anxiety attacks i think sometimes it requires paranoia to explain it let’s see what did i resolve about the anxiety attack um not really sure the fear i’ve been disappointed with how people reason they seem to be concerned about the immediate environment without thinking of possibility thoughts of circumstances beyond the

Environment that could be affecting reality they are they are so i don’t know they’re well i think that if you don’t use the imagination that you have as you’re communicating let’s say with someone how can you truly understand what the person is saying but the imagination does not manifest physically arm i think the imagination is occurring randomly and what has to

Be done is that the random imagination has to be organized so that we can make sense of physical reality physical life in this world did i explain that sufficiently i’m not sure i mean the thought process is basically imagination right visual words i guess you would imagine can you imagine feelings also emotions as a belief maybe it can be imagined the fear the

Emotions as a belief you have to be cautious i mean a schizophrenic cannot say anything that comes on his or her mind because of the risk factor so we have to be secretive to some degree in order to understand what is happening to us with the thinking process in effect i am able to deduce paranoia it is not like uncontrollable as if it is induced in me so you may

Say that i have it under control and i think it is necessary to understand this world i mean there is a devlin god i suppose right so they may be responsible for the illness the schizophrenia and if they’re not revealing anything to us we’re left alone to try to understand what may be causing our illness what may be causing our illness so yes use your medications

Think of it as a safety measure so that you do not become psychotic as you reason to understand the mysteries of life and and to understand and to refine yourself as a person the illness is a growth process a growth tool to develop yourself to a higher level i have come to appreciate myself more because of reasoning being a schizophrenic the mental patient on what

Can i recommend to my fellow schizophrenics be try not to be judgmental be conscientious offer logical responses if you can think of it in time when you communicate believe that you’re a worthy person although you may have disturbing thoughts but reason can resolve i don’t read much i find it boring and difficult i don’t think the educational material contains

The information that will resolve issues for schizophrenic this is a spiritual illness and the unknown must be made known we become paranoid thinking well that person knows where my thoughts are and so that you do not become violent or aggressive you have to apply reason so that understanding can be achieved to maintain your composure you

Transcribed from video
Schizophrenic.avi By Ronald Arjune