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I found out i had parkinson’s disease six years ago i’ve been feeling some stiffness in my legs and a slight tremor in my hands for some time and my wife insisted that i see a doctor i thought it was nothing but my doctor wasn’t so sure and he referred me to a neurologist when i was finally diagnosed with parkinson’s i couldn’t believe it i mean i’d be healthy on

My life and i felt fine apart from the symptoms i just mentioned i was still going to work at the office every day golfing every other weekend so the idea of a serious disease like parkinson’s disease just floored me i didn’t want to believe it i was mad i guess looking back at it i was in denial still sometimes i still find it hard to accept the fact that i have

Parkinson’s disease the early simple of parkinson’s disease are barely noticeable and it is often a spouse or a close friend who is the first to notice a subtle change taking place in the early stages of your parkinson’s it may be that you just felt tired and thought you needed a holiday shaky hands well that’s simply too much coffee and stiffening muscles probably

Nothing more than overdoing it at the gym such as the benign nature that characterizes the onset of parkinson’s disease there are however some common symptoms that you may have experienced tremor a rhythmic movement or shaking particularly in the hands slowness when walking or doing simple activities like washing or getting dressed muscles that ache or become very

Tense and stiff these are just a few of the many different symptoms of parkinson’s disease whatever your symptoms they will be very different from the symptoms of someone else in fact every person’s experience with parkinson’s is unique i never had any of the shaking of the hands or head then a lot of people associate parkinson’s disease with so far my symptoms

Have been mild affecting my legs and they ache in her weak voice has never been worse stiffness so stiff that i could hardly walk still i consider myself one of the lucky ones there are a lot of people out there with parkinson’s disease with symptoms far worse than mine sitting here with me is dr. ann louise lefante a neurologist at the montreal general hospital

Dr. laughs 110 i know very little about parkinson’s disease however having done a little of my own research i do know that it’s thought to be due to a lack of dopamine in the brain if that’s correct dopamine is a chemical that’s naturally produced by cells in our body it carries signals between nerves in the brain to control body movements the micelle that produced

Dopamine or damaged the body doesn’t get enough of the dopamine it needs and that’s when parkinson’s symptoms develop unfortunately we don’t know why this happens and we can’t stop the disease process but we can manage it using a variety of means physical and occupational therapy zar an example diet and exercise can help and of course we can treat the symptoms with

Medications such as to leave oh yes levodopa is a drug used to treat parkinson’s disease still evo is used to treat people in whom the effect of each levodopa dose becomes shorter and who then experience fluctuations and the symptoms of their disease something called end of dose wearing off how does it work still evo contains three substances in each tablet one is

Levodopa which is given to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain however when levodopa is ingested the body breaks it down in much the same way as it does with food consequently only part of every dose is able to reach the ring the other two substances instil evil carbidopa and anti capoeman help to prevent this breakdown so that more levodopa reaches the

Brain and this can help improve the symptoms of parkinson’s disease yes still evil helps in relieving symptoms such as shaking of the limbs and stiffness and slowness of movement are there any precautions that people taking stool eagle should know about yes some people feel sleepy drowsy or rarely may suddenly fall asleep without warning when taking steve-o well

This may not sound serious it can be very serious if it happens when you’re driving a car or operating a piece of machinery so if you take stool evo you should take special care when you drive or operate a machine and if you do feel very drowsy or have a sudden onset of sleep avoid driving and operating machines report it to your doctor what kinds of side effects

Could a person taking stool evo experience the most common side effects are uncontrolled movements nausea vomiting loss of appetite abdominal pain dry mouth constipation diarrhea weight loss mental changes including paranoid and psychotic symptoms feeling agitated depression possibly with thoughts of suicide and problems with memory or thinking hallucinations

Confusion itching and rash and a reddish-brown discoloration of the urine if you experience any of these side effects talk to your doctor as soon as you can many of them can be relieved by adjusting your stevo dose also contact your doctor if you experience a decrease in blood pressure when standing up rapidly after sitting or lying down whether or not you have

Other symptoms such as dizziness nausea fainting or sweating tell your doctor as well if you experience any of the following uncommon symptoms an irregular heartbeat chest pain shortness of breath symptoms of a bleeding guttural serve such as abdominal pain nausea vomiting blood or blood in your stools infections bleeding or convulsions very rare side effects

That should be reported to your doctor includes severe diarrhea with significant weight loss excessive sleepiness drowsiness or suddenly falling asleep symptoms of hepatitis such as yellow skin and eyes nausea loss of appetite or light colored urine or serious skin reactions such as a rash red skin skin peeling or blistering of the lips eyes or mouth stop taking

Stool evo and tell your doctor if you experience very rare side effects such as increased muscle rigidity muscle twitching increased tremors agitation confusion altered consciousness fever a rapid pulse or wide fluctuations in blood pressure people taking still you should also be aware that in tack apone enhances the effectiveness and effects of levodopa if you

