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SOMA Part 1: Where’s the drugs?!

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Because putting MRI fluids on tables are bad, mkay?

Alrighty guys trex a kale or badger and welcome to soma now before we start this new game there’s three things you should know first of all i am playing this and complete and utter darkness for atmospheric purposes so if i end up screaming like a little girl you’ll know why okay it wouldn’t really be a scary horror game if you prayed even bright light so there’s that

Right second of all i have never seen or read any particular information about this game i am completely well in the dark so to speak so well technically the only video i have ever seen about this particular game is the first the first trailer they ever released about this game basically the introductory thing that hey we’re making you again just you know and yeah

That was like two years ago yeah something along those lines and race yeah i know absolutely squat diddly about this so i’m going in here a little blind i have no idea what’s awaiting me and therefore the warning about screaming girl cuz i’m probably gonna be screaming a hell of a lot right number three um um i like peanut butter i can’t remember it whistles hey but

Hey let’s let’s let’s go with that might scream like a little girl don’t know all about the game also i like peanut butter yes so anyways let’s start the game let’s see what horrors await me mmm that’s a little brain mri scan right there lovely well it does make a good book i think you’re bleeding oh oh that that’s nothing just my brain can’t stop bleeding from

The accident here take this know that that’s for later for the scan it’s green ashley i need to tell you something simon please don’t make this weird no no it’s not like that why now who’s david much is there never enough time okay that is literally the loudest phone i have ever heard in my entire life what the hell oh ok yes easy climb up high simon jira yeah

That’s me my name is david munchy we spoke earlier the brain scan i remember are you all right yeah yeah just a bad dream are we still on for today yeah that’s why i’m calling i wanted to remind you to drink the tracer fluid i sent you it’ll help me capture a better image of the damages don’t worry i got it somewhere okay great i’ll see you in a couple of hours then

Okay see you soon oh hey is what i put this um it’s extremely obvious what’s going to happen you get with the tracer fluid i’m talking thank you very much right so you go up you drink the tracer fluid and oh wait no it’s not actually tracer fluid it’s actually a very strong sedative oh no i’m losing consciousness aha and then the bad things happen also i’m noticing

That there is absolutely the game doesn’t the non radioactive tracer fluid where are you i am talking could you please shut the up thank you very much who would ask pastor but yeah maybe i shouldn’t statue oh maybe here’s the point yes i should probably not stand here talking forever and ever right so own message like this weekend or next an email i swear that

Guy is the memory of a goldfish i even sent an email to remind him didn’t i alright so first impression is that this game doesn’t really start off as a trailer that it would like the original trailer in the original trailer you wake up in some kind of crazy laboratory this doesn’t really look like me as a crazy laboratory anyways um right tracery fluid but first

We must look at the plant oh look look oh right the nation mechanic gotta vacuum the floor it’s filthy in here yo all right right so what is this are you playing games alright so let’s read this book first laughing minds whoa oh right the person who look nz it’s visible text of human open under 10 minus rt find out how your brain is dependent on its body well gee i

Wonder at the heart and organs and something have to something to do with that yes take obviously i use the brain is simply no puter well in a multitude of aluminum heads oh ha hardy har har addition also in kids finish up yours with a brain and i yeah i really need not sure if it’s going to show up in the video not but yeah the green tearing is all right i’m gonna

Fix that excellent anyways it will soon love more digging sake treatments love oh doc note sake treatment love dr. phil dr. phil oh oh gee thanks for you and i can actually left click that mapping i do subtitle for the subtitles um right watching tv gives me headaches now thank you brain you’re welcome i guess how’d i right oh yeah a light awesome and i got to see

The clipping coming right so what’s this my feet awesome picture of girl friend oh please let me why do you have a radioactive symbol on the logo that’s aaron and i zoom in rim or prime or green / robyn crawling with grits book signing right right oh and maybe i should have said this in the beginning of the episode is of warning i’ll be exploring a lot i’ll be you

Know i’ll be exploring reading more books basically getting a thorough feel of the game right so i know its computer no i did i speak oh right right okay thank you again for participant flesh is going and we were performed at the place laboratories but since we are guests are accessing predictable reggie skeleton scan 50 okay i can expect you have your own hospital

