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Spot the Difference #7 w/ PAW Patrol Moto Pups! | Nick Jr.

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Can you spot the differences in these PAW Patrol Moto Pup scenes? Race through each clip and call out any differences you see!

Your moto pup friends can find anything want to race through these scenes and spot the differences paw patrol let’s rev up and ride it’s okay to be afraid okay ready now and rare super speed boosters hang on a moto minute there was a difference do you see it you got it wildcat’s bike is blue here but red here going in you saw a difference let’s reverse oh

There it is there’s a bird flying by as wildcat is in the air clawsome i’m going wait are you saying what i think you’re saying okay so you turned off the machine big deal we’re still trapping you with no way to get out don’t be so sure about that um these donut eaters don’t need your help another difference where whoa that’s some good spotting this donut has

Strawberry frosting but this one has chocolate frosting delicious let’s ride to the next gonna win this scene and that chicken is mine oh hit those breaks a difference that chicken is mine do you see it that’s right that’s a red arrow here but a stop sign here speedy spotting hard left closet with that was close you’ll never catch up that another one you’re

So good at this where ryder hey there’s a pumpkin on mayor goodway’s head here but a pineapple on her head here your move rocky time to ramp marshall hang on you saw a difference where hey there’s a giant chickaletta in this scene marshall help the mayor really great spotting paw patrol is on a roll rough water cannon hit the brakes a difference do you

See it that’s right hubcap is wearing a different helmet in this scene this calls for double jump rescue chase you saved the pilot wildcat you saved the jet on it ryder we’ll have to jump super high chase which means super speed oh you like the trick you taught me let’s hang on a moto minute you saw another difference where wow there’s a rock in this seat but

Here it’s ryder’s lookout tower great job wait do you see the difference right you’re really good at this chase has flashing lights on his motorcycle in this scene and no lights in this scene let’s fly to the next scene great teamwork you two super speed boosters you’re heading for a nasty fall that’s right the ferris wheel in this scene is yellow but here

It’s purple i hope i can do it this time but i have to to save that pup one two three awesome move wildcat now see if you can clog his ears with a yarn another difference really good spotting where awesome wildcat now see if you can clog his ears with the yarn that’s right ryder has puppiers in this scene wow the last difference where clawsome it’s daytime

In this scene and nighttime in this scene awesome move wildcat i knew you could make that jump great job nice one you race through those differences which moto pup scene was your favorite you can ask your parents to subscribe to the nick jr youtube channel for new videos every day and find more of your favorite shows on tv on nickelodeon and the nick jr channel

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Spot the Difference #7 w/ PAW Patrol Moto Pups! | Nick Jr. By Nick Jr.