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SSZ Mnemonic

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😍🖼Animated Mnemonics (Picmonic):

Hey guys it’s medicos is perfection ellis continuing our discussion about rheumatology lectures we have talked about the dmards before specially the synthetic demars including this famous ss z or sulfasalazine today we have a great mnemonic about that so let’s get started just to remind you treatment of rheumatoid medical or surgical medical include non-steroidal

D mort’s and other immune suppressants d mods are disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs by anti rheumatic we mean anti rheumatoid we divided them into synthetic and biologic synthetic also known as conventional or non biological ease or chemicals these are not derived from cell proteins including methotrexate and sulfasalazine which is the topic of today’s video

Synthetic dmards here is the list and sulfasalazine is here and even though it’s the number one used drug for rheumatoid in europe or the number one used dmort today’s mnemonic is about the southern united states so if you are from the us this mnemonic will make you laugh you’re not from the us hopefully you will laugh and to remember the synthetic dmards gould is

History penicillamine is history wise gold history it’s a bad investment weiss penicillamine history because it’s opinions has been destroyed by inflation sulfasalazine is the southern methotrexate thf is a myth to try hydra folate because methotrexate inhibits dihydrofolate reductase lif loan amide is the leaf hydroxychloroquine is the queen as a thigh operon is

The azathioprine so this inhibits pyrimidine and this inhibits purine because if immune autoimmune diseases the problem is in your immune cells if you wanna destroy your immune cells you hit them where it hurts in their dna for imogene and purines what’s the good news no immune cells no o2 immune disease what’s the bad news no immune cells we have increased your

Risk of infections because in life there are no solutions only trade-offs sulfa a lezyne we have two component or two parts the sulfa pirating component and the 5a essay portion this sulfa piloting treats the rheumatoid and this 5a si treats inflammatory bowel disease sulfasalazine can lead to site opinio liver toxicity check the lfts please so which one treats

The ibd the 5a essay which one can cause reye’s syndrome especially after varicella vaccine or viral infection this is the 5a essay so this mnemonic is better understood in a southern accent before we start i’m not making fun of anybody indeed i love people who live in the south they are very very generous and hospitality of the south in the united states is famous

So i love them my only purpose in this channel is to make medicine easy for you so the mnemonic in the southern action 5a sa a save about a slash a lever i spit upon a varicella vaccine causing garage syndrome you check the l.f.t.s including the ast and the l t now let me explain the 5a s a portion of sulfasalazine or the five amino salicylic acid is the one that

Treats inflammatory bowel disease and is the one that damages your liver after varicella vaccine or varicella infection and this is called reye’s syndrome a savable a slash a lever a spade upon a varicella vaccine caused in grass syndrome check the lt’s the ast and the alt so now you know everything you need to know about self or salesy no need to wander around

The field trying to find a fence my channel is medicos is perfection a loss for medicine makes perfect sense i’m sorry about my horrible accent i’m an egyptian guy what did you expect so brought to you by it’s just a joke come on okay and this company by the way we started in atlanta which is southern thank you all for watching and here is a bonus for you since

This is the a mnemonic please don’t forget that self a salving can lead to mega low blastic name you sir why because sulfasalazine decrease folate reabsorption if you love medical mnemonics which are actually better than mine go to pick manik check the link is in the description below they are not a sponsor of this video thank you for watching please subscribe

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Is perfection elsewhere medicine makes perfect sense until next time please be safe be safe stay happy and study hard

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SSZ Mnemonic By Medicosis Perfectionalis