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Starting Latuda – 3 weeks

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A description of my experiences with the medicine Latuda. Learn more about me at:

Hello this is kenneth this is a follow-up in my ongoing series on my experiences with natuna medicine or bipolar depression and schizophrenia i started it approximately three weeks ago and what kind of what i can say is that i’ve had some positive reaction to it my motivation is increased feel better my mood is good doing things that haven’t been doing for months

It’s it’s working very well as far as side-effects i haven’t noticed in the side-effects except for some vowels enos after taking it this medicine is similar to seroquel and my doctor decided to take me off seroquel and put me on the tuda because the effectiveness of the seroquel had decreased over the years and it was a good decision i was sort of unsure that

I should be taking off the seraph well because i come to depend upon the seroquel for motivation and cause usually when i i’m a night person and i work in the middle of the night and seroquel usually gives me about 2 or 3 hours of active weren’t in the middle of the night i work around what computers travel over computer programming languages but now that these

Put me on mutulu i do things during the day yesterday i was painting in the watercolors and the day before i was playing my guitar now normally these things are impossible for me to do my therapist says that you know if you really want to do something you can do it but that’s not true what people think it’s it’s just it’s just like going up against a brick wall

Medication is the solution because because before i had schizophrenia i was a quite driven person i’m highly educated and i remember working long hours into the middle of night working on problem sets and things like that to have no problems with motivation and after i got out therefore after i got out of school i went into the air force and i had no problem going

To work every day and doing the regular job but now that i have schizophrenia i have these powers and i’m thinking about wooden work again i feel like actively work adult and they’re quite sure of my symptoms at the right reduction level for me to work but i’m gonna give it my best shot that’s all you can do another thing that i’ve noticed with matua is i’ve heard

It before that you know people with manic depression you know they enter depressive state age don’t feel like doing anything and then they get in that manic this manic state and they’re doing everything one thing they mentioned is they started in vegetables you know when you when you’re when you don’t have motivation you have a tendency to eat comfort food you have

A tendency to fried chicken all that stuff that’s no good for you but when you’re in a highly motivated state you start eating vegetables and that’s another thing that i’ve noticed about the tutor i’ve started eating vegetables right ooh eat like a can of greens of cooked greens every day and that’s good for my health and it makes me feel better so all these good

Signs are going on in my life as far as latinas concerned i don’t know how because as i recall seroquel started out very well and then it windell been effectiveness how the tutor does not do the same thing there are some messes that you take and they work in the work consistently for years without any diminishment in vega is one of them i’ve been on in vega since

2009 and that helps with my voices and since i’ve been on in vega i have not had any increase in voices now seroquel is a different story seroquel started out very well the surco i know i was just laying down doing nothing then when i started taking this 25 milligram pill of seroquel i started doing stuff i started you know just giving up and doing stuff we don’t

Know what else can i say but after a period of two to three years i find i found it harder and harder to do things i try to ward myself during painting saying to myself oh wow i’ve made a painting but eventually that dwindled down to just only a couple of hours positive activity even though i still have problems with my sleep cycle i have a tendency to stay up all

Night and sleep in the morning and i don’t know what to do about that they say that that that happens sometimes with people with depression but i think i don’t have depression i think it’s just the negative effects the negative symptoms of schizophrenia well in a few months i’ll give you another update and tell you how i how i progressed with lotito thank you for now and have a good day

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Starting Latuda – 3 weeks By Maddogjonny1