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Skincare Haul #3 2022 Korean Skincare Man:yo, Missha, Sulwhasoo, Kahi | michxmash

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My Korean skincare haul finally arrived in the mail! In this video I sit down and share all the skincare goodies I purchased from YesStyle – I unbox, swatch and give first impressions!

Hey everyone it’s michelle in today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you my third skin care haul of 2022 although technically it is the second purchase i made this year the third one was actually the niche beauty lab haul that i filmed back last month so for the purposes of uploading on youtube this is the third skincare haul i made it on yes style all korean

Skin care and just like my first and second haul i made sure to purchase with intention items that i can use in my skincare routine right away that whatever i had in my skincare collection could not replace and i even did the due diligence of speaking to my husband before making this purchase and if you’re curious as to why i’m talking about purchasing with intention

And needing to talk to my husband about making a purchase please be sure to check out my low by video that i made at the beginning of this year i decided 2022 was going to be a low by year with skin care and a no by year with makeup and for the slow by year one of the ways i decided to hold myself accountable was to film whatever was entering and exiting my skincare

Collection so halls are obviously one of the videos i would be filming and i’ve also filmed a couple of empty videos as well i’ll leave all these videos in the description box down below if you’re interested in looking at more content from my channel having said that let’s get into this haul video the first skincare item i added to my yes style cart is a hydrating

Toner that is the manual bifida biome ampule toner this is replacing the sioris my first essener that i just used up today in my skincare routine so the reason i picked this one up is one i like the size of it for the price it is 400 ml milliliters online i read really good reviews on this both on yes style and i’ve seen it’s a top seller on olive young as well

This is a mix of soothing moisturizing ingredients it also has fermented extracts in the formula and polyhydroxy acid and although the consistency of this toner is watery i have read that those with dry and acne prone skin get on with this toner really well and that you actually don’t need a lot of layers to feel sufficiently hydrated and on the back of my hand

Right now it sinks into the skin very quickly it is very light there is no sticky feeling it is slightly tacky right now and i’m actually pretty surprised at how well it moisturized the back of my hand so i’m really looking forward to using this toner in my skincare routine and hopefully i get a lot of mileage with it as well the second item i picked up on yes

Style is a fermented serum this is misha’s time revolution night repair ampule five times i decided to go with this fermented serum instead of repurchasing the mano bifida biome complex ampule because i’ve been highly curious about this since i first heard about it from jude from 50 shades of snail she’s one of my favorite korean skincare content creator so when

I saw her rave about this it’s been on my wish list ever since and actually i first heard about this when i started using a fermented serum it was the rovectin clean dual biome ampule whatever i can’t remember the name but it’s the revectin one that i was using back in 2021 when i started using that one it’s when i first heard of this and had it in my mental wish

List ever since having a fermented serum in my skincare routine should come as no surprise because i’ve been smitten with them since i first tried the rovectin one i just like how it makes the quality of my skin so much nicer and and i feel like everything is just enhanced and better so as you can see it is that cloudy type of texture same as the robekton one and

The manual one i’ve already started using this in my skincare routine it has a nice gel consistency i use about four drops which is enough for all over my face and neck and in terms of the texture i would say it’s right in the middle the manual one being the lightest and the robekton one having a bit more emollients so this one is just a nice light gel consistency

With one drop it’s sinking into the back of my hand pretty fast there is no sticky feeling and i was just looking at the back of my hands and i feel like the one where i applied the toner and the fermented serum looks more even obviously more moisturized and less red than this hand right here with the ring on it so hopefully the same effects will happen once i

Start using both in my skincare routine the misha one i have started using already for the past couple of weeks now just because i don’t have a fermented serum on rotation at the moment i’ve been pretty much using this day and night again only four drops as needed for my face and neck i find that is more than enough and i feel like in terms of effects it’s just

Continuing where the manual one left off but if i do see any further benefits from the misha one in particular i’ll be sure to talk about it in a future video the third skincare item i picked up on yes style is an item that may not be the most intentional but i made sure it was a travel size so i could test it out and it’s one that i’ve been curious about for a

Very long time and that is silwasu’s first care activating serum i remember seeing this brand at the local korean market in toronto i’ve seen a ton of my favorite korean skincare content creators talk about this and mention it in a video here or there the biggest benefit i have read is that this is very good at rejuven donating the skin just boosting circulation

And giving a nice healthy rosy glow to the skin now when i first heard about this and read all the rave reviews i did not pick it up because frankly it’s very expensive at the full size and i also did not know a lot about hanbang skincare at the time for those of you that don’t know han bang is traditional korean herbal medicine sawasu is a luxury beauty company

