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Sintomas de FALTA DE VITAMINA B12 Que NUNCA Devem Ser Ignorados

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Symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency that should never be ignored what are the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency in today’s video you will know the signs of vitamin b12 deficiency that few people know never ignore these signs but first tell me what is vitamin b12 for no so stay with me in today’s video that in addition to telling you the signs that your body needs vitamin

B12 i will also explain to you what it is for also tell me in the comments what is your age because she it is also related to the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency hello hello hello hello welcome to making at home from my house to your house before i forget i want to thank you for the comments you leave on our videos like dos silas basante who is a hairdresser and had a

Lot of shoulder pain after he used the recipe with unflavored gelatin posted here on the channel he reported that he went back to work and i didn’t feel pain anymore sila s thank you for sharing your experience with us i am very happy when the tips here on the channel help you i always try to deliver the best content here so that it actually helps those who really need a

Month of priscila sas and for each of you who he left his statement here on the farm at home but what are the symptoms of lack of vitamin b12 and why is it so important vitamins are essential components for our body they regulate processes in all organs and systems of our body and among the main vitamins that human beings need is b12 it can be found in various prosthetic

Foods of animal origin such as seafood red meat liver poultry but it is also present in some products of plant origin but why is it so important because vitamin b12 is responsible for the development of the red cells of the maintenance of the functionalities of our central nervous system produced dna and the decrease in the risk of chromosome breaks it also prevents anemia

And keeps neurons working healthy and the organ most affected by the deficiency of this component is our brain which has not reduced the impact on other parts of the body and so see now the signs that your body gives you that you may have a deficiency of this vitamin tingling in the hands and feet our nervous system it travels along our spinal cord to the hands and feet

Known as the posterior tract it is coated with a white substance called myelin that has the role of insulating and protecting nerves in addition to accelerating nerve impulses allowing your hands and feet to touch you for example what you need to know is that the brain needs b12 to produce myelin so having too little of this essential vitamin amyelin is destroyed and

Nerve impulses cannot travel as fast resulting in a tingling sensation and your hands. legs and feet but it’s because i asked your age because age is related to vitamin b12 deficiency people over 60 should see a doctor to assess whether they need to supplement vitamin b12 absence of this substance in the body can cause anemia pernicious a disease that has the following

Symptoms neurological changes weakness and tiredness convulsions irreparable damage to the gastric tissue and canker sores because it is an essential substance for humans anemia is one of the most serious conditions when its deficiency is detected some studies tongue infertility problems related to the lack of vitamin b12, different consequences can also be placed when the

Substance is not at normal levels but external factors and other vitamin deficiencies contribute to worsening the condition vitamin b12 deficiency also increases the risk of patients developing depression body and man has linked you to neurological problems such as forgetfulness inability to concentrate loss of spatio-temporal notion cognitive impairment and a poor memory

Does it remind you of something yes these symptoms can appear independently of alzheimer’s disease which can make the condition even more serious it can also advance as the lack of vitamin b12 is in the body other symptoms related to the lack of vitamin b12 are lack of energy lack of appetite dizziness when getting up suddenly or doing some kind of effort memory problems

Lack of attention and concentration jaundice mouth pain constipation or diarrhea inflamed or swollen tongue and hallucinations hum is your vitamin b12 levels adequate to keep your health in order as you can see most b12 deficiency symptoms are quite common so the individual may not be aware of the absence of substance in your body so it is essential to regular checkups

Are up to date with me here in the comments people who have type 2 diabetes and take metformin it is important to consult your doctor and also assess your level of vitamin b12 it is important to remember that vitamin b12 is present in good amounts in foods of animal origin, especially in cold and deep water fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, also in the liver, in pork,

Milk and egg products, eggs and others so don’t be without these at your home combined and if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet consult your doctor or nutritionist to see the need for vitamin b12 supplementation and i hope you learned something new from this video if you liked our content then leave your like here on the video spread this information to as many people

As you can if you can, i want to enjoy it too and invite you to sign up on our instagram at arroba doing at home dot br eu esp i want you there to watch the video so far so leave me a heart emoji in the comments that i ‘ll pass by to say hi here on the screen i left other new videos on the channel so you can check it out for you in the next video a kiss big and see you there bye bye and there

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Sintomas de FALTA DE VITAMINA B12 Que NUNCA Devem Ser Ignorados By Fazendo em Casa