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Should I Take Low Dose Aspirin: Benefits on Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT?

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Should I Take Low Dose Aspirin: Benefits on Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT?

A lot of men on trt or are looking to become more optimized also take low dose aspirin why is that what are the benefits size maybe well uh it has nothing to do with the size whatsoever so aspirin essentially has an interesting mechanism in the body people think that it’s a blood thinner and it’s not a blood thinner by definition because to thin something

It means that you have dilution and that is adding more uh liquid to a solute okay that is making it thinner that’s we’re talking about viscosity what aspirin does is it has an effect that is similar to what thinning the blood would do and it simply takes your platelets which go through both eccentric and intrinsic uh thrombosis or essentially a sense of of

Clotting okay eccentric would be if this was a break in a vessel and the blood would be coming out and intrinsic would be an internal coagulation as a result of either damage or or inflammation inside the endophilium or they come into contact with with an injury but the the main concern is the intrinsic coagulation of platelets when it comes to baby aspirin or

The 81 milligram a day protocol and this is essentially um an enzyme called uh thro pro thrombinase which activates prothrombin which activates thrombin it’s like a like a five or six step multifaceted approach to coagulation and there are two different pathways in which it can occur it’s a coagulation is a fairly complex equation in blood uh but what happens is

Your platelets act kind of like a catcher’s in it they will come together and form this net to to basically block the passage of more blood and if you don’t coagulate properly you can bleed out which is dangerous this is why guys on blood thinners you know have to be very cautious and this is why they’ll tell you you know if you’re going in for surgery not to

Take aspirin several days before and it’s interesting because aspirin simply prevents an enzyme that causes platelets to become sticky now once you deactivate a platelet that platelet is done it can never be reactivated again to our benefit platelets only survive eight or nine days in our body and then they are taken out by the liver and the spleen in a process

Called phagocytosis which they’re engulfed in you know the damaged platelets are gone and then new platelets are continually being formed so ideally every three or four days you have an opportunity of replacing those platelets so that’s why aspirin is done on a daily basis because if you’re going to make the platelets less sticky you’re going to have less ability

To coagulate why is this important for some guys but not all and i think a lot of guys overdo it and you’ll notice you bruise easily every time you hit something you get a black and blue because that coagulation is inhibited but what happens is secondary erythrocytosis which we know we have a whole video on how that occurs is one of the potential side effects

That can occur with androgen replacement your ability to produce more red blood cells makes it a little more difficult for your blood cells to get through thin or obstructed or occluded blood vessels especially when you get into the capillaries this is one of the reasons red blood cells have this double concave shape so they can fold and pass through when your

Platelets have too much coagulation going on they make the blood vessel thinner and it makes it more difficult for the red cells so a lot of guys think well if i have too many red cells i can’t afford to have an occlusion which is true and if i inhibit the ability of coagulation in my platelets i’m going to have an easier time getting the blood through well if

It’s not as a serious situation where you have you know any occlusions or you have a diagnosis of poor circulation there is no harm in simply hydrating more drinking more water using a low dose daily to the fill for that vasodilation effect and allowing you your platelets to do what they’re supposed to do which is coagulate when you get injured so i would be

Careful in just throwing in aspirin as a give me on everything okay you don’t necessarily need it i mean i i don’t use aspirin and i’ve had periods where my platelets came back you know close to 500 which is temporary but my platelets tend to ride in that 300 range which is totally normal and uh if your platelets aren’t elevated combined with erythrocytosis i’m

Not so sure that you necessarily need to be on a daily aspirin protocol now let me just put a cavity up there if you have heart conditions if you’ve had stents if you’ve had specific instructions from a cardiologist for a reason to go ahead and use a daily aspirin protocol by all means don’t just take what i’m saying here and say the heckler that i’m getting off

My aspirin but if you’re starting trt and all you’re doing is googling and reading that you need a daily aspirin because you’re on trt i would advise against running to that conclusion you

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Should I Take Low Dose Aspirin: Benefits on Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT? By TRT and Hormone Optimization