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SHRINK and BURN FAT Cells by Keeping Insulin Low and Overcoming Insulin Resistance | Dr. Ben Bikman

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Dr. Ben Bikman, the bestselling author of Why We Get Sick, talks about how to shrink and burn fat cells by working to keep your insulin low throughout the day through controlling carbs and fasting. When insulin is low, your metabolic rate is higher, and you’ll burn more fat.

I think what we’ve done within the last couple generations is something that is totally unique in the history of human nutrition which is now for the first time we’re getting very high fat and high carbohydrate foods that doesn’t exist in nature really with one exception which is milk milk happens to be high in all three macronutrients fat carbohydrate protein that

Means it’s a perfect cocktail for growth but for those of us that are grown you don’t get fat and carbohydrate at high levels together and i mentioned protein what we’ve done is of course strip away the protein because protein is very satiating so it doesn’t make sense for a food manufacturer to want to keep the protein in there because that’s bad for business

Because then someone doesn’t want to eat as much and protein is expensive and so they can peel that protein off and do something else with it well then that’s just another way to make more money carbohydrate and fat in nature would never come at a high level without some protein we’re eating foods from bags and boxes with barcodes and that essentially means we’re

Getting high fat high carb low low protein foods and tragically it’s the worst kind of carbs which is refined sugars and starches and the worst kinds of fats which are refined seed oils this is a total departure from an ancestral way of eating that we’ve put ourselves in in very little time i don’t even like to say i’m a low carb advocate i’m a control carb advocate

Just be smart about the carbohydrates if you give one group of people a drink that is made up of fructose like a fructose water drink another group is getting a glucose water drink these are two carbohydrates both monosaccharides and they’re isocaloric so there’s no difference in their calorie consumption they’re drinking the exact same amount of calories and the

Group that’s drinking the fructose solutions are gaining more fat selectively in their visceral fat and relatively less in their subcutaneous fat that is the exact opposite compared with the glucose drinking group who is growing more subcutaneous fat and relatively less visceral so we can absolute contribute and or reduce the visceral fat that we have by changing

Our diet and the low-hanging fruit is just drink less fructose when you’re drinking sugary sodas or we’re drinking fruit juice that is pure fructose in water don’t do it so control the fructose that’s not the same as eating fruit you’d have to eat a hell of a lot of fruit to get enough fructose to start changing visceral fat accumulation that’s not the concern

I’m not declaring war on fruit but i am declaring war on fruit juice and other forms of you know highly accessible and highly consumable fructose like sugary sodas when someone goes to bed they’re not eating now for the first time in a long time insulin can finally start to come down because it takes several hours after eating for insulin to come down during that

Period where insulin is at its low or fasting state the body’s becoming more insulin sensitive and the body starts going into a more fat burning state because low insulin means higher fat burning when insulin is low metabolic rate is higher to the tune of about 300 calories per day well if you can fast through that period or somehow prolong it either by fasting

Through breakfast or fasting through dinner by just starting the insulin drop earlier whatever way you do that on either end of the day you’ve simply prolonged the period of low insulin which means you’re enhancing an insulin sensitizing state or allowing insulin to do its job a little better and stay at lower levels but the tragedy is that someone has eaten a big

Dinner and an evening snack and their insulin takes a long time to come down well right around the time it’s coming down they’re waking up and wouldn’t you know it they’re ending they’re faster they’re breaking their fast with a starchy sugary breakfast it’s bagels or cinnamon rolls or toast or cereal or orange juice and that spikes insulin 10 times over where

It had been and it takes three hours to come down and right around then they’re having their mid-morning snack and then lunch and then afternoon snack in every waking moment is spent in a state of elevated insulin that’s a wonderful way to never burn fat for fuel and it’s a terrible way to make sure your body is becoming more and more insulin resistant at every

Moment of the day one of the problems with obesity even not overt obesity but just fat cells that are getting too big even if the person just modestly overweight is that they become pro-inflammatory and this is why weight gain is associated with the subclinical inflammatory state where it’s subclinical because it’s not like the person’s coming in with some raging

Fever but in fact the inflammatory markers are higher than you would expect in an otherwise healthy person if a body has inflammation then it will become insulin resistant whether it’s because the person’s fighting an infection whether they have an autoimmune disease it doesn’t matter immunity is activated inflammation is up and that means the body starts becoming

More insulin resistant and then the insulin would go up as a result of the insulin resistance this molecule nlrp3 if it’s activated it will essentially turn on all of the machinery to produce all of these pro-inflammatory cytokines and initiate immune systems throughout the body now course we need a healthy immune system but you want it to be turned on when it’s

Supposed to be turned on and turned off when it should be turned off fasting is the most effective rapid way of lowering insulin when you simply stop eating or drinking energy in calories insulin has no choice but to start to come down if you deprive a fat cell of nutrients it will shrink an alternative way of shrinking a fat cell is lowering insulin so even if

You’re eating a lot and there’s still fat coming in it likely will not match the rate at which the fat is coming out in order to be burned if you’re focusing on a low insulin approach it doesn’t have to be a hunger-based approach which is very valuable because you can’t beat hunger you got to be satisfied otherwise you’ll never stop eating when insulin is low

Your metabolic rate is higher so let’s say you’re eating more calories than your body needs well that’s okay because you’re pushing out more calories than normal when you’re making ketones you’re also excreting ketones ketones have a caloric value and so if someone’s in ketosis and now they’re breathing out ketones they are pushing out actual will caloric loaded

Molecules from their body and these are calories that didn’t need to be burned and didn’t need to be stored you just wasted them that is how determined the body is to reconcile energy when insulin is low insulin wants to store store so it will slow metabolic rate and it will promote tissue growth that’s not a bad thing we need to grow sometimes you know we need

Insulin i’m not saying it’s bad we just don’t want it to be high and when it is high we want it to be very quick it’s acute it’s up and then it’s back down

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SHRINK and BURN FAT Cells by Keeping Insulin Low and Overcoming Insulin Resistance | Dr. Ben Bikman By Levels