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Hey guys welcome or welcome back again to my channel this is chasa and for today’s video we will be talking about my skin update or one month skin update in using iso 39 so i shared before staffing week and vlog young skin updates is if you are eligible to take this medicine and it’s still better guys or it’s still the best consult parents and dermatologists

Or dermatologists not predicting my online consultation so as i was saying guys again this is not for you to try the product on your own it’s just for educational purposes i suggest annoying medication so just like me guys marina from series of tests which is the blood chemistry another two medicines for my bone and from virginia so for one

Month acne and next is the other one from virginia so just make sure so don’t skip this video because i’ll be right back for my side effects hey guys today is my third day of um using acne checks or the isotretinoin you don’t like this kind of video please um watch my other videos nala okay hey guys today is february 21 2021 and it’s sunday so this

Is my one week update of this is my one week update hey guys today is my third day of using iso 39 difference actually it’s already 7 56 then i’m gonna be in a magazine so hey guys today is my 14th day or two weeks of using iso 29 you know we will see after two months to say one to two months though i’m purging hey guys just a skin update it’s my

Third week of using iso 39 skin care no matter which is this aloe soothing sunscreen from cosrx this one is one of my favorites which is part of my purging so 70 dog is one to two months my purposing so i’m still waiting for that so yeah hey guys today is march 12 2021 and three days from now guys acne tracks or iso 39 so i will just give you an update

On the narrative and then you start to stun face go as you can see guys in the brightening your face go i think it’s because of the cetaphil toner that i’m using wait i’m just gonna get it okay so i think the hildito or is it’s another effect of the isotretinoin but i think this one then it though it’s not helped intelligent to brighten my face guys i’m

Starting to doubt myself i’m starting to doubt my my medicine side effects depression or something but i go home so just to give you an update hey guys today is march 14 2021 and tomorrow is my one month of using iso trendinoi which is the acne tracks so i just wanna guys give you an update about my face after i wash it so if you every after come on

Guys as you can see marina home pimple tito guys i’m still in the purging stage i have here and over here you guys and thank you i still have this big pimple here i am and so you like them guys i will do a one month update of this by tomorrow i think is but one thing that i noticed is that brighten up your face i’ve seen the glow shine bye so this will

Be the last part of my video which is the side effect guys for my first match and whatsoever is social media concentrating no depression guys come to think of it you’re taking isaac and you will be having a depression so if you have a depression problem a mental health problem and you want to take this product or medicine please no don’t

Use it because it might trigger your your mental health problem okay so i know just an advice um agitation suicidal thoughts hallucination and sleeping problem no next is eye problems such as dry sores swallowed or itchy eyes blurred vision vicious problems dryness of the skin oh it happened nice eyes yes guys you’ll not necessarily be so um

Is lips or mouth hey your mouth going into my shoulder um cracking or peeling skin rather itchy rashes none um changes in fingernails toenails ringing in the ears hearing problems severe diarrhea no retro bleeding nope bloody or terry school actors tools no dark urine healing easy bleeding or bruising nose t-shirt seizure fever chills sore throat no body

Aches yes muscle joint pain especially for my first week of trying this so and that’s one of the reasons why i wanted to take them culture do like symptoms nope fast heartbeat heartbeat fast heartbeat no no split in the banana customization number one you must not be pregnant while taking this job number two eat healthy okay number three um drink water

Drink drink drink drink drink water number four trust the process gonna break out and i’m purging but that’s normal for one to two months and just the process even the manual um so that’s it for today’s video guys and thank you for watching this video so wait for me second month of date of using isotretinoid so just a disclaimer guys before i end this vlog

You must not share this medicine with others even if you have like this acne or whatsoever number two you must not promote this product for those people numero acne advise them to check their conditions and dermatologists instead okay so that’s it for today’s video guys i hope you guys like and enjoy this one so i will see you guys on my next month update bye you

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