Based in korea that uses han bung ingredients in their beauty products and from my understanding this is the most popular skin care item from that brand again like i mentioned since this is a travel size it was on sale for a good price and i’ve been learning more about hanbang skin care in general i thought i would go ahead and make a purchase finally give this

Item a try and see how it performs if you have tried this before and you have the full size please let me know in the comments down below i’m really curious as to hearing your thoughts about this product and if it’s well worth the money because again the full size is rather expensive so we’ll see how the travel size goes and if it goes well maybe the regular size

Will go on my wish list all right now we are on to the fourth and final skincare item i purchased on yes style some of you may giggle when you see it but it is the kahi wrinkle bounce multi bomb if you watch korean drama you’ve probably seen this placed in the shows at some point but it’s basically just a moisturizing stick but believe it or not i’ve been wanting

A moisturizing stick to keep in my purse for quite a while for those of you that don’t know my skin type although acne prone it does lean more dry it gets sensitized very easily to drying environments if i use too much powder in my makeup routine if i don’t moisturize or hydrate my skin enough it always feels tight and dry and very bothersome and this dry feeling

Happens any time of year it can happen while i’m swimming on the beach sitting under the hot sun or it could happen in the winter time when the heat is on and the air is just drier in general the past few years i’ve used a mist because it just functioned better in my skincare routine at the time because i wore more makeup but now i don’t wear foundation anymore

I barely wear a lot of makeup and if i do it’s the kind where i don’t care that it moves around in my face or it just melts off in general so that’s why i went ahead and picked up a moisturizing stick now did i have to pick up the kahi one in particular no but i was highly curious about it because from my understanding it was the first of its kind in korea that

Got really popular i know a few more have come out since but this is the one that i was more familiar with now the negative reviews i’ve read of this is one it’s expensive and i agree it is quite pricey but i still wanted to try it out and see what happens another con i’ve read about this is the oily greasy finish it leaves to me with the drier skin type that’s

Actually quite appealing and a positive feature for me and right now my under eyes are feeling rather dry because i did put powder on my face today because it’s rather hot today so i’m just gonna quickly moisturize certain areas of my face and already my under eyes feel pretty good after that one swipe the reason i put it here is because i have a little wrinkle

There and on my forehead i’ve also seen in the shows them applied to their neck and the nasolabial folds as well definitely an area where i feel dry let me see how i look in a mirror let us do a mirror inspection since i didn’t really see what my makeup looked like and it does not look bad at all thank goodness i did use the color science uh total eye therapy three

In one tinted spf under my eye and it doesn’t look patchy or super rubbed off at all i did have a little bit of dry patches under my eyes here already it’s not a big deal though because nothing looks like it’s out of place and moved everything just naturally blends into my skin the nasolabial fold area where i also apply concealer looks pretty good as well and

My neck i didn’t really apply anything so it’s just moisturized here and my forehead just powder again looks good the feel is rather emollient but i personally really like it i do have another week or so of beach weather so i’m definitely going to bring this with me and give it a try once i come out of the sea water and just walking around in general it’s basically

Going to be in my purse from this point on and i’m going to see how frequently i grab it and how it performs in my daily life in general if you’ve tried this bomb let me know what you think in the comments down below or if you recommend something that’s maybe a little bit more affordable would love to hear about it because again this was rather pricey but if it

Performs well and lasts a long time i may consider repurchasing it but right now let’s just see how the first purchase goes and that is it for my third skincare haul of 2022 again i made sure that whatever i purchased it was with intention they were items that i could not replace in my skincare routine with something from my skincare collection before we end this

Haul video however i do have one more item that i picked up that i want to share with you all but it should come as no surprise that is the bioderma autoderm intensive balm i don’t know how many bottles i’ve gone through this already it is my holy grail moisturizer my husband uses it too this was also featured in my first skin care haul of this year already emptied

That one out and replaced it with another bottle this is going to be in my skincare routine indefinitely i just love the ingredients in this how it makes my skin feel the amount for the price it just works so well my sister even used this as a body moisturizer she said she really liked it and i’m probably going to start upping my body care routine and using the

This on my body as well that’s it for this video as always i hope you find content like this helpful and informative hauls i don’t go into detail about many things so i hope you find this type of video enjoyable in general if you’ve tried any of these skincare items i mentioned from the haul please be sure to leave a comment down below with your experience good

Or bad i would love to read about it also if you have any recommendations for the future for me to try out that you think i would really like i’d love to read about it as well that is it for this video see you all soon ciao thank you

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