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Should you take melatonin to help sleep? 10 BONUS sleep hacks!

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This video examines Melatonin and if you should take melatonin to help sleep? Moreover, I will talk about 10 bonus sleep hacks.This video will look at what dose of melatonin to take, melatonin side effects ad when to take melatonin.It will also look at potential safety issues such as melatonin and blood pressure and melatonin and depression.

Well, let’s start off with melatonin. what is  melatonin? melatonin is a hormone produced in   pea, located in your brain and melatonin helps   regulate the sleep cycle. so think about melatonin  as a switch. so when it is light during day time   off, however, when it’s dark at night time   so what are the indications for

Melatonin?   there’s evidence in studies that melatonin helps  to prevent or treat jet lag it has also been shown   to be of benefit with shift workers. so when you  get older melatonin levels decline gradually over   the lifespan and maybe related to lower sleep  efficacy, and also remember when you get older the   rate

Of pineal gland calcification increases which  in turn affects melatonin production. nowadays,   melatonin is used by many adults who have trouble  falling asleep. so, what about melatonin dosing?   so, if you start with melatonin, start at the  lowest dose and titrate up the us   can be bought over the counter. since

The fda   manufacturer to manufacturer. i would recommend  that you look for the following labels glp   stands for good laboratory practice and gmp good  manufacturing practice. in that way in terms of   the quality of the product you’re getting close  to what is displayed on the label. so, going back   to the dosing

Which is in terms  of recommended dosing i would recommend starting   sleep and 0.3 milligrams to 0.5 milligrams   for shift workers and jet lag. the highest i would  recommend would be to go up to about 3 milligrams.   i would also not use melatonin for more than two  to three months and the reason being that

Higher   dosing especially the ones being sold at five  milligrams or 10 milligrams and if given over   a longer period of time will result in higher than  physiological concentrations resulting in a number   of effects such as hypothermia, meaning decreasing  your body temperature and daytime sleepiness. it   can also affect

Mental and physical well-being,  so, when can i take melatonin? i would recommend   that you take it two to three hours before you’re  going to bed. and, if you’re finding value in this   and hit that notification button and smash that   subscribe button as well! so, can melatonin cause  side effects? generally it’s pretty safe,

However,   it can cause daytime grogginess and some people  have complained about dizziness and headaches   and other people have complained about stomach  cramps as well. what about melatonin and safety   concerns? if you’re pregnant please talk to your  doctor as it is possibly unsafe during pregnancy,   increase your

Blood sugars, and, if you’re   on certain blood pressure medications such as  beta blockers such as atenolol or propanolol,   may also worsen symptoms of depression.and   common medications click on the link above.   so, what are 10 important steps you can do or what  are 10 hacks you can do to improve your sleep?  

And we doctors like to talk about these hacks  as sleep, number one go to bed   daily even on the weekends. make it a habit.   don’t drink fluids excessively before you  go to bed this will make you get up in the   your sleep will be interrupted. number four   keep your bedroom dark, draw your curtains or 

Your blinders. number five keep your room cool,   65 degrees fahrenheit this is about 18 degrees   celsius. number six keep your room quiet avoiding  anything which can interfere with your sleep   such as your tv your ipad, radio.number seven  avoid drinking and smoking before going to bed.   number eight avoid looking at

Devices such as  your phones or your kindles or your ipads or any   other device where light can be given off which  can interfere with your sleep. number 10 avoid   eating before going to bed, you don’t want to have  a large meal before you go to bed. number 10 i   would again emphasize that the most important  thing you can

Do is to exercise regularly.   regular exercise improves the quality of sleep.  and i’m going to give you a bonus tip as well.   and if you can increase the bright light exposure  during the day, especially, in the morning.   will produce less melatonin and then increase   production at night time. question of the day? 

Are you using melatonin and is it helping with   your sleep? and if you want to see more videos  don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe and   or click right here or click right here think   your health and have a good day! done ii thought  this was going to be easy okay let’s start again   energy energy energy energy energy

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Should you take melatonin to help sleep? 10 BONUS sleep hacks!😔 By Think Your Health