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So mental, so hungry

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Yes it’s time to break out your ponytail ugh i’m drinking some highly concentrated coffee i don’t really care for coffee i need some energy we don’t take all these out of here today oh little man no baby we’re not playing with this stuff now oops oh my goodness he loves the broom and the mops and all this stuff here we have it y’all okay so dilla again

This cheese is so good y’all it’s um vegan cheese it’s free from dairy soy gluten lactose nuts and preservatives what is it it’s uh potat potato and corn starch wow i made me put that much because i don’t have that much i gotta get more from the grocery store but look at that that melts like that i should do a commercial cheese it’s disgusting i didn’t like

That at all it’s one of those days y’all pancakes without eggs and stuff look at this massive pancake this isn’t even mine but look how thick it is i used um just self-rising flour and some almond flour and i put some baking soda in there this is even my this is the baby’s pancake for me i’m gonna put a little bit of protein uh powder in there and um get my

Protein in with my my pancake a little syrup here look at this pancake man i don’t know how thick that is pour that on there like that and um steven up the camera pumpkin hmm what we can promise you the same results for less than three dollars a pill if you’re paying twenty dollars a bill for viagra you save more than five hundred dollars you don’t have

To be a rocket scientist to know what to do next came out really good rachel it smells so nice in here i’m making pumpkin soup can you believe it there you have it so i’m just stirring in some spices because i find that i usually need a little bit more spice than what the recipe has put so let’s taste it um that’s good you know the um recipe i got out of this

Book here plant-powered families and it’s got like it’s really thick it’s got a lot of recipes in here all right all right there we go all right so i just froze those i put some spray oil on the muffin tin and threw the soup in there so i’ll have that i can have it frozen and then thought out as i go okay it was really bad idea to put that in there like that

Really bad i know some of you are probably shouting to the screen don’t do it oh well at least i saved a little bit everything’s fine again situation averted okay so anyway i don’t know what i was talking about but i need a nap oh let me check all the pancakes look at that look at that oh they’re beautiful oh huh why are you pushing me oops okay save babe

Just scrape that off and yeah okay it’s ready come on this way all right we got everything let’s see here this is uh uh that’s how we do breakfast around here people all right we got a little uh tofu scramble with some vegan sausage and spinach yeah let’s see i need what are those things called utensils i’m coming baby oh wait i still got two more pancakes

To make ready to eat all right here we go make sure that doesn’t close yummy balance is vegan butter it’s just olive oil and this was a margarine basically i believe uh vegetable oil canola palm salt flour flax extra virgin olive oils water salty protein and lactic and a natto extract yeah here we got a just egg omelet we got some of that uh veggie sausage

In there again with some spinach got me some taste got me some veggies and put on there and gonna have some blubberies oh yeah and that it all man didn’t like that at all hey

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So mental, so hungry😁😣 By Day 1 Fat Loss