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Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, Iris | MAX performance + Shaders | Minecraft 1.19

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Want to get BETTER than Optifine FPS and performance? Want shaders too? This video is the ULTIMATE guide for installing the BEST FPS improving plugins to beat even Optifine in Fabric! Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, Iris for Shaders, and WI Zoom for zoom functionality like Optifine – but BETTER!

What’s up my name is tech nobe here for troubleshoot and welcome back to another video in this quick video i’ll be showing you how to install sodium lithium phosphor iris as well as a wi zoom mod for minecraft 1.19 what on earth did i just say well effectively these are mods that replace optifine and give you better performance in most cases with most of the same

Features including shaders this is the ultimate guide for getting high fps in minecraft 1.19 using the fabric mod note that this doesn’t work for forge and you will need the fabric mod already installed it’s super simple i’ll be running through it in this guide here but for more info in the description down below you’ll find a 1.19 fabric install guide with tons

Of info as well as a ton of other 1.19 guys have already done so without further ado let’s go ahead and make sure that we have fabric installed and the fabric api in our mods folder i’ll open up the minecraft launcher and from the drop downs here i’ll simply select fabric loader 1.19 if you don’t have this check the description down below for the install guide

But you’ll also find a direct download link if you know what you’re doing in the description down below you’ll also find the fabric api download 2. we’ll need to head across to that even if you already have fabric installed as you do need this other basic mod on this page over here in the description down below fabric api simply click files at the very top over

Here look for 1.19 fabric api and choose download on the right hand side then we’ll download a jar file and we’ll need to place this in our fabric mods folder usually you’ll need to hold start and press r and inside of here we’ll type percentage app data percentage slash dot minecraft as such and click ok to open up our minecraft folder in app data usually it’ll

Always be located here unless you move it somewhere else anyways inside of here we’ll look for the mods folder and we’ll open this up if you don’t have a mods folder you’ll need to create one now app.roamingminecraft mods then we’ll drag the fabric api from our downloads into the minecraft mods folder over here deleting any other fabric api copies that we have here

So we only have the most updated 1.19 version here do note that mods from previous versions usually don’t work in new versions so you’ll need to get rid of all other mods that aren’t compatible with 1.19 here as well i have a mods 1.18 folder over here for that exact reason awesome now that fabric and fabric api are installed in the description down below you’ll

Find links to sodium lithium phosphor iris shaders and the wi zoom mod so what exactly do all of these mods do and what do they mean first of all sodium replaces the minecraft renderer and dramatically improves in-game fps lithium optimizes and improves in-game mechanics and functionality like game physics creature ai block ticking etc to give you much better

Performance in game without subtracting from the vanilla experience at all phosphor completely rewrites the minecraft lighting engine and speaking of lighting if you want shaders to replace something like say optifine you should use iris shaders it’s compatible with sodium lithium phosphor although the previous mods we just talked about talking about optifine if

You miss the zoom functionality we can download wi zoom for that you’ll also find this linked in the description down below it also gets pretty crazy anyways so starting from the top we’ll download all of these mods starting with sodium head across to files then look for sodium mc 1.19 and click download then we’ll go to lithium files lithium mc 1.18 even though

This isn’t quite yet updated it should still work i’ll click download here unfortunately if this doesn’t work at the time of making this video if you see 1.19 it will definitely work and you should definitely drop it in your mods folder we’ll find out shortly phosphor i’ll head across to files once again i don’t think this is updated for 1.19 just yet but we’ll

Try and download this for now once again if you see 1.19 it’ll definitely work for you iris shaders i’ll head across to files at the very top and once again look for iris 1.19 download and finally wi zoom files wi zoom 1.19 download there we go everything is now downloaded and ready to be dropped into our mods folder so that’s exactly what we’re doing here sodium

Lithium phosphor iris and wi zoom awesome everything is now installed in our mods folder and we can continue to launch up the actual game itself so fabric loader and i’ll click play here i’ve already given it more ram once again in-depth fabric install guide in the description down below ah there we go unfortunately incompatible mod lithium and phosphate well these

Are both mods that you won’t really notice in the in-game ui so you may not know if they’re working but as long as you don’t see an error like this or a crash when starting the game they should definitely be installed at working so unfortunately i’ll need to remove phosphor and lithium so i’ll select them delete them and now we can relaunch minecraft when minecraft

Eventually starts up you won’t notice anything different but if we head into options then video settings you’ll see a bunch of different options here on the general tab i’d recommend changing the brightness to 100 and disabling vsync unless you’re specifically receiving screen term where the top half doesn’t sync with the bottom half of your screen resulting in a

Teared effect click apply and as you can see we have a shader packs tab this means that iris has installed it properly this also means that we can enable any changes that we currently have installed this mod works with 99 of the shader packs that optifine and other mod packs do too and on top of this you can drag and drop shader packs into the screen here to install

Them it’s really simple i’ll head back twice then into controls and keybinds in the top right scrolling down to the very bottom you’ll see wi zoom the zoom key by default is v and iris reload shaders shader pack selection screen and toggle shaders on r o and k awesome so v is what i’ll be using in game for my zoom so i’ll load into my test world up here to show

You what’s happening so over here might have a house and i’ll hold v to zoom in and on top of this while holding v we can scroll down to zoom back to normal and scroll forwards to zoom in quite a bit there we go that’s as far as it goes which is a really really long distance awesome so on top of this everything is super smooth i’m getting oh 1200 fps before i hit

F3 there we go 1002 that is an absolutely huge amount and if you find that the game is eating too much of your graphics card you may want to just enable vsync over here or set a maximum frame rate of something reasonable anyways beyond the point so heading into shader packs i’ll select say yo fps low i’ll apply it click done and as you can see my shaders have

Now loaded everything’s a lot brighter and i like the way that things look especially in the daytime over here hitting f3 we’re getting 700 fps which is absolutely massive especially compared to what fps are getting using this plugin using this shade pack in optifine so things really do look good and strong for these plugins even though they haven’t fully come

Out those two that didn’t work here well unfortunately i’ll only be able to get to them in the future but i definitely will be doing a full optimization guide including those so for now just imagine that they are here and i’m getting even more fps than i am currently sitting in the high 800s with shaders on it’s absolutely insane so beyond that there’s tons that

You can do to optimize the game and get even more out of it but i’ll leave this all up to you at least for now while i’m working on my optimization guide after everything comes around to 1.19 anyways that’s really about it for this quick video i do hope that you’re watching this in the future when the 1.19 release is out and you can enjoy even more fps than i can

Currently anyways thank you all for watching hopefully you found this video interesting as an alternative to optifine and a really really good one at that my name’s being taken over here for troubleshoot and i’ll see you all next time ciao

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Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, Iris | MAX performance + Shaders | Minecraft 1.19 By TroubleChute