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Slowly taper off benzos using Water Titration (Clonazepam, Xanax, Diazepam, Ativan)

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Benzos are not water soluble. Vodka 100 proof is used as a solvent; it is 50% ethanol and 50% water. You have options…choose a method that works for you.

Hi i’m here to show you my method of tapering benzodiazepines using the ethanol method i use 100-proof vodka right now i have used 40 percent or 80 proof in the past but i found that the hundred proof does also a little bit faster what i use currently is 0.5 milligram clonazepam and i dissolve it with 1 mil her 1 milligram or 1 mil per pill in a glass pint jar i’ve

Measured out 3 mils and i’m going to squirt that in the jar enough to cover the pills and let it dissolve it happens pretty fast in the 50% vodka which is a hundred proof you can see it already starting to break apart while that’s dissolving i’m going to show you some instructions and i learned this method at a facebook group which is now closed but it’s pretty

Similar to what benzo buddies teaches first thing i do is measure out four hundred and fifty mils of water then i drop the pills into the glass jar and add enough alcohol to cover the pills and i used to let it dissolve about ten minutes that was for the 80 proof it doesn’t take that long with the 50 proof after it’s dissolved i add the water to the jar put the

Lid on and shake it then i transfer it to a container just because it’s easier to pour then i measure my dose out in a graduated cylinder a hundred mil was recommended by benzyl buddies and that works great for a long time you might want to go to a 50 mils per cylinder later on using this method there’s no need to crush the pills using a mortar and a pestle and

I’ll show you a document that has been developed to teach you the math and how to know what dose you’re taking and how many mils to drink i’ll link this document from a google document which you can download and study and so these pills are beginning to dissolve quite nicely give it a little shake and i’ve been told that the particles that remain are just simply

Fillers and binders coatings whatever but those do not affect your taper is that which is ethanol plus water will dissolve the benzodiazepine ingredients so a chemist told me not to worry about the particles that are left and i’ve let this set for as much as 10 minutes and as little as three i like to mix two jars at once there’s the four hundred and fifty mils

Of water if you can see it comes to the top of the bottom ring of this pint jar then after it’s dissolved in the water set it put the lid on and shake it a few times to get it mixed completely and you could measure right out of the jar if you want i’ve used this syringe at times just to fill the graduated cylinder but i like to store it in this plastic jar i’m

Sorry plastic bottle that’s a vitamin water bottle it’s real sturdy and then i pour it into the cylinder i’m gonna fill it to a hundred mils and as you can see it’s a little over so i put the dropper in pull out the excess and squirt it back into the bottle and then i pour it into a glass if i want to reduce further than that i can pull out using a syringe or this

Dropper if i wanted to drink 95 i’d pull out five and i’ve already tested this dropper return it to the bottle this dropper does measure accurately i have a small i have a small graduated cylinder i’ve measured it with so now i’ve got 90 miles i pulled out a hundred measured a hundred in the graduated cylinder poured it into the glass and now i’ve got 90 mils to

Drink and that’s really all there is to it thanks for watching have a good day

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Slowly taper off benzos using Water Titration (Clonazepam, Xanax, Diazepam, Ativan) By Will Power