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SOAP Notes Counseling Practice Session on Guaifenesin

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Hello my name is hit in there i am a student pharmacists healthy today hi my name is lauren surrounded by conforming loan hi so what things together i’m coming to me coco do you have a nasa different for me oh no that does not sound good but don’t you worry too much let me see what i can do to help is it okay excited console united matters if you only took about

Them of course awesome the solver here to have next discussion so i should probably take you a compliment connection so earlier ages will be attacking were having a good call can you describe this for me does it have any color to it at night yellow and on the scale of one to ten how specific i believe there’s no call asleep and it’s about fall out of contention

Happy gonna go take anything so hard that usually makes it better i shouldn’t have a tough indian for them maybe feels clearly i was not able to take it through the day what i have to do when you get some supplies this urn about two days ago when the water temperatures of 230 degrees no i just family in my throat 1xxxx quick when i drink probabilities or do not stay

Long enough roberto from the end it helps me feel better but i was not able to take it while at work because i stop sniffing just women wanna leave no our lord i am going to ask you several questions to see good over-the-counter medications for you there will be some questions that you probably already but i just want to represent again so you said that there

Were no colors such as yellow or green mucus and it is not specific this symptoms started about two days ago for you and you do not have any chronic disease or its business if you’re working for the environment are you exposed to dust particle or an object then we receive your love if you check your temperature to see if you have any fever ufo business in padova

Belong do you think you are pregnant no other things work thank you for all your information it looks like you is having mrs. hall and nothing severe i am going to recommend generic by understated 600 milligrams branding is called the next it should help loosen cases and he beat you ha you are going to take one tablet by mouth every fall powder that mediate would’ve

Told patrick waters swallow it whole do not break to request the fabric you may take two tablets is needed but do not take more than 2,400 milligrams for hours you can take this with or without food that is it stars of pena stomach then dis- food this medication is generally well tolerated however some common adverse effect exceed 15 yes so i don’t recommend that

You drive while taking this medication and they cannot via vomiting for some extent nestle is this the asus is also they rare but serious adverse effects this is nothing meself but that’s it only happen if you take some large quantity since you are not taking any other medications besides using once a day or have any condition there are no drugs or drug or drugs

These interactions with wife and see if this is a dosis pneus you should take the missiles as soon as you remembered or skip the missed dose is it is almost time for the next scheduled dose did not take extra medicine to make up for the missed dose you should store buy anything if the temperature away from moisture and sunlight be sure to drink plenty of water to

Stay hydrated is tough has not include within seven days or our receiver last for purposes panic for if you are hyper’s over sensitive to any components after confirmation you suppose senior doctors so you in to follow up with your doctor’s office in a week to see how you did so can you tell me how you take this medication okay i should take one more tablet every

12 hours hold a fool i should not exceed 2,400 milligrams 24 hours the bama said oh i should certainly those us or not possible or pizza miss or if it’s almost time for the next level i should saw the medication at low temperature i’m impetus myself hydrated keep my symptoms of must get better within the next seven days or if a mobile sensitive to any component

Of information i should see my doctor wonderful i hope you will feel better point we have any questions thank you and have a great day stay behind to thank you

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SOAP Notes Counseling Practice Session on Guaifenesin By Katelyn Lam