Weren’t previously taking in takapuna tablets with your levodopa carbidopa tablets switching to steve-o may cause an increase in certain side effects of levodopa such as uncontrolled movements feeling sick throwing up or hallucinations is there anything else we should know there’s one thing that all patients with parkinsons should be aware of some people who have

Parking disease may bleed increased risk of developing melanoma a form of skin cancer although we don’t know why it could be due to the disease itself or the medications used to treat it it’s always a good idea to check your skin regularly and have it examined periodically by a doctor that’s good advice for all of us to follow now still evo isn’t for everyone

Who shouldn’t take it obviously you shouldn’t take still evo if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to levodopa carbidopa int a capone or any of its other ingredients also you shouldn’t take still evo if you’re currently taking certain mao inhibitors used in the treatment of depression either both mao and ema will be inhibitors simultaneously or non-selective

Mao inhibitors or if you think tall that you shouldn’t take sympathetic drugs such as isoproterenol amphetamines epinephrine or coffin cold medications containing drugs related to epinephrine you also shouldn’t take it if you have liver impairment narrow angle glaucoma the kind of adrenal gland tumor called a pheochromocytoma a history of a rare form of muscle

Disorder called non-traumatic rhabdomyolysis a history of neuroleptics malagant syndrome which is a rare reaction to medicines used to treat severe mental disorders or any untreated disease of the heart lungs kidneys blood or hormones intriguing yes there are always some people who may not even know they have a health problem that needs to be treated high blood

Pressure is a good example of this because most of the time there are no symptoms that’s why it’s important to always check with your doctor before starting any medication including sea level to make sure it’s suitable for you you mentioned drug interactions we need to be careful when some medications are combined with others still evil for example can increase

The effect of some medications and conversely some medications can decrease the effect of still evil can you be more specific about that well still evil may increase the effects of certain antidepressants and medicines used to treat high blood pressure medications that can lessen the therapeutic effect of steve-o include those used to treat mental disorders reduce

Nausea and vomiting prevent convulsions and relax muscles even simple iron supplements can make stool evo less effective this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take any of these types of medications with still evo but you may need to have your dosages adjusted or have frequent follow-ups with your doctor for this reason it’s important to tell your doctor about

All medications you are taking or have taken recently including non prescription medicines and herbal products i guess you could say the treatment of parkinson’s disease or any disease for that matter means building a strong relationship with your doctor it’s really a two-way partnership isn’t it very much so i’m a very self-sufficient person very independent but

Whenever i have a question i always ask my doctor because i can trust her completely usually it’s as a result of something i’ve seen on the internet now i used the computer a lot there’s a whole world of information out there my wife is very supportive and she forces me to go out with her and i’m grateful for that and both she and my doctor i trying to do their

Very best to help me they want me to keep a diary of my on times and off times oh so far i haven’t i’m a bit of a procrastinator i’m just too busy in my own mind i have a good idea as to my own times and off time so their meaning to keep track of it still i realize it might give my doctor a good idea as to how well my symptoms are controlled i haven’t yet but well

Maybe i will someday doctor laughs 110 we’ve talked at length about the importance of symptom control and how still evil can help improve it if someone is going to start taking s’tel evo what do they need to know about dosing first of all still evil is available in tablet form and only one tablet should be taken at each dosing the tablet should be swallowed whole

Not split or broken and you can take it with or without food taking stool eva with a biscuit or other light snack may help lessen the possibility of having gastrointestinal side effects how often should still evil be taken that will be determined by your doctor your doctor will tell you exactly how many tablets to take each day and when to take them your dose may

Be increased or decreased depending on your response to treatment or if you experience any unwanted effects you should never take more than eight tablets to evo in any one day the most important thing any patient can do is follow their doctor’s instructions and never stop taking stool eva without consulting your doctor first is there anything more that you’d like

To add always bear in mind still evo has been prescribed for your use only so keep it safely stored in a cabinet well away from the reach of children it should be kept at room temperature and never take your stool evil if it’s past its expiry date or if the package shows any signs of damage or tampering dr. la fontaine you’ve been very helpful thank you i’m sure

You have your good days and your bad days whenever i’m having a bad day and i have to cancel my plans i still work full time and probably work motivates me i’m good at work it’s the weekends that are a little more challenging perhaps because they’re less demanding less structured so i work on my brain a new memory games so dooku’s crossword puzzles you know

Brain teasers that kind of thing i like to stay active too although i don’t golf anymore i like to work out you know to exercise to keep fit i do weights and boxing but i can only do that on my own times if i try on my off times i just get exhausted so i have to learn how to pace myself on the whole and i still find it hard to believe that i have parkinson’s but

I’m fighting back i’m not a quitter never have been and never will be

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