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Shrink ENLARGED PROSTATE in 7 Easy Steps (2022 Update)

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An enlarged prostate can lead to severe urinary symptoms, none of which are fun. So much info on the web is geared towards selling supplements and medications, and not towards correcting the root cause of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). This video will help you understand how to shrink an enlarged prostate in 7 easy steps.

And enlarged prostate afflicts millions of men around the world the symptoms that that go along with an enlarged prostate also known as bph or benign prostatic hyperplasia are very obvious to the men suffering from this there’s tons of research that’s been done about enlarged prostate and almost always it comes down to hormones and there is absolutely a hormone

Involved in 80% of your prostate problem but it’s not the hormone that you may have read about or heard about i’m dr. ken berry a family physician with 20 years of clinical experience and that’s what this video is about if you have an older male friend or family member i promise you it won’t hurt their feelings a bit if you share this video with them and you’re

Also welcome to share it on your facebook page or in your groups on twitter instagram wherever you think it’s going to help an older male friend or relatives get relief from their enlarged prostate symptoms i suspect this video is going to be quite controversial with urologist and other health care providers who specialize in the prostate because it’s going to

Talk about something that although they they know about they’ve never thought about it like this and so i’ve included several research studies in the show notes below to back up what i’m saying in this video hormones are definitely at play and one hormone in particular is predominantly to blame for your enlarged prostate so let’s go through the seven easy steps

Of how to reverse your enlarged prostate and then i’m going to talk a little bit more about the science and then at the end of this video i’m going to talk about prescription medications your other hormones that are also involved a little bit and then some supplements that some people find help greatly other people don’t really find that they help that much now

The hormone that’s involved in 80% of your enlarged prostate problem is not testosterone it’s not bhd it’s not estrogen it’s insulin okay your prostate is a gland and it finds to growth signals from hormones insulin is one of the preeminent growth hormones in our body when you’re eating an improper diet you’re actually causing yourself to have hyperinsulinemia in

Your blood all day every day or at least right after your meal for a few hours if you’re eating the wrong foods this insulin when it’s in high amounts in your blood can actually bind to a receptor for igf-1 which is intimately involved in your the cells of your prostate growing and multiplying and so what you wind up with after years and years of hyperinsulinemia

Is that you’ve got way more cells in your prostate than you should and the cells themselves are bigger or fatter and all of that leads to an enlarged prostate or bph and then that leads to to squeezing on the urethra that passes through the prostate and that’s where all the urinary problems come from so what you want to do is eat a diet that helps you keep a low

Normal insulin level for as many hours of the day as possible and the way to do that you’re going to follow these seven easy steps step number one is to avoid all sugar in your diet whether it’s added sugar and soft drinks and desserts or whether it’s natural sugar in high sugar fruits like grapes bananas cherries papaya pineapple these things may have some vitamins

And minerals and maybe even some magical phytonutrients but you can get those vitamins and minerals from other sources that have way less sugar and therefore you’re not going to spike your insulin level any time you eat or drink sugar whether at inter natural you spike your blood glucose which spikes your insulin level and that makes you hyperinsulinemic then the

Insulin starts going to work making your prostate enlarges high insulin also has hundreds of other deleterious effects on every other tissue and cell in your body but in this video we’re talking just about the prostate number two is to avoid all grains even whole-grain bread and stuff like that when you start to chew up piece of whole-grain bread there’s an enzyme

In your mouth called amylase which starts to immediately break the starch in that bread down into sugar so we’re back to step number one so by avoiding all the grains whether it’s wheat rice oats or corn all these things spike your blood sugar which leads to hyperinsulinemia which is the underlying hormonal problem of an enlarged prostate number three is to avoid

All soy products unless it has been fermented by the the real fermentation technique like natto and other things avoid soy soy is very estrogenic and it’s going to make your estrogen to testosterone ratio inappropriate which is going to lead to increased enlargement of the prostate number four is to avoid any low fat dairy product whatsoever whether it’s milk or

