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Solodyn/ tazorac/ minocycline week 1

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Hey guys um so i guess this is one week into my acne medications so right now i’ve been starting on this new acne called so lledon i think yeah it’s backwards for you but you know for acne obviously and then also i’m on a cream i don’t have the prescription yet so i’ve been using the samples calls called tazz iraq which i’m supposed to use this one once every night

And also yeah take these once every day now for these though since when i went and got the prescription it is there was $900 so i ended up being switched to this stuff called my nose cycling or whatever um so i’m supposed to take it’s supposedly just a generic version i just take one during the day and one at night i’ve been actually taking now i’m gonna use up my

Samples though so lit in stuff just because it’s easier cuz i wanted to take it once a day because i still and i’ve been taking this stuff for about six days now and b i before that i was just using proactiv didn’t see like any results i still they told me he still use proactiv so i’ve been putting proactive on every night and then i put on the tazza rack and then

I take the pill so actually though so far i mean my acne still you know not great but it’s actually cleared up like the redness has gone away why so i me i’m re slightly happier the only thing is like sometimes went on putting the cream on cuz they told me to like you know be careful with it because it is like really strong and kind of ease into it and i didn’t do

That at all i just jumped right into it and so i’ve had like last night i had a way off of it though cuz i end up like swelling my chin like it went back down but on my whole like bottom on my face like just swole up and got like real and light also with this stuff it makes you like really sensitive to sunlight but for me that’s really bad because i go out you know

For like band and also i like to swim and whatnot so it doesn’t really help there but you know at the end of the day it works also though you know i’ve been you just trying to moisturize my face a lot specifically you know using like the proactiv stuff still because i stole plenty of that crap left and on and also you know i proactive is really expensive so after i

Run out proactiv she recommended me oh my prescription give me a second she wrecked sorry i heard something she recommended me though uh to take this i i know what it’s called it’s called the where’s that uh it says like pan or axle creamy wash or whatever i can’t pronounce that a home and where is it it’s probably backwards all have in the description now that um

It’s actually like a cleaner though you know for your face obviously cuz she said they’re always good now you can buy my walgreens and stuff because they’re called a benzoyl or whatever i really can’t pronounce these drugs or whatever um are the name of these things but you know for cleaning your face and she told me they’re always good to use so i you know she

Say you shouldn’t be using them you know and then using on top of your you know medications and stuff so i’m gonna just have i guess weekly updates so next week i’ll you know have an update of how how it’s going of me taking might as iraq and finishing up this prescription and then moving on to the other one because these just samples and because my older ones

Over there but you know i’m just like i said i’m just gonna try to take the easy ones first because right now you know i’m waking up early for bang camp i don’t wanna worry about taking pills and stuff so i’ll have another video out i guess next week then showing the progress so see you guys later

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Solodyn/ tazorac/ minocycline week 1 By dahbestman