Other stuff but happy together having frequent that shows your pretty soon it across how he’d like randomly bleeds from his brain that’s usually not a very good thing unless you’ve got a hole in your head oh yes coming up have it fresh okay so i guess he has issues with pressure building up in his cranium and needs to leave that off me could be fatal lovers in

Different browsers i’m not even going to try and pronounce that welcome to modern medicine help youth my trans pc know about that medication helping me with nightmares yeah vision is an immunity only rats i jes a since you probably forgot to hit send yes aren’t you a clever cookie since you probably forgot just me ramona gonna be around for means in sure you’re

Actually i’m coming go and play some pic boxes behind you come but i’m cerdo tells me then good luck you nailed it good luck y’all eating and the most overused sentence ever right then this email i better late than never i mean simon jareth at email net okay okay right anyways microwave can’t read that great the take out pamphlets crash right hello tim there all

Rights i can’t open them me hmm gravity though so does nothing but fast food should buy something healthier in my way home yes you got a bleeding brain but your junk food that’s incredibly smart of you all right so um all right look arkin kind of my life and pray to manage to save up enough money thanks for everything huh there’s a tremendous but in thousands of

Thin string stretching somewhere below 2,000 in strings then the strings in the ok let’s air to premises but the swimmers pulled screaming into the dark water but you weren’t hawaii water isn’t exactly dark ok just burn this bread to get out of harm’s way there’s a ton charlie’s got right about asked like oh yeah people are dying and drowning and stuff why aren’t

You getting the hell out of there but apparently their son was clever enough to get caught in something and there you go plot summers coming hope it’s a good one well this brings back memories to half-life 2 that’s for sure alright here’s me right toiletries nope towels i don’t want to keep the doctor waiting shower when i get back yeah so am i missing something

I’m supposed to take that medication but i can’t for the life of me find it and let me say something horribly obvious here fine jess white pick up meds am i supposed to like go outside and pick up meds or all right so there’s no medication here unless you count a coffee cup on my clothing or clothing even more clothing camera lenses bubblehead window bathroom

All nothing inside massive recoil don hugh is corrupt cop working in hong kong one day his life is turned upside down amber mysterious foreigner get prisoner by the golden dragon triad well that’s a very asian movie um get ready to roll this time too because triad the police special forces of like the hotel that’s supposed to be a gaming console or white oh yellow

Because i’m just gonna assume i’m supposed to be going outside because i can’t let you drink the tracer fluid before i go see dr. munchy don’t don’t hate being an idiot am i being a complete oh hi yes okay um how do i be okay give me a second patrols rotate inventory i am pressing tab and nothing is one ok so um well surely you keep important medications in the

Bridge unless they say do not go back back inside hate to stay fresh that’s good hygienic um boxes it’s a carton oh well some small means of progress that much will of god knows what okay either i’m complete and utter or they really need to put the important story progressing item lightly more obvious so we have been um a variety fame massive recoil flawless

And thick there it is well that was incredibly obvious thank you game designers then kills young oh yesterday drive addressed acted by own thang by her children ran red causing her to blindside the car and that oh the mother and her children travelling ilysm left bruised but largely unharmed the other party was less lucky at the car crashed into the president

Sign ashley hall sustained devastated amateur and suffocated from blood revenue bonds a friend and drive is simon jarrett i knew it i knew it vials with complicated results believed when brain-damaged name has been canceled practically unavoidable eat your children oh oh yeah you turn your head to scream at your children it’s practically unavoidable to run a red

Light huh right so anyways tab inman tab in hello oh that lovely little icon right so caution other nuclear contrasting 04 mri nmr mri another nuclear contrasting whatever god you tom got you tan gadget can guide you anyways let’s let’s look that up and probably go unconscious feels like milk but the taste it’s like sucking on a penny well it’s medication it’s

Not meant to taste like candy right can we actually progress the store in line now never mind we are yes it’s been literally 20 minutes of me running around this room being an idiot not about that so before we go through this door and progress the storyline which i’ll take a little break and so yes i’ll continue in the next episode yeah so thank you for watching

And i’ll see you in the next episode which yeah that should be everything yeah yeah i’ll see in the next episode hold on

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SOMA Part 1: Where's the drugs?! By LordBadger