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Shanks STOMPS Ploo & Breaks His SIMP Arc Forever

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Shanks and Ploo meets in Ranked And Destroys Her and Is No Longer a SIMP and No longer His VALORANT Wife.

Damn i love the way you talk to other guys yeah i would never talk to them like i talk to you oh my god that wall it’s so big foreign straight to typing bro this guy goes straight to typing it’s actually so sad anime faces me plumber heads take it fights down that’s done let’s do it again orion what bro ryan bro what bro what do you mean maybe duo next

Game anime facebook whatever bro what do you mean anime bro that’s literally my old duo bro we used to always play bro like calm down bro okay oh you silly goose gloria you silly silly goose deploying drone take flight whoa oh that’s crazy that’s crazy you can’t teach that type of right there that’s that’s pretty crazy right there i ain’t gonna lie i ain’t

Gonna lie they thought both they thought both their front sight because they hit him with the i ain’t gonna lie that’s crazy that’s crazy bro oh my god oh my god gloria’s stuck dude oh no this guy’s so excited what are you talking about bro i’m literally making a calm she’s stuck in the corner bro yeah but you’re like she’s stuck she’s stuck like mikey

She’s like yo she’s in the corner bro yeah bro we gotta i gotta like let my teammate know that she’s in the wait what what is wrong bro well you just gotta make everything so weird i’m not it’s actually a weird no it’s actually weird you know what you know the fact that you’re making it weird it’s actually weird bro yo gloria’s actually such a power trophy oh

My god bro oh my god oh my god we’re back up in here we’re back up in there hey wait i think i have to restart my game real quick one sec i don’t know what’s up what’s that we can play after though i swear to god i know so many people are like holy i just hit him bro your dog your dog holy immortals are dog bro why are you happy to be second place dog

Ass players holy perfect thank you for the tier one it actually doesn’t make sense guys i hit immortal today your dog happened it was actually his movements shut the up shut the up you on the earth useless a hormone that was just literally around doing nothing absolutely nothing spike down who’s horny i’m horny i’m morty why don’t i just fall back bro

Oh my god my door hey now yep what the is he holding then oh my god shut up shut up soup soup soup soup soup soup soup soup soup soup come on come on 30 seconds what the what just happened i’m so tight enemy remaining say me say me oh my god my tip is sticky my tip is sticky my tip is sticky oh my god let’s win the let’s win the call me wanks call me wings

Not billy yo g call me winks baby oh my god i’m back i’m back we tried aggressive egg why is viper coming in my ears right now push bro why man www you um

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Shanks STOMPS Ploo & Breaks His SIMP Arc Forever By SHANKS