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SimuLyve Films. Asthma Film for Pharmaceutical Launch Meeting, Pioneering

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Learn more: This is Part 2 of a launch video produced for the launch of Xopenex, (broadcast via various Virtual Events and Virtual Meetings as well as live) Sepracor’s first pharmaceutical they produced and marketed themselves. Video and launch produced by SimuLyve International

When i have asthma i felt that very crabby and didn’t feel good but when my asthma boys gone i felt cheery and i a lots of fun and i play jeff i true me and a big circle here that means the pain the pain that i have when i cough and the pain i have in my chest net on the other side when i feel better i drew me happy like smiling cuz the machine taught me a lot when

I am a spa it hurts my chest and up coffee to community like every bed it and i just can’t like move because i feel like really sick i don’t end up really scared i do the other side to show how i feel after i take my medicine god and i get to play outside and play with my friends and get to do fun things again i drive a picture of the titanic in the drilling

Me like when i have an asthma attack i feel like i’m sinking in the titanic when i don’t have asthma i feel like i’m in labor good man that brings me home in my drawing i made a girl crying and sniffling because she said that she is an asthma attack and she’s shaking because she doesn’t know what to do and she’s scared and then after she gets better and she’s

Thinking in her head no more of that shaking this and coughing and sneezing and having to take any more medicine i once had to get rushed to the hospital because i couldn’t breathe that all i was like taking the tiniest breath i could ever take cuz i couldn’t make a deep deep deep breath so let’s get rushed to the hospital they put on this lake mask over my face

And i stayed there overnight and i had to breathe in and out i felt really really scared i didn’t know what was gonna happen i feared most that i was gonna die but i didn’t know that i would live because i didn’t know there was medicine for it so i was really scared out guy cuz um i see i’ve seen this like movies that have masks on and people are like during the

Emergency room and they’re dying and i was afraid i would the doctor explained to me the reason we couldn’t hear her wheezing was because she was too tight she couldn’t get enough air in or enough air out to make a wheezing sound she wanted to fight it so i had to hold her arms down with one arm while i held the face mask over her arm with the other with my other

Hand and i whispered you know i told her how much i loved her and she was fighting and struggling and she whispered back i love you i could barely hear it over the noise of the nebulizer i was were the last words she ever said you

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SimuLyve Films. Asthma Film for Pharmaceutical Launch Meeting, Pioneering By SimuLyve International Inc.