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Smoking a Marlboro Smooth Menthol Cigarette – Review

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so today i’ll be smoking a marlboro smooth menthol cigarette and reviewing it! overall, this cig is absolutely fantastic. i hope you enjoy!

I just wanted to preface this video by saying i do not encourage nor condone the use of cigarettes or weed or anything similar to that and if you’re under the age of 18 you can get out of my channel right now um but i’m gonna go ahead and get the video started make sure to like and subscribe of course and enjoy thank you alrighty so today i’m going to be smoking

And reviewing a marlboro smooth menthol and i’m going to be talking a little bit about how it is um so the pack itself is pretty simple the design up here is pretty interesting it looks kind of like cloth where it’s like blue and then it has shading and stuff but other than that it’s pretty simple just marlboro with the v up here phillip morris down here nothing

Too interesting on the side surgeon general warning uh they’ve got a code on the inside of course but yeah no nothing too interesting i think i’m gonna go ahead and pop the pack open though and let’s see i’ve never had one of these before i have had the marlboro smooth ice but i’ve never just had the marlboro smooth menthol so i’m looking forward to trying this

And this is the reseal pack so this is going to be pretty cool and then so there we go see ya and there’s the reseal right there so you can see how that works just like that which is pretty cool but i’m gonna go ahead and take one of the cigarettes out i did not pack these i do not know i don’t think i probably should have packed them because they’re marlboros

Let me do that real quick there we go much better so let’s go ahead and get one out and then go ahead and take a look at it so the cigarette itself is it has a pretty long filter as you can tell right there there is i’m not seeing any perforation wow this is a really knotting i’m not seeing any lines of perforation wow that’s crazy but the cigarette itself has a

Pretty long filter and it’s pretty short so i can definitely see this being not a very long sig but i think without further ado let’s go ahead and get this lit up and start the video you know what i’m saying so without further ado oh that’s very icy it’s very smooth though that is very smooth i will admit whew that’s interesting i quite like it that’s pretty good

Pretty good body can’t complain about the body but yeah no this is not bad at all the the direct off taste this reminds me i know the marlboro smooth ice was pretty damn good i really really like the marlboro smooth ice this is really good too personally i don’t see why they made a marlboro smooth ice sorry it’s getting a little bit windy it’s getting annoying

Um i don’t know why they made a marlboro smooth ice just because this is already extremely icy as is and i have never had one of these so this is all a new experience to me but this is pretty good oh can’t be letting the plastic get on the ground man this has got me buzzed though i will admit this is pretty good i would say this is definitely comparable to the

Marlboro smooth eye um smooth ice this is pretty good but this is just the marlboro menthol which is weird i did not expect it to be this icy it is very icy i’m enjoying this and i know it’s getting a little bit windy i’m sorry about that i’m gonna work on getting a mic soon man this is pretty good though i cannot complain whoo man it’s beautiful down here today

You know what i’m saying can’t complain right off the bat i’m probably gonna rate this sick i’m gonna have to rate it a solid 9 out of ten this is a 9 out of 10 sig right now if the filter gets mushy i’m gonna have to knock it down to an 8.5 but this is pretty i’m really liking this foreign might be noisy for a minute train’s about to come by i’m gonna try to

Finish this before then but i don’t think i’m gonna be able to yeah this is pretty good i’m probably gonna end the video here because i know the uh the train horn is gonna blow and that’s gonna be annoying as hell so the filter is not getting particularly mushy so far but yeah if you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe for more content i have my

Instagram in the description down below along with my book i highly recommend you check both those out um but yeah thank you so much for watching guys and until the next one stay safe and peace sorry i didn’t finish the sig i know that the train’s gonna upload the train horn’s gonna blow and it’s gonna be too loud for the video so until the next one guys peace

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Smoking a Marlboro Smooth Menthol Cigarette – Review By jacobfuckingjones