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Should You Take Melatonin Supplement – Is Melatonin Safe

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Hey welcome back to the channel my name is sim lund and in this video we’re going to talk about should you take a melatonin supplement and maybe there are some better alternatives because then at first you know i came across this article in many multiple let’s say websites that talk about the rob the use of melatonin as a supplement has been rising almost like

Two times more since um a few years ago and they also claim that there are some potential health harms to it so in this video we’ll just you know dissect the article and i’ll talk about is it safe to take a melatonin supplement and what are the better alternatives make sure you click like and subscribe as well for future videos about optimizing your health and

Performance so the article this one is called using melatonin for sleep is on the rise study says despite potential health harms and that the studies published in germa their medical journal jama found that by 2018 americans were taking more than twice the amount of melatonin they took a decade earlier experts worry that the pandemic’s negative impact or sleep may

Have further increased the widespread reliance on sleeping aids and melatonin has been linked to headache dizziness nausea stomach cramps drowsiness confusion or disorientation irritability and mild anxiety depression and tremors as well as abnormally low blood pressure you can also interact with common medications that trigger allergies uh so this is the claim

Although i would say that you know the melatonin itself is very important as a longevity hormone and most people think that it’s just used for sleep but it does has a kind of quite a central role to just all things anti-aging and longevity so a melatonin does regulate all these longevity pathways like sirtuins autophagy apoptosis growth hormone uh just physical

Repair detox in the brain the circadian rhythms all those things are kind of connected to melatonin production and uh even like studies found that melatonin has like a quite an important role in uh basically preventing cardiovascular disease disease as well in this context they’re obviously talking about melatonin as the hormone and not melatonin as the supplement

So there is some let’s say difference between producing your melatonin naturally and taking a supplement um in terms of let’s say the safety the problem is that you know your melatonin levels do decrease with age quite significantly you produce the most melatonin in your let’s say puberty and early puberty more specifically that your melatonin levels start to

Decline after you uh go into puberty and basically in your adulthood you have quite low levels melatonin and in the elderly also you have you know significantly less melatonin because the process of aging also kind of dampens the ability to produce those circadian hormones like cortisol and melatonin among others so your body will produce much less melatonin and it

Has less amplitude in the melatonin production which obviously you know can be harmful just for the processes melatonin regulates like the autophagy apoptosis and immune system those things will also suffer if you have less melatonin production sucks use of melatonin as a supplement doesn’t suppress endogenous melatonin in production so even like studies where

You take 50 milligrams a day hasn’t been found to change your basic melatonin profile and like usually the supplementation is like 0.5 milligrams 1 milligram 0.1 milligrams so it’s relatively safe in a very small amount so it’s not going to mess up your own natural melatonin production but the study the article mentioned the jama study they also talk about how

The basically the melatonin supplement market isn’t very well regulated so the melatonin supplements they can be quite huge in terms of the actual amount of melatonin so they can have up to 478 percent higher melatonin concentration than the label contains so if you think that you’re getting 0.5 milligrams then you you may be getting uh 400 400 percent more which

Actually for let’s say 0.5 milligram concentration isn’t that significant even you’re not going to get 50 milligrams if it’s even 400 to higher uh so you’re still getting relatively safe dose in that sense so even though the amount of melatonin can be 400 times higher than the label says even then i mean if you’re just taking a small microdose 0.081 if you have

A one milligram then you’re not really getting that high amount of 50 milligrams and up to 50 milligrams is even safe even in those doses double dose in the hip uh in another video past video that i made i talk about the contraceptive effects of melatonin so melatonin has like a contraceptive effects as well that uh it uh basically doesn’t make it doesn’t make it

Like in virtual but it has contraceptive effects uh and high doses and the doses appear to be around 75 milligrams and i mean you need to have like a huge let’s say intake of melatonin to have that effect and even yeah like in this small doses 0.5 3 milligrams it’s not really doesn’t really have any contraceptive effect it doesn’t affect six hormones it doesn’t

Affect testosterone levels uh unless you’re taking a hundred milligrams or something like that generally like the melatonin supplementation is safe even if even when we know that it may have 178 percent more melatonin than the label says as long as you’re taking like a one milligram dose um things like that then it’s not we need that is it worth it like i do take

My other onion um quite regularly not every night but i do think that it can be very beneficial for just fixing circadian real mismatches helping with uh poor sleep uh jet lag those kind of things especially for immune system as well if you’ve been catching some sort of infection then like a small like a larger dose of melatonin can actually be very beneficial for

That and there are studies using it uh like very large doses like 10 milligrams 20 million has a melatonin a day to deal with different kinds of you know respiratory infections you know what i’m talking about and um yeah generally i do think that melatonin supplement is safe but i wouldn’t just recommend to take it every night because as the article it says also

You know there are some potential negative side effects like drowsiness lethargy maybe fatigue depression those kind of things if you overdo it and if maybe you’re kind of sensitive towards that and it’s of course there is some truth that you should train your brain to produce its own melatonin and you shouldn’t need to have this sort of a supplement to make

You fall asleep uh because your body you know produces melatonin naturally and it’s part of the natural circadian rhythm uh to do so in the evening your body should make a melatonin the problem is that there’s a lot of things that you know inhibit that process like stress obviously may keep you wired up but it doesn’t really affect your melatonin production that

Much uh whereas things like you know artificial environments with artificial light as blue screens um phones those things they actually haven’t had to suppress melatonin up to like 90 percent even higher than that whereas like red lights those things don’t do that so you know obviously the biggest reason why you’re not producing melatonin at 90 is because of the

Artificial light and artificial light at night exposure is associated with many diseases cardiovascular disease and obesity and inflammation that will hire higher inflammation levels so um yeah just eliminate the blue light and your body which should start to produce its own melatonin maybe you wouldn’t need to take a melatonin supplement uh because your body will

Be entrained to do so of course we do like live in a modern society we don’t have access to uh or we prefer to basically use our technology still so obviously technology can also save us here so using blue blocking glasses it’s uh the best way to basically protect your melatonin production and protect your circadian rhythms so that you would be able to produce

Melatonin before bed if you’re not producing high amounts of melatonin before bed then your sleep quality will be lower and you’re not going to go through all these beneficial repair processes that happen during sleep whereas if you use the blue blocking glasses then they especially the companies like blue blocks that i’m using they have actually those lenses

That filter out all the blue and green light that all suppress melatonin and they let through only the red light that doesn’t affect that so obviously i’m a huge believer in melatonin it’s actually one of my favorite let’s say longevity hormones is more of the most underrated longevity hormones in my opinion because it’s so kind of central to all these anti-aging

Processes inside the body that happen during sleep and yeah blue blocking glasses are the best way to protect your deep sleep and protect your melatonin in production so yeah check out blue blocks uh they’re much better like a more sustainable i’d say thing to use compared to a melatonin supplement head over to use the code seem cm15 and the website

Is also forward slash seamlund where you can basically get the the link and the code from there all right that’s it for this video make sure click the like subscribe notification bell as well my name is c stay optimized stay empowered

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