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Should the Government Ban Menthol Cigarettes? | The Daily Show

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Should the government ban menthol cigarettes? Roy Wood Jr. makes the case for keeping them around. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoyWoodJr

The things that gates has to buy for his girlfriends t is been a– the most popular flavor got a special exemption, and that maybe about to change. >> today might mark the beginning of the end of menthol cigarettes in this country because in the last couple of fda ask announcing it is working on a proposal to ban them within the next year along with all flavored

Significant ars, they have been disproportionalitily harm 68 for members of the black community, for decades they have been marketed aggressively to black americans, more than 85% of black smokers use menthol. the fda plan to ban them would be a victory for add vo kates who know the tobacco industry targeted the black community with menthols for decade. >> making

Menthols cheaper, more price discounts in black communities, strategic partnerships with black-led the kool jazz festival, really a variety of ways to really focus on transforming menthol into america is about to ban menthol and honestly, i’m all for it. partly because tobacco companies have an ugly history of targeting menthols to black but also just speaking for myself,

I hate smelling that yeah, i’m not going to lie. whenever i hang around someone who smokes menthols it sounds look they were just spicing a fire at a men-of-mentos factory. whether are you for or against t you have to admit it will send ripples through the black community in america. so to get some perspective on that ripple we’re joined by my good man roy wood, jr.,

What is >> what’s up, man. >> what do you think about this menthol ban, it is amazing >> no, i tell you what i think, i think joe biden crazy, kamala better talk to his ass. he can’t do that, there better be another inrection, menthol smock ares going sto storm the it going to be slower because they have to stop to catch their breathe, weezing everywhere,

But still, damn, it ain’t right. don’t get this, what is it about menthols that brings out so much >> because, trevor, moan tholes– menthols is the you can’t have black people smoking unseasoned cigarettes, menthol the only reason my grandma can cook while she the ash never fall off the damn she switch bransd the ash all over, now we all tasting ash. menthols ain’t

Just about they were a sign of wisdom. how am i supposed to know if a man can fix a car if he ain’t got a menthol hanging out his will be a change but at the end of the day, smoking menthols is but why does that black people don’t get their unhealthy thing. why not ban them stupid ass clof cigarettes that smell like feet, the long ass cruella de ville shhtit, i don’t see

Them banning that, what about chewing can i put all of this in my mouth, all of this may mouth, this is legal but this ain’t. that, this ban has a lot of support in the black community. they were pushing it. >> yeah, well, the black community is full of haters. and by the way, if the government wants to ban menthols to help our breathing, you know what would help

Us with that, is banning these to the net, too bad knees ain’t menthol, maybe they get some legislation. >> i ain’t talk to the ass, i have to call the fors buy out out and smoking a bunch of cigarettes, that is crazy. >> i’m not going out and smoking the cigarettesk dog, i’m going to go and stock up on menthols. you know how badly my ung sell going to be

Feending for menthols, this is about to be the new bitcoin, man i’m gone. some, i don’t want to miss the >> no, you are a hater. i don’t deal with haters. uncle derek, what is up.

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