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Side effects of ADHD medicines | Strattera/atomoxetine & Concerta

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Hey everybody my name is jamie i’m i was diagnosed of adult adhd about three months ago and you know i created this table to show some of the side effects that i experienced while i was taking adamasting and concerta at different doses i hope you guys can use this as a reference in really expediting that process of finding the right medicine for you for me it

Took about a month and a half i hope the journey can be shorter for some of you guys by the way as a disclaimer i’m not a doctor so this is not a medical advice this is just my experience and you know nothing more nothing less but i couldn’t find anything like this online so hopefully this could be helpful to some of you guys so let’s get into it so before

I took this medicine my life was pretty much out of control for the past 26 years probably due to all these problems that i was having an ability to focus unable to organize tasks or start things in advance always having to wait until the last minute you know really trying hard to listen but you know always coming across as i’m not really paying attention and

Being forgetful in daily activities so all these really made things so much difficult in life and i think that’s what gave me depression but i suffered from all these for a very long time and so i was prescribed of concerta after my adhd diagnosis and the first dose i was on was 18 milligram i took it for about a week and i gotta say concerta gave me one of

The worst side effects at all doses that i was on dry mouth was really bad drank about four liters of water per day lethargy this medicine supposed to last you 10 to 12 hours it only lasted me maybe like two hours and it gave me extreme sleepiness after that i also had mood problems by night my mood swings got so bad that i’ll be sleeping for about an i’ll be

Crying for about an hour before falling asleep and also i couldn’t fall asleep right away i would have to lie down wait for almost two hours sometimes three hours to fall asleep and usually crying would put me to sleep because i got so tired at the end and this is really not that big of a side effect but i lost some appetite anyways moving on to 36 milligram dry

Mouth problem got even worse lasted i think i drank about six liters of water at minimum per day and you know beyond a certain point of drinking water like enough water drinking more than that i think it gives it could give you uh dehydration problems which i experienced um similar to 80 milligram you know it would only last about like four hours and it would

Make me extremely tired i had to sleep i was falling asleep while i was standing it was that bad and i started getting nausea and confusion on top of that i could really focus during those time when the medicine was you know activating my brain but i would get focused on things that weren’t necessarily productive for example watching youtube and playing games

And fever i started having feverish symptoms like increase in temperature heat sweating headache you name it and then you know mood swings continued and i started getting annoyed at the same time it kind of makes sense because i was actually feeling sick you know and sleep problems probably got worse loss of appetite pretty much stay the same but i knew

That this medicine really wasn’t working for me correctly so i talked to my doctor and we decided to switch to animosity because atomos teen is not a stimulant and it’s supposed to have much less side effects obviously with much less benefits but i want to give it a try and i did at 18 milligram for five days it kind of helped me you know i was doing less

Of unimportant tasks i was feeling better emotionally but i felt like the effects weren’t strong enough so i moved up to 40 milligram and this time i could feel that i was getting more productive i wasn’t laser focused like when i was on concerta but i was i started to clean my room i started to uh you know plan for things ahead of time and things started

Requiring it started to require less effort but i started experiencing dry mouth side effects as well but it wasn’t anywhere close to what i experienced while i took concerta you know right now i’m on 40 milligram uh it’s just that your mouth gets dry easier than usual but nothing like drinking four or five liters of water per day anyways i i want to make sure

That i was on the right dose so i moved up to 60 milligram to see if it helps and yeah i think it really did make me focus better and do things in a more robotic way but the dry mouth problem got worse uh you know i would i started drinking like four liters of water like i used to on concerta and you know i started to have slight mood swing problems a little

Bit and lack of appetite i’m sorry for that let me just turn off the sound and then after about a week i i got greedy and it went up to 80 which was a bad mistake because here i really started to experience very similar side effects to concerta where i actually started to get sick so anyways after taking about two to three days i talked to my psychiatrist and

Moved down to 60 milligram and i was on that for about a month during this time i kept having dry mouth problem but you know the benefits i was experiencing was too good so i couldn’t stop but i i noticed that my mood swing problem was getting really really bad for example on i think it was like the last day of taking 60 milligram i was preparing to go to church

And i was in a shower and i was listening to kanye’s music something about jesus and i started sobbing crazy for at least 10 minutes in shower really loud and i just knew i something was messed up and i knew i something had to change so i contacted a different psychiatrist moved down to 40 milligram and you know i’ve been on it for the past two weeks or

So now i’m back to having just you know just bearable dry mouth side effects it’s not that bad i just you know i just have to drink more water i just have to be more conscious of drinking water and um yeah definitely compared to normal people i’m drinking way much more water but it’s nowhere close to 4 liters water like what i was experiencing when i was on

Different amounts higher amount and when i was in concerta so anyways that’s pretty much my journey so far with these different type of adhd medicines so far uh they’ve been you know much better than not getting treated at all my life really did change a lot if you just look at this you might think oh god i don’t want to go through the same side effects that

He went through but i think differently i think my life really got so much better after taking especially out of austin at the right dose i used to be very suicidal very depressed i couldn’t do anything i was completely disorganized but this medicine really changed it for me really so you know if you guys want more detailed uh account of of what i experienced

Let me know i can go into more depth but hopefully that was a good overview and you know i really hope you guys find the right medicine as soon as possible uh you know i was just watching you know you guys can just skip this part but i was watching kanye’s documentary and i just finished it and he’s one of my favorite artists but on the very on the third episode

It contained some of the scenes where he was actually going crazy and it was very heartbreaking to see that he was uh you know taking these it seemed like he was taking medicines for bipolar and you know maybe depression and all that uh but it seemed like it wasn’t really helping him it felt like he was going through so much pain in his life and i that really

Reminded me of when i was on wrong medicine and also when i wasn’t on medicine my life was uh to me it was a living hell um i think i think i went to sleep um at least for the past like four or five years hoping that you know god would take my life away so that um i wouldn’t go through these mental problems and the hardships that i was having at that time

And seeing him suffer um uh really really was heartbreaking and i hope nobody goes through so much pain in life um you know we live this life only once nobody knows what’s going to happen when we die so while we’re alive i just want you guys to be able to really get this problem resolved so that you guys can enjoy some of the good parts of life that all

These normal people get to experience and what i realized is that unless you have or experienced these problems like no one’s gonna understand you no one’s gonna really feel the pain that you went through and some of them will just think that you’re weak some of them will just make you feel worse and i really don’t want that to happen you know and because i

Know because i know how judgmental people are you know the best thing that i wish can happen for you guys is that just find the right medicine don’t you know not having to ask for understanding and just live a good life and you know like seriously i know there are so many great people who share their accounts but nobody had this table view so um anyways feel

Free to leave any comments i’d be happy to answer any of them um and i’ll keep you guys updated who knows i could be moving back up to like 50 milligram and maybe that’s that could be the right dosage or maybe i could be trying out different medicine but so far i’m satisfied with where i’m at with the 40 milligram and i’ll keep you guys updated thank you

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Side effects of ADHD medicines | Strattera/atomoxetine & Concerta By Adult ADHD