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SDSM San Diego Sexual Medicine: Cigarette Smoking Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Led by internationally respected physician Dr. Irwin Goldstein, San Diego Sexual Medicine is a multidisciplinary health care facility providing compassionate, state-of-the-art, evidence based clinical management for men and women with sexual health concerns.

May want to take the kids out of the room we’ve asked for able to leave the room so you might want to do that to our child is out of the room so okay everyone knows that smoking is bad we got this but some new studies prove it’s also has a direct effect on sexual dysfunction and joining us as dr. erwin goldstein from san diego sexual medicine alvarado hospital hi

So oh good to see you there’s a new study talking about sex and smoking for women now everybody has seen the scenes in the movies where the people have the sex and then the people like the cigarette and smoke i mean it’s kind of a classic scene or a theory so do they not go together well so advertisers would like you to think that this is glamorous and you’re an

Independent woman and you will lose weight and it’s an it’s an addiction at the end of the day it’s a drug addiction dopamine is released you would think dopamine would when it is your sexual function is that what cigarettes do is they release dopamine oh very much nicotine releases dopamine that gets you going oh okay so that makes you feel happier so that’s the

Addiction dad it’s other oh yeah that’s good we’re very well document the drug chantix stops the nicotine release of dopamine that’s how you stop smoking with chances aunt rosalie well if that’s really interesting so what did this study show about how the effects on sectionals so we’re this is about women we’re now interested in women’s sexual function october

17 the drug comes out thanks to you we’re doing a sex in our city in october at alvarado hospital a community program free so the unity can can listen but 175,000 women die annually from cigarette smoking lung disease heart attacks strokes yes the number one killer is in a heart attack oh it’s answers i mean it’s a bad thing not even in the dna you just smoking

Cigarettes and you got you got hooked and then you die you die early but we’re talking about like the sexual function or their lack of how does it how does it harm your sex life so there’s no data on this for women so finally this group did 900 women yeah ages thirty to forty seven seas premenopausal women okay uh we know that it adversely affects of pregnancies

We we know that adversely affects a whole bunch of that yeah but sexuality one would think especially with the sex scenes of your talk about would be greater so just like men chronic cigarette smoking is bad for sexual function so a 900 women studied those who are current smokers had far less sexual function maybe those who are former or non-smoking okay so meaning

They didn’t they didn’t have a sexual desire it was where it was hard harder for them to kind of i don’t know what word i can use in morning news right now but like what’s a woman what you said yes there’s a that mia is that what it is or what it so the study gave women a validated outcome measure of women’s function okay four out of six domains we’re statistically

Lower in current smokers versus former or not for any higher no just one or so arousal lubrication the climax thing and paint oh we’re much lower well higher than pain and lower than the other interesting so also it related to ur so the more you smoked the more often you smoke the duration pack ears lowered female sexual function and nicotine dependency another

Interesting measure when you wake up in the morning how quickly rushed to the cigarette yeah so if you have strong nicotine dependency you had far less cigarette smoke far less sexual function oh interesting so there’s some good good news is here you know one thing is to not smoke it will you stop that awareness inside information all of your doing well you think

You’re activating sex life but it’s not true we’re lifelong learners you know we all make mistakes you know it’s like you you get hooked on the cigarettes here you’re out smoking with your friends when you’re 16 you know 30 years later you’re still smoking right you know what happens so there’s there’s help so don dr. goldstein thank you for being here thank you

Again the other thing is former smokers don’t have the risk so stop right then you won’t carry the roof okay dr. goldstein you want more information on this go to our website fox five san diego calm and click on the scene on tap rob you

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