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Starting Latuda – 4 months

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A description of my experiences with the medicine Latuda. Learn more about me at

Hello this is kenneth and giving my update on how my progress has gone or tudi after an initial positive progress i was doing a lot of the things that i used to do before got schizophrenia which lasted about two to three months i was actually getting up in the morning and running again i was playing my guitar i was painting i was working on the computer the

Effectiveness of the tutor dwindled over the past few months to the point that there is no difference between being on the tuda and being on no medication at all this is very discouraging because you know you get your own your hopes up and then they get we become disappointed motivation is a very complex problem it’s very hard to explain it to psychiatrists and

Therapists i mean when you just don’t feel like doing anything they say you know why what’s stopping me from doing it and you don’t have any explanation to the average person lack of motivation that comes along with some schizophrenics looks like the person is lazy and even some psychiatrists say that it’s laziness but it’s not laziness it’s actually a negative

Symptom that some schizophrenic have at this point my options are to talk to my psychiatrist see if he can put me on a different medication i’ve already talked to my psychiatrist about a month and a half ago and he increased the dosage of the lotito assuming that would bring back some of its effectiveness and that didn’t do anything basically just do or not are

You listen to pandora my favorite at this point my only option is to ask my psychiatrist put me on a different medication and you know they’re always coming out with new medications but it seems that the newer medications they work for a while and then after a while after after a few months they stop working and this has been my experience and an experience of

Other schizophrenic that i’ve watched on youtube that these medications lose effectiveness after a period of weeks or months so my my plans are now is to just to make it as best i can another aspect of lotito is being a medicine that treats bipolar depression as you may be aware some medicines that treat depression make you depressed and i’m depressed right now i

Feel down i don’t think it’s from the lack of success within the to us even though that may play a part i think it’s the medication that makes me depressed because i’ve had this same experience once alexa so that’s the stark outcome the tutor a very promising medication lost its effectiveness over a period of a few months that started out very well and then went

Into a nosedive seems that you know these medications you know target the areas of the brain where depression is most prevalent but the chemicals in the brain have a tendency to revert back to the earlier state it seems like they’re not targeting the fundamental areas of depression and that’s disappointing well i hope that you have success with latina because

Not everybody is going to have the same experience that i have because everybody’s brings a difference and i hope that you have more success with your medications i’m still having on the other hand good medication for me has been in vega for stopping the voices because one in vega i have the voices have have been significantly reduced and this is and i’ve been

On in vegas since 2009 and i have not felt that it’s one of those medications that starts out well and then dwindles and effectiveness but that but hearing voices is a positive symptom and positive symptoms are more easy easily treated to negative symptoms whereas lack of motivation it’s a negative symptom hopefully they will pharmaceutical companies will come

Medications that truly negative symptoms more effective well thanks for listening to me and i hope that you have a good week and success in overcoming fear your problems and your mental illness goodbye

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Starting Latuda – 4 months By Maddogjonny1