Cheese of sour cream cream cheese you want only full fat dairy okay and in some men they have to go to only the highest fat choices of dairy like heavy cream butter and ghee some men can get away with full fat cheese and full fat yogurt and kefir but other men have to just only use butter ghee and heavy cream as their only dairy sources or they will notice increased

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate number five is vegetable seed oils these have a very inappropriate omega-6 fatty acid to omega-3 fatty acid ratio which can lead to inflammation all over your body but specifically in the prostate and when a prostate is enlarged and enflamed your enlarged prostate symptoms get even worse and then number six is eat a low carbohydrate

Diet mmm whether this is a ketogenic diet or a carnivore diet eating this diet is going to keep your insulin level low normal for the majority of the day okay and that’s the goal here is to keep your insulin level low normal you don’t want a chronically high insulin level or you gonna cause your prostate to enlarge then you’ll suffer from the symptoms then step

Seven is intermittent fasting you want to go with out eating anywhere from 14 hours a day up to 18 hours a day you don’t have to stop start at 18 hours a day you can slowly work your way up to that but when you fast for 14 16 or 18 hours that really resets your insulin level back to the low normal level which is going to not promote prostate hyperplasia very very

Powerful very important also intermittent fasting is free i’ve got a big playlist about intermittent fasting it’ll pop up right here you can go watch this after this video is done so these seven steps above are going to give you 80% reduction in your prostate problem now i took you years to grow the prostate that you have right now so don’t expect these changes in

Your diet to have an effect in a few days or a few weeks it’s going to take several months if not a year for your prostate to go back to normal size and because when you eat this way it’s not literally going in there and shrinking your prostate it’s just stopping the signal from the hyperinsulinemia to continue to enlarge and so when that signal of inappropriate

Growth goes away and your insulin level goes back to low normal then as your prostate regenerates and rejuvenates and replaces cells they’re going to be the normal size cell and it won’t replace all of them that you’ll have fewer and fewer prostate cells as the months go by so don’t expect an overnight fix with this you didn’t get in this predicament overnight and

You ain’t gonna face it overnight now let’s talk about prescription medications so there are several prescription medications on the market that your doctor can prescribe for you and they do help the symptoms they do not however address the root cause which is chronic hyperinsulinemia at all so it’s no crime if you want to take one of these prescriptions for a few

Months while you’re letting your low carb your keto your carnivore diet have its effect but be prepared for a long list of side effects some are quite serious now let’s talk about your other hormones your testosterone your estrogen in your dht so absolutely without a doubt having a low testosterone to estrogen ratio absolutely will increase your risk of having an

Enlarged prostate with symptoms but just keep in mind you will actually see videos out there that say that testosterone causes enlarged prostate not true at all dht no it doesn’t cause that but as a man gets older his testosterone tends to dip especially if he’s sedentary and especially if he’s eating a high carbohydrate crap diets his testosterone level is gonna

Start to nosedive and that’s going to leave this estrogen level at about the same level but as this testosterone level goes down his estrogen to testosterone ratio is gonna go up you see that so with high testosterone cause it an enlarged prostate then every eighteen-year-old man running around on the planet would have a humongous prostate because their testosterone

Is sky-high that doesn’t happen it’s only when you get older you’re a testosterone goes down you’ve been eating a high carbohydrate for decades that’s when enlarged prostate happens right now let’s talk about the supplements there are a few supplements and i’m going to put a link down below if you want to try one of these some people report amazing improvement in

Their enlarged prostate symptoms from taking these other people say yeah didn’t really help me that much the most common are saw palmetto nettle roots and pumpkin seed extract so i’m going to put a link down below if you want to try one of those while you’re using the diet to reverse 80 percent of the problem then you can take one of the supplements and that might

Be 5% of the solution so as always i want you to focus on the 80% i want you to focus on the root cause and that’s chronic hyperinsulinemia remember the research is down below if your doctor doesn’t believe you or me you can just show him or her the research and say well what do you think about this if you enjoyed this video please take one second and click that

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Have more time and more resources to make videos just like this one i’m dr. berry i’ll see you next time

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Shrink ENLARGED PROSTATE in 7 Easy Steps (2022 Update) By KenDBerryMD